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a big THANK YOU for providing this great tool !! Simply outstanding.

Georg Schmid

Who Uses DbVisualizer

Adobe Systems
Apple Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Novell, Inc.
sd&m AG
Uber Technologies Inc
VMware, Inc.
BP Oil International Ltd
British Telecom
Netflix, Inc.
Sony Pictures
Merrill Lynch
Arizona State University
Rockstar Games
Twitter, Inc.
Zynga Game Network, Inc.
HomeAway Inc.

Supported Databases

These are the databases tested with DbVisualizer. Use the links to show JDBC driver information, database specific support and specific DbVisualizer features supported for each of the databases.

Supported databases and JDBC drivers

Other Databases and JDBC drivers

Any database that can be accessed with a JDBC driver can be used with DbVisualizer. While we do not test with all of them ourselves, we try to help out if things don't work as expected. In DbVisualizer these non supported databases are handled as generic databases.
Many of our users successfully use DbVisualizer with the following databases/data sources:

  • Database


  • Actian X (Ingres)

    Actian X (Ingres) website.
  • CData Software JDBC Drivers

    CData website.
  • CrateDB

    CrateDB website.
  • DataDirect’s Autonomous REST Connector

    DataDirect’s Autonomous REST Connector website.
    Check this article how to setup the JDBC driver for the REST connector in DbVisualizer.
  • IBM Db2 iSeries

    Db2 iSeries (AS/400) JDBC driver.
  • IBM Db2 z/OS

    Database Specific Support. IBM Db2 z/OS is not officially supported but there are some extended features.
  • IBM Db2 on Cloud

    IBM Db2 on Cloud website.
  • Elasticsearch

    Elasticsearch website.
  • Firebird

    Firebird website.
  • FrontBase

  • Greenplum

    Greenplum website.
    In DbVisualizer Pro set the Database Type setting to PostgreSQL to get a lot more DbVisualizer features also for Greenplum.
  • Hive

    Check this document what is required and how to setup DbVisualizer to connect with HiveServer2
  • HPE NonStop SQL

    HPE NonStop SQL website.


    IBM IMS website.
  • InterSystems IRIS

    JDBC Driver Info. InterSystems IRIS website.
  • JDBC Drivers for CSV, XML, dBase, MS Access

    Sesame Software website.
  • MaxDB

    MaxDB website.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL database

    Microsoft Azure website.
    In DbVisualizer, setup the database as a "SQL Server" database to access the Azure database.
  • ODBC access

    Information how to connect to an ODBC datasource.
  • Pervasive

  • Presto

    Presto SQL query engine website.
  • Progress

    Progress website.

  • Solr

    Solr website. How to setup DbVisualizer with Solr.
  • SAP IQ (Sybase IQ)

    SAP IQ website.
  • SAP SQL Anywhere (Sybase SQL Anywhere)

    JDBC Driver Info. SAP SQL Anywhere website.
  • Teradata

    Teradata website.
  • Yellowbrick

    Yellowbrick website.
    In DbVisualizer Pro set the Database Type setting to PostgreSQL to get a lot more DbVisualizer features also for Yellowbrick.

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