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DbVisualizer 4.0

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What's New

4.0 released on 2003-10-22

Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 22, 2003

Minq Software today announced the latest version of DbVisualizer, the universal database tool. DbVisualizer is the leading platform independent and cross database tool aimed to simplify database development and management for database administrators and developers. DbVisualizer supports an extensive collection of databases which includes MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, PointBase, HSQLDB, Sybase, McKoi, SQL Server, SAP DB, Oracle, Mimer SQL, Pervasive, Informix, DaffodilDB, JDataStore, FrontBase and Cache.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

Database Objects

  • Support for folder objects in the database objects tree for structural purposes
  • Database Connection specific properties
  • Filtering of objects in the database objects tree
  • Use Drag & Drop to organize the tree of objects
  • Now possible to limit the number of schema's and/or databases based on the default schema and/or database

SQL Commander enhancements

  • Multi editor support
  • Configurable key bindings
  • Support for editing of data in result grids
  • Support for script inclusion using the "@" control character.
  • Support for multiple result sets as returned from for example sp_who and sp_help in Sybase and SQL Server.
  • Support for execution of anonymous SQL blocks

References Graph

The references graph now supports saving manual layout changes

Export enhancements

  • Support to export reference graphs with the actual zoom level
  • New output formats: SQL (insert) and XML
  • Test data generator. Using this feature in combination with the SQL output format makes it really easy to create SQL which is used to insert test data in a table.

Management of BLOBs

Form Editor now handles management of BLOB and CLOB's including viewing the most popular binary formats, JPEG, GIF, PNG, Serialized Java Objects, etc.

Table Creation support

Support to graphically create tables and indexes

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