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3.2 released on 2003-02-12

Stockholm, Sweden - February 12, 2003

DbVisualizer 3.2 is available for immediate download!

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

Table Editing support! (DbVisualizer Personal)

The #1 requested feature since we made DbVisualizer available in July 1999 has been table editing support. We are now very proud to announce that edit support is part of this version. It includes both a totally new form based editor and an in-line editor, both are available in the Data tab for the selected table in the Database Objects tree.

Previous versions of DbVisualizer Personal utilized the SQL Commander in order to perform simple form based edits. This is extra step is not needed anymore. The following snapshots gives an idea how it looks.

To edit a cell just click in it and change the value! DbVisualizer will check that the entered value match the data type of the column. Modified values are indicated with a yellow background color and only these are updated in the database.

The form based editor is displayed either by using the form editing actions in the tool-bar or by double clicking on the row number for a row. This editor is convenient alternative to the grid editor since it displays the data in a more intuitive layout.

Obtain Database Connections using JNDI

DbVisualizer 3.2 is able to obtain database connections using the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) technology. This connection model is primarily used in enterprise environments and it enables DbVisualier to get connected just by specifying a registered look up name.

The Driver Manager has also been extended to support dynamic loading of the required JNDI classes and Data Source implementations (javax.sql.DataSource).

New SQL Commander editor

The SQL Commander editor now supports the general edit operations such as undo/redo, find/replace + much more. It do also include a better syntax hi-lighting engine that supports the latest SQL keyword specification.

New command line arguments

A number of new arguments can be passed to the dbvis executable at start. They can for example be used to transmit commands to a running DbVisualizer process. This makes integration of DbVisualizer with other applications really simple.

Special Thanks!

We would like to thank the following persons for their excellent contributions during the beta testing of DbVisualizer 3.2!

Allen Hillman, Kana Software, Inc.
Anderson P Bryan, Key Technology Services
Max Rydahl Andersen, ACURE A/S
Paul Ashford, Diamond Technologies, Inc
Raimund Jacob, Pinuts media+science GmbH
Phil True, Clinical Research Group
Dirk Zöttl, Tangro Software Components

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