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You can download and use DbVisualizer for free. To unlock all features and to get full support you will need a Pro license. For details, see the pricing page.

Please note DbVisualizer will not run on your mobile or tablet.

Recommended Installers for 24.2.1

You are currently viewing an old version of DbVisualizer. We recommend that you check out our

Windows 64bit SETUP With Java
Windows Arm64 SETUP With Java
Linux SETUP Without Java
macOS Intel DMG With Java
macOS Apple Silicon DMG With Java

All Installers for 24.2.1

Windows 64bit SETUP With Java SETUP With Java Download
Windows 64bit SETUP Without Java SETUP Without Java Download
Windows 64bit ZIP Without Java ZIP Without Java Download
Windows Arm64 SETUP With Java SETUP With Java Download
Note: Installers marked with Java are bundled with a free Java Runtime. For details, see System Requirements.

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