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3.0 released on 2002-07-01

Stockholm, Sweden - July 1, 2002

DbVisualizer 3.0 is finally available! 39,000 copies has been downloaded since the 2.1 release in October 2001. The figures speaks for itself as DbVisualizer has proven to be one of the preferred database tools used by developers and administrators around the world. The new 3.0 version is probably the biggest ever in terms of new features and enhancements. Users can purchase the new DbVisualizer Personal edition that adds even more features to the wide spread and popular DbVisualizer Free edition. Email support is now also included with the DbVisualizer Personal edition.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

New licensing model

  • DbVisualizer Free
    Use free of charge for commercial and non commercial purposes. It contains the same functionality as previous versions of DbVisualizer plus an extensive collection of new features added in 3.0.
  • DbVisualizer Personal
    Extends the DbVisualizer Free edition with functionality for multi SQL statement execution, multi result set management, selection executes and a reliable forms based data editing capability. This edition is commercial and is licensed/priced per user. Support is included for 60 days. All minor versions of 3.x are included for free.

(View feature matrix).

Plans for future DbVisualizer Personal versions

  • Charting of result sets
  • In line editing
  • Table creation support
  • Export and import of table data
  • Graph enhancements, database modeling support, etc.

Read the complete license agreement.

Brief release notes

  • Time consuming operations can now be interrupted
  • Zooming of graphs now supported
  • Support for multi SQL statement execution
  • Support for multiple result sets
  • Reliable editing support
  • New optional look and feel and icon collection
  • + much, much more!

Read the complete release notes.


Minq Software would like to thank the following persons for all the help during the testing of DbVisualizer 3.0!

  • Radovan Biciste
  • Paul Ashford
  • Max Rydahl Andersen, ACURE
  • Roger Hand
  • Raimund Jacob
  • Dirk Zöttl, Tangro Software Components
  • Anderson P Bryan
  • Allen Hillman
  • Phil True
  • Ian Pojman

These persons have provided us with comments, requests and bug reports that has been really useful in making DbVisualizer even more stable and feature rich!

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