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Table Data Viewer/Editor

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Table objects are the core of any database and DbVisualizer have great support for managing table definitions and table data. Table data can be edited via the spreadsheet-like editor or via the form editor, it supports management of binary/BLOB and CLOB data as well as saving and loading data to/from files in the file system.


The inline data editor is a spreadsheet-like editor. Just open a table and modify
the data you want. Modified cells are indicated to represent the type of edit.
You may paste information into a multi row/cell selection and the pasted data
will update the corresponding cells. Once you're ready, all changes are propagated
to the database table in a single transaction. In addition you may sort one
or several columns, filter the data being presented and a lot more.
Grid Table Data Editor

The form data editor is useful when editing a row that is either
composed of many columns and/or some fields contain much data. The data for a
row is presented in a form with the column name to the left and the actual data
in the right area.
To launch the form editor, either select Edit in Form or double click
the row header. The form editor is also used to visualize binary data
such as images, XML, etc.
Form Table Data Editor

The most common image formats can be browsed such as PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and PDF documents.
Display the most common image formats

The inline data filtering allows quickly entering a WHERE clause that is used
when getting the table data from the database. Column names can be auto-completed using
Ctrl-Enter. Filters may be saved between
sessions and easily applied in a drop-down list. The extended Filter & Sort window
supports more detailed support designing the WHERE and ORDER BY clauses.
Data Filtering
Feature DbVisualizer
» Table data editing in grid (spreadsheet) editor
» Table data editing in form editor
» Auto-complete column names while specifying inline filter
» Table filters saved between sessions
» Copy/Paste with external spreadsheet tools such as Excel
» Quick filtering in grids
» Display references to other tables
» Monitor row count differences
» Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data
» View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images
» View PDF documents
» View XML data in tree or text format