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Supported OS'es

  » Runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux/UNIX
  » Configurable key bindings with pre-defined key maps
  » Look & Feels for Windows, macOS, Linux/UNIX
  » Darcula, the dark look & feel
  » HiDPI images on Mac Retina displays
  » GUI and Archive installers with option to install Java

The DbVisualizer UI

  » Rearranging Tabs using drag&drop
  » Maximize Tabs with double-click
  » Detach tab in separate Window
  » Pin tabs
  » Tile/Collapse all tabs in a tab group
  » Specify default naming scheme for tabs
  » Rename individual tabs
  » Save layout of Object View tabs between DbVisualizer sessions

Connection Management

  » Dynamic JDBC driver management (no CLASSPATH editing)
  » JDBC drivers included with DbVisualizer:
     DB2 for LUW
     Mimer SQL
     SQL Server
     Sybase SQL Anywhere
     Sybase ASE
  » SSH support with known_hosts and private key support
  » Step-by-step connection setup with a wizard
  » Connection Keep-Alive
  » Optionally use a single physical connection for all operations
  » Organize database connections in folders
  » Set individual tab background color and borders for each connection
  » Parameterized connection data
  » Supports multiple simultaneous open database connections
  » Connect a single or multiple connections with a single click
  » Export and Import connections and general user settings
  » Basic password Security
  » Strong master password Security
  » Show passwords in plain text if using master password Security

Database Browser

  » A tree structure to browse and manage database objects
  » Multi-object support for open, connect, drop, etc
  » Database specific support for
     DB2 for LUW
     Informix IDS
     Mimer SQL
     SQL Server
     Sybase ASE
  » Generic database support
  » View basic information for
        tables, indexes, primary keys, privileges,
        schemas, databases, procedures and a lot more
  » Type-to-find objects by name
  » Database objects filtering
  » Hide database objects
  » Sort database connections and folders
  » Search database objects
  » Show only default database/schema
  » Organize database connections and folders with drag&drop
  » Script multiple database objects using drag&drop


  » Create and Alter table
  » Define Referential Integrity Constraints
  » Rename Table
  » Drop Table
  » Empty Table
  » Create Index
  » Table DDL viewer

Procedure, Function, Package and Trigger

  » Create Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger
  » Edit Procedure, Function, Package, Trigger
  » Execute Procedure, Function

Export Schema/Database

  » Export Formats CSV, HTML, SQL, XML, XLS, XLSX, JSON
  » Export object DDLs
  » Export Table Data
  » Custom Data Format Settings
  » Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data

References Graphs

  » Graph or list of referential integry rules
  » Several automatic graph layout managers
  » Link table nodes by foreign keys
  » Link table nodes by all columns in a foreign key
  » Bridge link support to improve readability
  » Graph zooming, fit, animation and navigator pane
  » Show Table details
  » Script Tables as SQL by SELECT, INSERT, CREATE, etc.
  » Export and print
  » Save/Load manual layouts

Database Scheduling, Events, Jobs

  » Manage jobs and scheduling in "Oracle Scheduler"
  » Manage jobs and scheduling in "SQL Server Agent"
  » Manage jobs and scheduling in "PostgreSQL pgAgent"
  » Manage jobs and scheduling in "MySQL Events"

Table Data Viewer/Editor

  » Table data editing in grid (spreadsheet) editor
  » Table data editing in form editor
  » Auto-complete column names while specifying inline filter
  » Table filters saved between sessions
  » Copy/Paste with external spreadsheet tools such as Excel
  » Quick filtering in grids
  » Display references to other tables
  » Monitor row count differences
  » Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data
  » View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images
  » View PDF documents
  » View XML data in tree or text format

Table Export

  » Export Formats CSV, HTML, SQL, XML, XLS, XLSX, JSON
  » Export CREATE DDL for SQL format
  » Export INDEX DDL for SQL format
  » Custom Data Format Settings
  » Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data

Table Data Import

  » Import table data from CSV or Excel files
  » Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data
  » Support multi-character column separator
  » Automatic data type detection
  » Automatic mapping of file columns to table columns
  » Create table from imported data
  » Save settings between sessions

Data Navigator

  » Expose foreign keys by data selection
  » Limit referenced data with filters
  » Tag support
  » Edit table data directly in Navigator

SQL Commander

  » Execute Script with a single SQL statement
  » Execute Script with multiple SQL statements
  » Execute single SQL statement at cursor position
  » Execute selected SQL statement(s)
  » Execute Buffer (as a single SQL statement)
  » Execute Explain Plan
  » Syntax colored SQL editor
  » Auto Completion (aka code completion, intellisense)
  » Predefined and user defined editor templates
  » Support for multiple SQL editors
  » Support for procedures producing multiple result sets
  » SQL formatter with extensive customization options
  » Execution control (stop on error/warning)
  » View result sets as grid, text or chart Grid, Text, Chart Grid
  » Editable result sets with the inline or form editors
  » Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data
  » View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images
  » View PDF documents
  » View XML data in tree or text format
  » Export result sets with Create Table option CSV, HTML, XLS, XLSX, XML, SQL CSV, HTML
  » Export large result sets directly to file (@export)
  » Parameterized SQL queries
  » Supports objects dragged from the Database Browser
  » Drop files from Desktop or external tools
  » SQL execution logging with filtering options
  » Pre-defined editing key maps
  » Error highlighting in editor

Result Set Management

  » Auto resize columns, manual column resizing
  » Double click column divider to sort column
  » Re-arrange columns by drag and drop
  » Multi colum sort by clicking column header
  » Copy column name
  » Copy selection
  » Quick filter with range options
  » Quick filter highlights matched cells
  » Aggregation Data for Selection
  » Find cell data and column name
  » Compare Cells
  » Manual or Automatic Merge of Result Sets in Text Format
  » Export grid data CSV, HTML, XLS, XLSX, XML, SQL, TEXT, JSON CSV, HTML

Query Builder

  » Design queries with a few mouse clicks
  » No SQL expertise is required
  » Adapts the generated SQL for the actual database
  » Reverse engineer a SELECT statement
  » Auto Join of columns by primary/foreign key or name

Explain Plan

  » Browse plan data in graph format
  » Browse plan data in tree format
  » Browse plan data in text format
  » Coloring based on node cost (tree and graph format)

SQL History

  » SQL History
  » Limit number of history entries to save
  » Filter by full script content

SQL Bookmarks

  » Organize bookmarks in a folder structure
  » Save bookmark as favorite for fast access


  » Supports Line, Area, Bar, Point, Pie, Stacked Area, Stacked Bar
  » Modify serie label without need to use column aliases in select
  » Set chart, X-axis and Y-axis titles
  » Pre defined color schemes
  » Optional legend at top, bottom, left or right
  » Zooming, Export, Print
  » Export PNG, JPEG, GIF
  » Print
  » Copy chart image to system clipboard


  » Display database object details with a single-click
  » Load bookmark scripts in current or new editor
  » Organize favorites with drag and drop


  » Instant Monitor of results from SQL
  » Automatic monitoring of any result set
  » Single view of result sets from multiple databases
  » View data in grid, text or professional charts Grid, Text, Chart Grid
  » Print and export monitored data


  » Compare editor buffers
  » Compare grid contents
  » Compare individual grid cells


  » Define your own key bindings
  » Pre-defined key bindings for TOAD and SQL Server Analyzer
  » Set unique properties per database connection
  » Permissions checks what commands need confirmation
  » Customize the format of Date, Time and Numbers
  » Set fonts
  » And a lot more...


  » Basic Security
  » Strong master password Security
  » Configurable master password Pattern
  » Strong password protection of exported user settings
  » Show database connection passwords in clear text

Export/Import User Settings

  » Export Tool Properties
  » Export JDBC Drivers
  » Export Master Password encrypted passwords


  » Check for Update
  » Auto-updating to new versions

Task Management and Memory Monitoring

  » Central Task Manager
  » Memory Monitor warns about high memory usage

Command Line Interface

  » DbVisualizer command line interface

Who Uses DbVisualizer


Customer Testimonial:
The more I use DbVisualizer the more convinced I am that it was one of the best software investments that I've ever made. Thanks for a great tool.
Ken Sturgeon