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What's New

8.0 released on 2011-06-16

We're thrilled to announce the latest major version of DbVisualizer 8.0. This version include some really cool features along with more than 100 improvements. Check the following for a brief overview of some of the news:

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.


  • Support drag and drop of bookmark, monitor and favorite files between DbVisualizer and external tools such as Windows Explorer, Finder (Mac) and File Browser (Linux)
  • Screen estate adjustments and new controls to hide menu, tool and status-bars
  • Support for Java 1.7

Connection Management

Integrated SSH support with trusted-host and private key support enabling connecting secure databases with a single-click.

SQL Editor

New SQL/text editor:

  • SQL editor now support anti-aliased fonts
  • Monospaced fonts automatically set based on platform: Consolas (Windows), Menlo (Max OS X), DejaVu (Linux/UNIX)
  • Quick Search
  • Support for Paste from clipboard history
  • Support for database specific keyword highlighting
  • Regular expressions in Find and Replace
  • Show details for object at cursor
  • Support to configure editor colors and text styles
  • Support for text folding used to hide parts in the editor
  • Macro recording and playback


  • Brand new chart component giving more appealing charts with pre-defined color schemes, gradient backgrounds and shadows.
  • Now supports re-executing the query and preserving the chart configuration style (colors, fonts, etc).


New option to hide monitor toolbars

Database Support

  • Support for SQLite (bundled with DbVisualizer)
  • Support for H2 (bundled with DbVisualizer)
  • Explain Plan support for Mimer SQL


  • Export DDL support for individual object types such as procedures, functions triggers, views, etc.
  • Export in TXT format
  • Support for export in Excel 2007 (OOXML) format in addition to the current binary Excel format.


  • The foreign key Navigator now support editing table data
  • Added quick filter support in Navigator
  • Jump directly from the Data tab to the Navigator with preserved selections, sorting etc.


Added "Copy Selection as Text (With Column Header)" in grids. Formats the selection in a fixed width output.

Availability and Pricing

DbVisualizer is a feature rich, intuitive and cross platform database tool for developers and DBA's providing a single powerful interface for a variety of databases. DbVisualizer supports simultaneous database connections, it lets you explore and manage database objects, execute SQL queries, visualize information and a lot more.

DbVisualizer 8.0 is available for download at the DbVis Software website. The full list of new features and screenshots are available in  the release notes and the screenshot web pages. The DbVisualizer Free edition is free for commercial and non commercial use while the DbVisualizer Personal edition is commercial starting at $197 per license.

Current customers of DbVisualizer Personal with expired support contracts are entitled to a license renewal. Customers owning an active support contract are entitled to a free upgrade to the new version simply by downloading and installing the new version.

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