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When Unicon provides training, we must work with many different platforms and people of various backgrounds. DbVisualizer is our answer to...

Unicon, Inc. - Cris J. Holdorph

Who Uses DbVisualizer

Adobe Systems
Apple Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Novell, Inc.
sd&m AG
Uber Technologies Inc
VMware, Inc.
BP Oil International Ltd
British Telecom
Netflix, Inc.
Sony Pictures
Merrill Lynch
Arizona State University
Rockstar Games
Twitter, Inc.
Zynga Game Network, Inc.
HomeAway Inc.

About Us

DbVis Software was founded in 2003. It is a privately held company dedicated to developing and selling platform independent tools for database administration and development.

The core product – DbVisualizer – with more than 4 millions downloads of its two flavors: the commercial DbVisualizer Pro edition launched in 2002 and the DbVisualizer Free edition in 1999. More than 22,500 customer organizations have purchased the commercial version, some opting for the Premium Support level.

At $197 for a single user one year commercial license with Basic Support, it is one of the best values in the database tools space.

DbVisualizer is a global word-of-mouth success, supported by the quality software with an intuitive user friendly interface. Staying true to its original objectives, DbVisualizer is still a highly focused software product, not bloated with unneeded functions. New features are only added after feedback from the user community indicates a need.

Support is offered as a quick and precise service, and is performed by the same team that develops the product.

DbVisualizer is in part built on open source software, and we are giving back to the community thru the free version of DbVisualizer, as well as with educational discounts.

The 10 year anniversary page is a look in the rear view mirror showing the development of DbVisualizer from 2002 to 2012.

DbVis Software AB is supporting Cancerfonden in Sweden

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