Release Notes

24.1.5 - Released 2024-05-22

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto-Completion Auto-completion fails to suggest tables in some cases
DB Support: ClickHouse
DB Support: Snowflake
Auto-completion doesn't work for ClickHouse and SingleStore
DB Support: DB2 LUW
DB Support: DB2 z/OS
Auto-completion offers no suggestions for columns unless schema is selected
DB Support: Snowflake
Improve auto-completion performance in Snowflake
DB Support: H2 Error in generated DDL for auto-incremented fields in H2 2.0
DB Support: MariaDB Multiple arcs between tables in the References graph for MariaDB
DB Support: PostgreSQL Error position is not marked correctly for certain types of errors in PostgreSQL
Possible exception when executing scripts in PostgreSQL
DB Support: SQL Server
DB Support: Sybase ASE
PRINT statements are not always reported in the Log tab
DB Support: Vertica Procedure source can't be loaded for certain parameter types
Improve handling of file errors when exporting graphs and data
Key Bindings
OS Support: Linux
Adjust default key bindings on Linux
Procedure Editor Possible exception when closing the procedure editor
Query Builder Database and schema fields only show current values in the query builder
SQL Commander "Enter Data for Variables" should use the declared data type if it is defined
SQL Editor Possible wrong syntax highlighting in the editor after "Undo"

24.1.4 - Released 2024-04-15

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto-Completion Possible exception when auto-completing client-side commands
Should be able to auto-complete columns even if the table name is not the right case
Tooltip for columns in a subquery table shows wrong table name
Improve auto-completion of columns in subqueries
Check for Update Automatic check for update does not detect available versions
DB Support: MySQL "Alter Event" generates invalid SQL if ENDS is not defined for recurring events
Grid Component Exception when dragging data from a grid
"Find Column" does not always detect matching columns
OS Support: Windows Exception when saving a file that has trailing spaces in the file name
Object View Object view panes may be rendered on top of each other
Procedure Editor
SQL Commander
Script execution errors are not reported for certain error types
Query Builder Expressions in the columns tab are not updated when editing using the cell editor
SQL Commander If several SQL warnings with the same message are raised, only one of them is displayed in the Log tab
Unsaved tabs may contain path instead of content on application startup
Exception when executing multi-line @run commands
SQL Editor "Duplicate Line or Selection" does not work when triggered on the last line of the document
Possible exception when selection changes in the editor

24.1.3 - Released 2024-03-11

Area Details
DB Support: Azure SQL Warn when connecting to Azure using the SQL Server driver type
Security Upgrade the bundled PostgreSQL driver
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto-Completion Auto-completion does not work when there are parentheses in the WHERE clause
Turning off "Qualify Columns" has no effect when the query contains joins
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Can't import null values into BLOB columns
DB Support: H2 Exception when executing functions in the function editor (H2 2.0)
DB Support: Oracle Can't choose argument position in “Add Scheduler Job Argument”
DB Support: SQL Server DDL for indexes and table constraints is not generated correctly if an object with the same name exists in another schema
DB Support: SingleStore Error when trying to create a procedure using the "Create Procedure" action in SingleStore
DB Support: Yellowbrick Can't use Query Builder with Yellowbrick
General Exception when using the collapsed menu button
Performance/Stability Application startup time can be affected when some of the recent files reside on a slow drive
Procedure Editor
SQL Commander
Trying to change variable type always sets the type to "Literal"
SQL Editor "Delete To Word Start" and "Delete To Word End" should delete the selected text when there is a selection
Exception when adding a new line in a folded block
Detection of excessively long lines can be slow
"Extend Selection to Matching Brace" does not work when triggered from within braces
Tool Properties Exception when opening Tool Properties

24.1.2 - Released 2024-02-12

Area Details
SQL Editor Enable styling of labels for databases that support the <<LABEL>> syntax
Enable styling of labels for additional databases that support the LABEL: syntax
Share the Find and Replace history between editors
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto-Completion Pressing the tab key in SQL Commander gives an error in DbVisualizer Free
Auto-completion in UPDATE statements doesn't work if a table alias is used
Auto-completion doesn't always work in CREATE VIEW statements
Improved performance when using auto-completion in large scripts
Connection Setup
Tool Properties
Remove the option to automatically inject a LIMIT clause in SQL scripts
DB Support: SQL Server Add a constraints tab to the table view
Data tab Make row count selectable
Export/Import User Settings Duplicate user drivers can be created during import
Procedure Editor Error markers may disappear after load in the procedure editor
Not all editor styles are applied in the procedure editor on load
SQL Commander Unsaved edits are not auto-saved
SQL Editor Click while holding Alt+Shift to create a rectangular selection
Make selection background span full editor width for consecutive lines
"Extend Selection to Matching Brace" should be triggered when double-clicking on an opening/closing parenthesis
"Replace All" should remain enabled as long as there are matches
Tool Properties
"Config File" in SSH settings is only relevant when using JSch
Tool Properties Wrong time zone setting may be applied when changing time zone in Tool Properties

24.1.1 - Released 2024-01-28

Area Details
DB Support: Exasol Add support for the WIDTH_BUCKET scalar function
SQL Commander
Tool Properties
Add a new setting to show the Log tab when SQL warnings occur
SQL Editor Add support for styling delimited identifiers and labels in the new editor
Add support for expanding editor templates using the tab key in the new editor
Add support for multi-caret mode in the new editor (supersedes rectangular selection in previous versions)
SQL Editor
Tool Properties
Redesign the Editor Templates section in Tool Properties
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto-Completion Auto-completion of joins does not work in certain cases
Auto-completion does not work following a :: cast
Auto-completion does not work after DbVisualizer variables
Auto-completion does not work following a column alias that matches a reserved keyword
Exception when auto-completing columns in complex WITH statements
Instant substitution of editor templates does not work
Exception when auto-completing table names with too many qualifiers
Improved auto-completion in delimited identifiers with embedded comments
Create/Alter Table SQL Preview in Alter Table does not repaint properly
Renaming a column in Alter Table produces broken SQL
DB Support: MySQL MySQL backslash escape not coloured correctly in the editor
DB Support: Redshift Exception showing Access Key when using legacy Redshift drivers
DB Support: Snowflake Exception when parsing Snowflake connection strings
Export/Import User Settings "Deselect All" in Export Settings doesn't deselect individual database connections
Grid Component Result grid is not editable for tables with names that match reserved keywords
Exception when exporting grid data after disconnect
SQL Commander
Performance issues with scripts that generate many errors
SQL Editor
Optimise memory usage when working with large files in the new editor
Optimised "Replace All" for the case when there are many matches
Procedure Editor Undo after load clears the procedure editor
Contents of the procedure editor is still marked as edited after save
Editor cursor disappears when discarding changes in a stored procedure
SQL Commander Regression: vertical scrollbar in SQL Commander is cut off if the window is small enough
"Comment Line" should move the caret to the beginning of the next line
Improved error handling in @run, @open, @cd and @log
"Add Selection as Template" does not work
Exception when the target filename in @export is invalid
"Show Object at Cursor" doesn't work
SQL Editor Exception when parsing tokens in SQL scripts
For some editor templates, description is not displayed in the auto-completion popup
Issues with Replace/Replace All when using group references
Workspace Use canonical paths to avoid potential duplicates in the list of recent workspaces
Adjust shutdown/restart messages to clarify that only the current workspace is affected

24.1 - Released 2024-01-08

New Features
Area Details
Connection Setup
Database Objects Tree
Add an action allowing to create a connection from a database URL
Driver Manager Automatically detect when new driver versions are available
SQL Editor Build a new SQL editor
Build a new auto-completion engine
Build a new solution for Find and Replace as an inline panel in the editor
Workspace Add support for workspaces
Area Details
@import Allow comments in the column mapping file
Connection Setup
DB Support: MariaDB
DB Support: MySQL
Warn if MySQL driver is used when connecting to MariaDB
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: SQLite
Rename and drop columns in SQLite using the Alter Table dialog
DB Support: ClickHouse Add support for materialized views
DB Support: Google BigQuery
DB Support: SingleStore
DB Support: Vertica
Improve read performance for large result sets (LIMIT clause)
DB Support: Oracle Add "Grant Privilege" action for materialized views, functions and procedures
DB Support: Oracle
Improve read performance for large data sets (fetch size)
DB Support: SAP Hana Add driver entry and database type for SAP Hana
DB Support: SQL Server
Database Objects Tree
Display column default constraints in the database objects tree
DB Support: SingleStore Add the "Native DDL" tab for pipelines
DB Support: Vertica Add an action to create stored procedures in Vertica
Driver Manager Update template drivers
Export Add support for database-specific multi-row INSERT syntaxes
Grid Component
Row Form Viewer/Editor
Add navigation buttons to the row form viewer/editor
SQL Commander
Improve the performance of stale files checking for slow drives
Release memory faster after closing editor tabs
Release memory faster after script execution
References Add an option to control the background color when exporting a references graph in SVG format
SQL Editor Support for groups when using regular expressions in Find and Replace
Security Streamline handling of master password to improve user experience
Theme Adjust window sizes to the selected application font
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Revert Selected Category does not affect open tabs when used in "Color and Border" under connection properties
Exception when toggling boolean connection properties
Cannot reset driver property value to driver default
Show connection information and make database capabilities searchable in the Database Info tab
Cannot apply changes when editing multiple database connections at once
Connection Setup
Driver Manager
Unsaved driver properties warning is displayed even when there are no changes
Connection Setup
Tool Properties
Unintuitive unsaved changes warning
Create/Alter Table Alter Table generates commands in the wrong order for certain combinations of column changes
DB Support: Azure SQL
DB Support: SQL Server
Latest driver for Azure SQL and SQL Server shows an unnecessary error on connect
DB Support: Cassandra
SQL Commander
Choosing schema in SQL Commander has no effect
DB Support: ClickHouse Tables from all databases are displayed under Tables when using the latest ClickHouse driver
DB Support: DB2 LUW Columns should not be qualified with table name by default when auto-completing
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Show warnings reported by JDBC via ResultSet
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DDL Generator
SET statements in functions and procedures are lost when generating DDL
DB Support: Microsoft Access Columns tab is empty and the DDL tab is corrupt for tables containing underscore in the name
DB Support: Oracle Source code is displayed without line breaks in Java Sources
Internal columns in the objects tree, generated DDL and table data editor
DB Support: Redshift Column ordering for external tables in Redshift
DB Support: Redshift
Procedure Editor
Procedure editor removes OUT parameters
Procedure editor doesn't display the NONATOMIC keyword
DB Support: SQLite
Export generates ADD CONSTRAINT statements unsupported by SQLite
DB Support: SQLite
Error when importing table data in SQLite
DB Support: Snowflake
Database Objects Tree
Tables are displayed as views in the objects tree when using the generic profile
Driver Manager Driver Manager should ask about saving when closing
Export/Import User Settings Exception when importing user settings
Grid Component
Tool Properties
Changing grid font doesn't affect open non-editable data tabs
OS Support: macOS Downgrade to Java 17.0.1 on macOS due to a bug in 17.0.2 and later versions
Windows occasionally fail to close on macOS
SQL Commander
Disabling stale files warning should reduce latency on slow drives
Query Builder "Remove Join" is not enabled
SQL Commander Cannot format the "now" value when using a custom timestamp format in variable declarations
Permissions for UPDATE and DELETE overridden by permissions for missing WHERE
"Ask" permissions have no effect when script preprocessing is off
Security Setting or updating master password should re-encrypt sensitive driver properties
Tool Properties The details pane for selected node in Tool Properties->Database may show data for another database type

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