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DbVisualizer is a highly optimized MySQL client for database management, administration, development, data reporting, analysis and more. DbVisualizer has extensive support for MySQLs features.

DbVisualizer supports both MySQL on premise and MySQL Cloud. It is a powerful, clean and intuitive MySQL client for developers, analysts and DBA’s.

Runs on all OSes and connects to all major databases. Learn about different editions and compare pricing.

Manage your MySQL databases

Brief overview of some top features available in DbVisualizer for MySQL

MySQL Query Tools

Powerful query tool and visual query builder

Create powerful SQL with our query tool, including a visual builder to get started easily.

Automate MySQL Client

Automate your work with client side commands

Create powerful scripts using DbVisualizer client side commands to automate import/ export of data and more.

Visualize MySQL Data

Visualize, understand and access your database

Generate stunning reference graphs, easily navigate your database and visualize your data.

MySQL client connect

Connect & manage

Access all your MySQL DB’s, both in the cloud or locally. We also support many other databases if needed.

MySQL export

Copy & migrate

Export the database definition and data for easy import in another MySQL setup.

MySQL Advanced explain

Advanced support for MySQL

Support for MySQL’s stored procedures, triggers, explain plan, jobs & scheduling and more.

Features for MySQL

Specific support for MySQL.

MySQL object type support

DbVisualizer support per object type.


JDBC driver info for MySQL.

Best MySQL GUI Tool

MySQL AB was founded in 1995, Uppsala, Sweden

The company was founded by Michael Widenius , David Axmark, and Allan Larsson. Michael was the main author of the original version of MySQL and named the database using his daughter My's name and the abbreviation for Structured Query Language (SQL). A naming convention he returned to while naming other databases he later came to work on like MaxDB and MariaDB.

DbVisualizer was founded in 1998, Stockholm, Sweden.

Founder Roger Bjärevall needed a way to visualize primary key foreign mappings and when he found no program to his liking for doing this he decided to build it himself using the brand new platform independent programming language Java .

DbVisualizer introduces its first MySQL client/MySQL IDE/MySQL GUI

DbVisualizer adds support for multiple databases in 1999, among them MySQL by using the JDBC-driver provided for the MySQL database. This way developers, dba's and analysts could use DbVisualizer as their MySQL client (IDE, GUI) to query MySQL databases and visualize their data.

Being one of only a few platform independent database query tools, DbVisualizer attracts attention from multi-database users, among them many MySQL users. Based on their suggestions and input DbVisualizer improves their MySQL client, understands what is requested from a modern MySQL query tool, to edit and view data for DBA's, analysts and developpers.

The Universal Database Tool

DbVisualizer continues to grow and is by 2003 the largest cross database tool aimed to simplify database development and management for database administrators and developers.

MySQL users keeps turning to DbVisualizer for a professional MySQL SQL GUI/IDE, a tool they can use to manage not only their MySQl databases but also a range of other common databases. With the help of the community the MySQL db tool and client adds support for more and more MySQL functionalities.

Continuous improvments of the MySQL client

The feedback from the community, mainly from developers, dba's and analysts, keeps the development of DbVisualizer and the MySQL support focused on whats important for the users. Without getting cluttered the MySQL GUI gets more features and functionalities added by the DbVis development team where Roger still is the lead developer.

Some key features:

Support for MySQL Cloud
Automatically set SQL Mode when editing Procedures and Functions for MariaDB and MySQL
Event scheduler management. New actions for table maintenance.
New Create and Edit Trigger feature for MySQL
New Create, Edit and Compile of Procedure, Function, Module, Package and Package Body application objects
New Create and Alter Table feature for MySQL client

Top rated and highly recommended MySQL client

Today DbVisualizer and the SQL client has been downloaded more than {{count_downloads}} times and are getting top reviews from analysts, DBAs and developers when compared to other MySQL Clients, MySQL IDEs, MySQL GUIs and general MySQL query tools.

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MySQL and DbVisualizer

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I can access Microsoft SQL server, Postgresql and Mariadb/mysql with the same tool. It can find the metadata and data definitions of all of them. I can't even remember how many years I've used it but I use it for my hobby projects at home and my work projects at work. It is awesome.

Mauri Sahlberg, Development Manager