Release notes

Version 12.1

12.1.1 released on 2021-07-23

Bugs Fixed

Compare grid ignores differences
DB Support: MySQL
Data tab
Data changed in a SQL commander is not visible in the Data Tab
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DDL Generator
Some data views are unavailable when in evaluation mode
Data tab
The visibility of the Data tab filter pane is not preserved at restart
Database Profile: View
DataView could not be created for viewer='xxx'!

12.1 released on 2021-07-13


Database Profile
Enable database profiles in DbVisualizer Free
Filtering/Filter Sets
The objects filtering grid should allow re-arranging rows with DnD and new move actions in the right-click menu
Add new startup dialog for DbVisualizer Free users
Add new Help->Welcome screen to guide new (and current) users
Provide a demo database with DbVisualizer
Grid Component
Support multi line selection and move rows with DnD and actions in grid columns chooser dialog and also in database objects filter pane
OS Support: Windows
Native window decorations and embedded menu bar in Windows 10
OS Support: Windows
Theme: FlatLaf
Add setting to control the embedded toolbar in Windows 10+
OS Support: Windows
Theme: FlatLaf
Tool Properties
Allow setting application font (in addition to the existing grid and editor fonts)
SQL Formatter
Separate format settings for SELECT and DECODE
Add capability to mount any directory in the Scripts tab
See the discussion here
Remove the optional theme selector dialog at startup and the "Ask at Startup" checkbox in the Appearance tool property pane

Bugs Fixed

DB Support: PostgreSQL
RULE objects are not shown for Tables in PostgreSQL

DbVisualizer 12.1

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released on 2021-07-23

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