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Using the DBMS Output Tab

Only in DbVisualizer Pro

This feature is only available in the DbVisualizer Pro edition.

The DBMS Output tab is only available for Oracle and Db2 LUW databases. It is used to capture messages produced by stored procedures, packages, and triggers using the DBMS_OUTPUT utility. These messages are typically inserted in the code for debugging purposes. For SQL*Plus users, the corresponding feature is enabled via the set serveroutput on command. To enable display of DBMS messages in DbVisualizer,

  1. Select the DBMS Output tab
  2. Press the Enable button.

Once DBMS output is enabled, the icon in the tab header is changed. Invoking a stored procedure that produces messages in the SQL Commander results in content similar to this in the output tab. Each block of output is separated with a timestamp.

Example of the DBMS Output tab in use

If you never use the DBMS Output tab and want to preserve screen real estate, you can select to not show it in the connection properties, in the SQL Commander category.