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3.3 released on 2003-06-07

Stockholm, Sweden - June 7, 2003

Minq Software today announced that DbVisualizer 3.3 is available for immediate download.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

New default look and feel

We've introduced a new default look and feel in the superb Alloy Look & Feel from INCORS. It is similar to the look in Windows XP and gives a really nice platform independent appearance. (Alloy is not default on Mac OS X).

Mac OS X integrated

DbVisualizer 3.3 is now Mac OS X integrated. For Mac people this means that the menu bar is managed the standard Mac way, the Preferences (Tool Properties) and About choices are also in the system menu bar.

Reverse engineering of referential integrity constraints

One of the unique and eye catching features in DbVisualizer is the References Graph functionality. It reverse engineer all primary/foreign key mappings (referential integrity constraints) and show them in a graph. The old References Graph component has more or less been untouched since the very first official beta of DbVisualizer back in the summer of 1999. We're now very proud to announce that DbVisualizer 3.3 is based on the awesome yFiles graphing software from yWorks.

One of the major challenges with graphs is to present them optimally by means of reducing the number of crossed lines. The new graphing functionality in DbVisualizer offers several auto layout modes that automatically solves this problem. Even cooler is that the layout process is animated! Graphs can be manually re-organized, printed and exported to JPEG and GIF files.

With the new graphing engine we're also prepared to add really useful features, such as saving layout between invocations, foldering, advanced layout options, whiteboard designs and more.

Special Thanks to our beta testers!

We would like to thank the following persons for their contributions during the beta testing of DbVisualizer 3.3:

Roger Hand
Allen Hillman, Kana Software, Inc.
Anderson P Bryan, Key Technology Services
Max Rydahl Andersen, ACURE A/S
Radovan Biciste
Paul Ashford, Diamond Technologies, Inc
Ian Pojman, JM Lafferty Associates
Raimund Jacob, Pinuts media+science GmbH
Sven Boden, Systems Engineer/Database Administrator, EDS
Phil True, Director of Information Systems, Clinical Research Group

Radovan Biciste:
-"Thank you, I do not know if I was so much a help this time.
I can not understand how somebody can produce such a quality software that our team is not able to find any bugs !!!"

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