Download DbVisualizer 9.1.11Download DbVisualizer 9.1.11

Platform & Installer Type
Without Java VM
With Java VM
Windows (setup installer)
Download (30 MB)
Download (57 MB)
Windows (zip archive)
Download (54 MB)
Windows x64 (setup installer)
Download (30 MB)
Download (59 MB)
Windows x64 (zip archive)
Download (54 MB)
Mac OS X (installer) - Java 7
Download (30 MB)
Mac OS X (installer) - Java 6
Download (30 MB)
Mac OS X (tgz archive) - Java 6
Download (54 MB)
Linux x86 (setup installer)
Download (29 MB)
Linux x86 (RPM archive)
Download (54 MB)
UNIX (setup installer)
Download (29 MB)
UNIX (tar.gz archive)
Download (54 MB)

DbVisualizer Free and DbVisualizer Pro

The installation files you download here are identical for the DbVisualizer Free and DbVisualizer Pro editions. The DbVisualizer Pro features are enabled when you install a license key file.

Java VM

Get Java If you are using Windows, you can download the installer that includes Java, or let the installer without a Java VM automatically check for Java and install it. If a Java VM is not found on your computer, that installer will ask if it should download it (only on Windows and Mac OS X). You can also manually install Java for Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X (Java 7) by clicking the Get Java button to the right.

On Mac OS X, Java 6 is installed automatically so you don't have to worry about it, but don't forget to do a Software Update for the latest Java update.

Try out DbVisualizer Pro for 21 days

Start the trial by running the latest version and then open the Evaluate Pro Edition under the Help menu.

DbVisualizer 9.1.11

  • Users Guide in HTML
  • Users Guide in PDF
  • Release Notes 9.1.11
  • Installation Notes
  • OS Support:
    Microsoft Windows 8/7/XP
    Ubuntu 12, 13, 14
    Mac OS X 10.7.5, 10.8.5, 10.9, 10.10

    Java Support:
    Windows: Java 6/7 from Oracle
    Linux/UNIX: Java 6/7 from Oracle
    Mac OS X up to 10.9: Java 6 (Apple), Java 7 (Oracle)
    Max OS X 10.10 (Yosemite): Java 7
    Java 8 is currently not supported

    For the Java 7 installer on Mac OS X make sure you use at least the Java 1.7.0_60 version. It fixes the blurry fonts issue on Retina displays and misaligned text in input fields.