DbVisualizer is set up to meet the toughest security standards. Encrypt data, restrict access, and more.

Data encryption with SSH

Strong encryption in every call

Connect to databases with high security and only transfer data with strong encryption.

Learn more in the user guide

SSH SQL Client

Secure data access

2FA SQL Client

Two factor authentication

DbVisualizer supports the security protocols found in each JDBC driver, which may include 2FA/MFA, Kerberos, IdP, AD, and others.

System permissions

Human error is one of the biggest risks for any company. Set appropriate permissions to mitigate the risk of something unintended happening.

Learn more in the user guide

SQL permissions

Local master password

Master password protection

Set a strong master password in DbVisualizer, so that vital data such as database passwords are safely secured on your computer.

Local master password

Learn more in the user guide

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