Release notes

Version 14.0

14.0 released on 2022-09-20

New Features

Connection Setup
Support to share a SSH configuration for multiple database connections
DB Support: Cassandra
Add support for Cassandra
DB Support: Google BigQuery
Add support for Google BigQuery
DB Support: Microsoft Access
Add support for Microsoft Access
DB Support: SingleStore
Add support for SingleStore


Add the format="xxx" argument for @import
Connection Setup
Automatically reconnect when connection is lost
Connection Setup
SSH tunnels can now be used in DbVisualizer Free
DB Support: Azure SQL
Add support to view, create, drop, and change password for users
DB Support: Azure SQL
DB Support: SQL Server
Introduce a "constraints" sub node to show primary, foreign keys, and referenced tables
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: Redshift
DB Support: SQL Server
DB Support: Yellowbrick
Add support for killing sessions
DB Support: H2
Add support for H2 version 2.x
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Support generating comment statements for triggers
Add support for generated columns in PostgreSQL Create/Alter
DB Support: SQL Server
Add support for create, modify, and drop of users and logins
Data tab
Having a where filter in the Data tab should show a different icon
Driver Manager
Used By column in the driver manager should when clicked show a list of database connections
Add "Reset Driver" command in driver manager
Restrict formatting of numbers for SQL exports
Support exporting in TXT also for @export, Export Table and Export Schema
File Chooser
OS Support: Windows
The choice of "list" or "details" in file choosers should be preserved between DbVisualizer sessions
Filtering/Filter Sets
Make it possible for table filters to be removed after a certain time
Make progress windows larger
Change icon for "duplicate" (yellow start) to the standard "copy" icon
Add icon to external web links to highlight that a browser will be opened
Grid Component
Add option to show images in binary type columns in grid
Add "Extract Filter & Sort as SELECT" action in Data tab. Used to copy the SELECT statement in Data tab including any grid column filters and sorting
When Batch Import, commit at every executed batch
Make it easy setting data type for the multiple columns during import to new table
Make "Batch Import" default
Java 17
Bundle Java 17 with installers
Support the ed25519 algorithm for SSH
OS Support: Windows
Remove support for Windows 32-bit
OS Support: macOS
The DbVisualizer window title bar background should follow General / Appearance setting in macOS System Preferences
SQL Commander
Add "@command ignore/resume" to ignore/resume executing any client-side commands
Add the "@stop now" client-side command used to stop the execution of the script
SQL History
Make "Search Full Script" default in SQL History

Bugs Fixed

DB Support: Exasol
Incorrect primary key order in table DDL
Mail Support
Creating a mail server account in Tool Properties without Apply, and then Send Test mail results in an error
If SSH connect doesn't succeed, pressing disconnect, and then connect again, nothing happens
Tilde sign ('~') doesn't translate to user's home folder for SSH config, known hosts, and private key files

DbVisualizer 14.0

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released on 2022-09-20

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