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The features, functions and GUI of DbVisualizer Pro

Smart, efficient & powerful

DbVisualizer has everything you need to build, manage and maintain state-of-the-art database technologies. Each feature has been thoughtfully crafted to solve real world problems.

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Advanced SQL features

Write queries in an advanced SQL editor that has all the smart features you need. Speed up your coding and avoid errors.

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No coding skills? No problem

Access and understand your data even if you have no coding skills or database experience, thanks to powerful features.

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Highly optimized features

Customize your workspace and use optimized features and functions, improved for over a decade by continuous feedback from thousands of professional users.

Connect to all your data, easily

DbVisualizer connects to most major databases and JDBC drivers. For common databases we have added support for database specific features, read more.
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* Will be supported very soon

Is your favourite database missing?

Almost any database having a JDBC driver can be connected with the
generic database support in DbVisualizer.

Generic database driver

Many of our users successfully use DbVisualizer with the following databases/data sources:

Getting started

DbVisualizer works with a common UI on all major operating systems. Connect to your database via the step-by-step Connection Wizard or manually. Adjust your workspace the way you like it.

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Supports all major OSes

DbVisualizer works on all supported operating systems, Windows, macOS and Linux/UNIX.

The DbVisualizer UI

The user interface gives you a lot of control over the layout and how to work with your database.

Task Management and Memory Monitoring

Features run in the background, monitored with interrupt support, so you can work with other tasks.

Connection management

Connection management is flexible. Set up a connection manually or via the step-by-step Connection Wizard.

Detailed users guide

Get started easily and improve your knowledge with our detailed users guide, straight from the developers.

Support from the developers

Get help in our extensive knowledge base with articles and forums or contact us for personal support.

Evaluate DbVisualizer Pro

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Manage your database

Browse and administer database objects such as tables, procedures, functions, triggers, etc.

Database Object Management

Database Object Management

Browse and administer database objects such as tables, procedures, functions, triggers, etc.

Table Data Management

Table Data Management

Handle the data in a table. Edit, import, export, etc.

Run SQL scripts

Write and run queries in the advanced SQL editor that speeds up your coding and reduce errors with features such as auto-completion and syntax/error highlighting.

SQL Query Tools

SQL Query Tools

The SQL Tools are centered around the SQL Commander, with its SQL Editor and Query Builder.

Database Command-line Interface (CLI)

Command-line Interface (CLI)

Run DbVisualizer SQL scripts without the GUI ever being displayed.

Optimize queries – explain plan for Databases

Optimize queries - explain

The explain plan* feature visually presents how well the query perform. This tool helps optimizing queries for best performance.

Parameterized SQLs

Parameterized SQLs

Running the same queries over and over again? Parameterize them and let DbVisualizer prompt for values.

SQL formatter

SQL formatter

The formatter helps organize complex SQLs into readable and organization wide standards.

Visual query builder for Databases

Visual query builder

Visually create SQL queries without writing code. Generate SQL code by drag and drop.

Visualize your database

Create and manage the database visually. Generate SQL code by drag and drop and copy and paste it into other applications.

Visualize your database

Database browser

Visually navigate the objects in the database, run actions and open objects for more details.

Visualize tables in your database

Visualize tables

Visually create, alter, drop and rename tables. Specific actions added for the supported databases.

Database browser

Get more productive

DbVisualizer's features have been optimized with feedback from thousands of users. Benefit from features that make you faster, let's you minimize mistakes and work in a secure way.

Get more productive with a great Database Client

Secure your work

Connect with high security. Access databases through SSH. Stay secure with strong master password security. Stay focused with autosave of your workspace.

Access databases through SSH

Strong master password

A master password raises security considerably. The master password is requested once per DbVisualizer session.

Master password tool for database

Access through SSH

Access databases through SSH to secure an encrypted connection between two hosts over an insecure network.

Access databases through SSH to secure an encrypted connection

Save your work

Autosave your workspace and resume where you left off with editors preserved between sessions.

Autosave your SQL workspace