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The latest version of DbVisualizer was released 2024-07-04DOWNLOAD HERE ->

Working with SQL

With DbVisualizer, you can use a powerful SQL editor or a graphical Query Builder to create and edit your scripts, save them as Bookmarks for easy access, and execute all or just a few of the statements, and lots more.

DbVisualizer depends on the JDBC Driver and the connected database to read meta data and execute SQL commands and will work with any type of SQL that the database supports. When you run a script, DbVisualizer parses the script to find statement delimiters, variables and client-side processing commands, everything else is passed as-is to the database for processing. The connected database defines what you can and cannot do and will report errors if it does not understand your SQL script.

DbVisualizer adapts to the database based on what Database Type you specify on the connection, this drives what objects you see, what keywords the editor recognizes, etc. The database type is usually automatically detected, but you can also specify it manually - see Create a New Database Connection for more info.