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What's New

5.1 released on 2006-10-05

DbVisualizer 5.1 is now available for immediate download. The following briefly highlights some of the news.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.


  • The JavaDB/Derby database is now supported and have its own database profile
  • File Encoding can now be selected when loading and saving files
  • Auto Completion enhancements in the SQL Commander
  • The Stop button now cancels the database operation


The new Permission sub system checks what database statements need to be confirmed before being executed

Query Builder

The Query Builder provides and easy way to develop database queries. The query builder uses a point and click interface and does not require in-depth knowledge about the SQL syntax

Database Specific Support

Connection Properties

  • Tool Properties has been splitted into General properties and Database properties meaning that database properties can now be defined for all connections of a specific database type rather then individually for each connection
  • Enhanced management of delimited (quoted) identifiers

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