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Our story

DbVisualizer is an organically grown global word-of-mouth success over 20 years, built on the vision of high quality software with an intuitive user friendly interface.

Keeping true to our original objectives, DbVisualizer is a highly focused software, not bloated with unneeded functions. New features are only added after careful consideration and clear feedback from the user community. We value this open dialogue between our developers and our users, we believe it results in a highly optimized software.

We invest in our support and offer it to our customers the same way we as developers like to receive it. Quick and precise service, directly from the same team that develops the product. No three tier models that steal time from our users.

We keep our commercial model fair and transparent with an affordable and competitive price point. Full pricing with discounts is available on our site to allow our customers to quickly and transparently understand cost and see the value of our different versions.

DbVisualizer comes in a capable Free version to give back to the community that has helped shape the product over the years. We also have discounts for educational and non-profit institutions and a completely free Pro version for students.

So far, more than {{ count_downloads }} users have downloaded our software and more than {{ count_customers }} companies over {{ count_customer_countries }} countries are using our commercial Pro-version. This is something that we are very proud of.

We are a small team of passionate people based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Our vision is still the same as when we started. High quality software to make life easier and more effective for anyone who uses our software.

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