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What's New

5.0 released on 2006-04-03

The latest major release of DbVisualizer is now available. It features many enhancements, fixes and some really interesting new functions. The following lists some of the highlights.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.


General improvements in this release.

  • The user interface has been polished
  • Installer now supports Mac OS X on Intel
  • SQL Server 2005 and Sybase 15 is now supported
  • Database connections can be categorized as Development, Test or Production
  • The export feature supports Microsoft Excel and DbUnit ( XML formats
  • Support for BMP and TIFF image formats in the form editor and the new cell browser
  • The new grid cell browser is useful to quickly browse large column values
  • XML data can now be displayed in a tree format

Key Bindings

The key bindings editor has been totally rewritten and now allow modification of key bindings for all operations in DbVisualizer including editor keys

Key bindings are now set for all major actions and listed accordingly in menus and tool tips.

Pre-defined key maps for Windows, Linux/UNIX and MAC OS X. In addition there are key maps for easier transition for TOAD and SQL Query Analyzer users

Reference Graph

  • New option that will render relations between the actual columns in the tables
  • New operations to remove nodes, arcs and bends
  • Incremental auto layout when manually moving table nodes

SQL Commander enhancements

  • Each SQL editor now manage its own collection of result sets
  • New Load Recent menu lists the 20 last loaded SQL files
  • New editor commands:
    • Execute Buffer operation will execute all of the editor content as one statement. This can be used as an alternative to anonymous SQL block execution
    • Comment Line, Comment Block
    • Lower Case, Upper Case
    • Highlight current statement
  • The new Editor Controls pane now collects all controls used to define the characteristics of the execution, result set(s) and SQL log.

SQL Formatter

  • The new SQL Formatter formats your SQL's based on an extensive collection of settings

Explain Plan

  • Knowing the access path for your select statements is crucial for performance in any database application. The new explain plan support for Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server encapsulates the plan functionality provided by these databases nicely in DbVisualizer. Just execute the select statement and browse the plan. Using the pin feature you can refine and execute the statement over and over and easily compare the improvements of the plan.

Procedure Editor and Compiler

  • The stored procedure editor and compiler for (initially) Oracle allows editing and compilation of procedures, functions and packages.

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