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SQL Triggers: What They Are and How to Use Them

In this article, you will learn what an SQL trigger is, what types of triggers exist, why SQL triggers are useful, and how to use one in a complete example.


JSON vs. JSONB in PostgreSQL: A Complete Comparison

JSON is one of the most popular human-readable data formats. PostgreSQL allows you to store JSON data and perform queries on it thanks to the json and jsonb data types. The introduction of these JSON data types represented a game changing moment for relational databases and opened up many new opportunities.


SQL Cheat Sheet: A Comprehensive Guide to SQL Commands and Queries

In today's modern world, data has become more important than ever, making SQL the most widely used tool for managing and analysing this data. However, mastering all the SQL commands and queries can be daunting for beginners and even experienced developers. Therefore, I have created this SQL commands cheat sheet that provides the commonly used SQL statements for your reference.Download the PDF Cheat Sheet here.



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SQL STUFF: Insert a String Into Another in SQL Server

tags SQL SERVER 7 min 2024-07-18author Antonello Zanini

SQL Alias: Everything You Need to Know About AS in SQL

tags MySQL ORACLE POSTGRESQL SQL SQL SERVER 7 min 2024-07-15author Antonello Zanini

How to Compare SQL Dates

tags MySQL ORACLE POSTGRESQL SQL SQL SERVER 4 min 2024-07-11author Antonello Zanini

OpenSearch vs. ElasticSearch: What to Choose?

tags Search 5 min 2024-07-08author Lukas Vileikis

REGEXP_MATCH SQL Function: The Complete PostgreSQL Guide

tags POSTGRESQL REGEXP SQL 8 min 2024-07-04author Antonello Zanini

Types of Databases Explained

tags MySQL 6 min 2024-07-01author Lukas Vileikis


tags MySQL SQL 7 min 2024-06-27author Lukas Vileikis

Error: MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly. Causes & Solutions

tags MySQL SQL 4 min 2024-06-24author Lukas Vileikis

Primary Key vs. Foreign Key: A Complete Comparison

tags MySQL POSTGRESQL SQL SQL SERVER 7 min 2024-06-20author Lukas Vileikis

A Complete Guide to the SQL LIKE Operator

tags MySQL ORACLE POSTGRESQL SQL SQL SERVER 8 min 2024-06-17author Antonello Zanini
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