Release Notes

24.2.1 - Released 2024-07-04

Area Details
DB Support: Redshift Update the Redshift template driver
DB Support: Teradata Update the Teradata template driver to allow automatic download
I18N Use composite fonts by default to improve support for international characters
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
App Logging Error highlighting in the debug window doesn't work
Auto-Completion Auto-completion may suggest unrelated columns when a table alias is used
Auto-completion may insert the table alias twice in some cases
DB Support: MariaDB Need to use block identifiers in CREATE PACKAGE though "Allow SQL Dialects" is turned on
Data tab Exception in Edit Table Data->SQL Preview
Driver Manager Ask for confirmation when deleting driver artifacts
Ask for confirmation when deleting user drivers
When several driver classes are available, the existing choice may be reset when changing the driver version
Export Text trim doesn't work when exporting data in JSON format
Changes in editor styles do not affect the preview in Export Grid
Export/Import User Settings Exception in "Export Settings"
General Exception during startup for certain locales
Import Exception when importing data to a new table
OS Support: Windows Window title bar may remain light in dark mode on Windows
Procedure Editor Same icon is used for two actions in the procedure editor
SQL Commander Restore the missing "Save As" button
Make it possible to open a new SQL Commander tab from the main toolbar with a single click
Scripts Exception when renaming a file in the Scripts tab

24.2 - Released 2024-06-19

New Features
Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Add support for creating persistent database connections using dbviscmd
DB Support: Azure Synapse Add support for Azure Synapse Analytics
DB Support: Cassandra Add support for the Cassandra JDBC Wrapper driver
DB Support: Databricks Add basic support for Databricks
DB Support: MariaDB
DB Support: Oracle
Navigate between procedures and functions in the package body editor
Export Add support for generating MERGE statements when exporting data as SQL
Add support for trimming text values when exporting data
SQL Editor Add actions to select the previous/next statement in the editor (Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down)
UX/UI Full window support on macOS
Automatic theme switching
New dark and light themes
Introduce new scalable icons
Area Details
Auto-Completion Automatically qualify columns when the column name alone is ambiguous
Cell Viewer/Editor
Grid Component
Add support for SVG images in the cell viewer and the data grid
Connection Setup
DB Support: Azure SQL
DB Support: SQL Server
Improve the response to "PKIX path building failed"
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: MySQL
Add support for generated columns in MySQL in Create/Alter Table
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Add support for sequence name in auto-generated columns in PostgreSQL
DB Support: Greenplum Add support for Greenplum 7
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: Redshift
DB Support: Yellowbrick
Display table constraints under the corresponding table node in the database objects tree
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for roles in PostgreSQL (replacing users and groups)
DB Support: Redshift Add support for materialized views in Redshift
DB Support: Snowflake Handle additional table types in Snowflake (dynamic, event, hybrid and iceberg tables)
Database Objects Tree In the database objects tree, add an indicator to nodes where all sub-nodes were hidden by an active filter
Export Use SQL syntax highlighting in the preview section in Export Grid
Automatically suggest file extensions when exporting data
General Improved support for arrays
Grid Component Display newlines and tabs as symbols rather than whitespace in text values in the data grid
Multi-thread image preview generation
SQL Commander With auto-commit off, show the actual statements when warning the user about uncommitted updates
Add support for a list of choices in custom variables
SQL Editor Add a button for newline in Find and Replace
Support newline, tab and uppercase/lowercase manipulation in Find and Replace
Handle identifier delimiters based on database type instead of user configuration
Security Add the option to reset master password also when a master password is required
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto-Completion Auto-Completion may fail when operators are used in the SELECT clause
Auto-completing a column in a sub-select may insert an alias from the outer query
Auto-completion doesn't work after INSERT INTO
Auto-completion doesn't work with the USING join syntax
The auto-completion popup may behave strangely if a database error occurs when loading table metadata
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: PostgreSQL
NOT NULL can be omitted in the DDL for auto-generated columns in PostgreSQL
DB Support: ClickHouse Can't list databases in older versions of ClickHouse
DB Support: Exasol Incorrect SQL generated by the "Create User LDAP" action in Exasol
Export/Import User Settings Passwords are not included when exporting/importing SSH configurations
Key Bindings Some of the assigned key combinations may stop working until the application is restarted
OS Support: macOS Expanding database nodes using the keyboard may result in the spinning beachball on macOS Sonoma
Query Builder When loading a query containing an unsupported operator into the query builder, it is replaced with "="
SQL Commander "Enter Data for Variables" dialog does not reflect the initial state of boolean variables
SQL Editor Multi-caret select may exclude the first line when clicking outside of the editor
The delete key doesn't work in multi-caret mode
Tool Properties "Show Password" doesn't work for authentication type Public Key in Tool Properties->SSH Configurations

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