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What's New

6.0 released on 2007-07-09

We're very pleased to announce the public release of DbVisualizer 6.0. The following highlights some of the news.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.


  • GUI installer for Windows now supports Windows Vista
  • DbVisualizer now require a minimum of Java 1.5
  • Support for Java 1.6
  • Support for DB2 version 9
  • The grid component is used in a lot of features and now support multi column sorts, faster quick filtering, printing of selected rows, browse row in window (with binary support), browse cell in window (with binary support)
  • Better Mac OS X integration (no icons appear in menu bar, can be controlled in Tool Properties)

Create and Alter Table features

  • New Create and Alter Table feature for Oracle, DB2, Mimer SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, SQL Server, MySQL, JavaDB/Derby and Informix
  • Supports defining primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, constraints and database specific features

Table Data Navigator

The references feature in DbVisualizer shows the referential integrity rules between tables. The new Table Data Navigator is used to navigate these constraints by selecting data. This is very powerful as you can follow foreign keys and quickly see the related data.

Pre installed JDBC drivers

The GUI installers for DbVisualizer now have the option to install JDBC drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, JavaDB/Derby and Mimer SQL

New Table Data Editor

The table data editor has been greatly improved:

  • Now supports delete and duplication of multiple rows
  • Multiple changes are now supported and these are saved in a single database transaction
  • Final SQL can now be previewed before save
  • Key Columns can now be manually selected if there is no primary key or unique index
  • Enhanced copy/paste
  • Data can now be copied/pasted to/from Excel, StarOffice and OpenOffice
  • Complex data can be edited in separate window
  • Form Editor now supports filtering, sorting and printing
  • Enhanced key binding support

Improved multi threading support

  • The overall performance is now better as more features are threaded and interruptible.
  • Multiple physical database connections is now supported in addition to the shared single database connection. This mean that every SQL editor will have its own physical connection with the database server. The setting of auto commit and transaction control is now on a per editor basis instead of shared for all SQL editors.

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