Release notes

Version 23.2

23.2.2 released on 2023-05-16


Database Objects Tree
Include SSH information in the database connection tooltip

Bugs Fixed

Exception when importing table data
Table Data Editor
The permission checker doesn't issue a warning when updating or deleting rows in the table data editor

23.2.1 released on 2023-05-10

Bugs Fixed

Table Data Editor
Exception when deleting or updating rows in the table data editor

23.2 released on 2023-05-09


DB Support: DB2 LUW
DB Support: Oracle
Add a connection property to enable DBMS output automatically
DB Support: Exasol
Update the driver and add new keywords
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Generate DDL for foreign tables
DB Support: Snowflake
Add data views for database, warehouse, server info and user parameters
Database Objects Tree
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Show foreign tables under foreign servers in the database objects tree
Display foreign servers for each database in the database objects tree
Driver Manager
Upgrade template drivers
Separate driver artifacts from driver definitions to allow reuse and improve maintainability
Add folders containing any file type to driver path
Driver Manager
Tool Properties
Add a server availability indicator to the list of Maven repositories in Tool Properties
Export/Import User Settings
Create user drivers automatically when importing connections exported without the driver
SQL Commander
Detect missing WHERE clause in DELETE and UPDATE (controlled using Tool Properties > Permissions)
Adjust windows to visible screen area when screen setup changes

Bugs Fixed

Auto Completion
The auto completion popup qualifies table names with database and schema
Improved auto completion for object names with mixed case
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Error in generated DDL when NO INHERIT is used
DB Support: SQLite
Handle tables with names in mixed case or matching reserved keywords
Driver Manager
Resetting a driver created from a template with downloaded artifacts refers to artifacts in the template
Clear current filter when opening a connection's driver in Driver Manager
Improve random data generation in grid export (see "Generating Test Data" in the users guide)
Grid Component
Pasting table content from DbVisualizer into Slack doesn't work
Error when clicking the Table Engine drop-down in Import Table Data
Installation/Update Installation
EULA should only have to be accepted once during upgrade
OS Support: macOS
Clicking on .sql files doesn't open them in DbVisualizer
Improve performance of the database objects tree by optimising auto detection of database type
SQL Editor
Tool Properties
With the JetBrains Mono font, any change of font size is not preserved between DbVisualizer sessions

DbVisualizer 23.2

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released on 2023-05-16

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