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2016-05-05 DbVisualizer 9.5 BETA testing started
The upcoming 9.5 version is now available for BETA testing. This version adds support for Amazon Redshift and Netezza and numerous improvements for the supported databases.
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2015-01-12 DbVisualizer 9.2
Now with keep alive support, import of XLS/XLSX, parameterized SQL for any database, improved object filtering, master password protection and more.
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2014-08-08 Support for HP Vertica Database
DbVis Software team up with HP Vertica to optimize DbVisualizer for the Vertica big data DB.
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2014-03-19 DbVisualizer and NuoDB
NuoDB And DbVis Announce Deep Integration.
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2013-09-29 EULA updates
Updates in the End User License Agreement.
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2013-09-09 DbVisualizer 9.1
Now with support for highlighting errors in SQL scripts, Java 7 on Mac OS X and auto-install of future versions. All explained in the brand new users guide.
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2012-11-29 DbVisualizer 9.0
The team has worked on this release for some 18 months and believes that it represents a big step in the development of DbVisualizer. 9.0 features a large number of improvements.
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2012-07-20 10 year anniversary
DbVisualizer Pro is celebrating its 10 year anniversary!
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2011-06-16 DbVisualizer 8.0
New major version including more than 100 improvements!
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2010-06-16 DbVisualizer 7.1 available
This version focus on more than 50 enhancements and improvements
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2010-01-15 DbVisualizer 7.0 - major version is finally out
Reworked bookmark, SQL history and monitor management. Execution of stored procedures, table export and more
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2010-01-15 New Company, Same People
As of today we're launching DbVis Software which is the new company developing, marketing and selling DbVisualizer
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2008-10-23 DbVisualizer 6.5 released
DbVisualizer 6.5 adds new features such as the Schema Export, Editing of Procedure, Function, Trigger, Package and Package Body, Migration of use settings and a lot of other improvements
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2007-07-09 DbVisualizer 6.0 released
New Table Data Navigator, Create/Alter Table support, new Table Data Editor, pre-packaged JDBC drivers, usability enhancements, Windows Vista and Java 1.6 and more
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2006-01-23 Mimer chooses DbVisualizer
Minq Software and Mimer Information Technology enters an OEM partnership
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2003-03-06 Strategic OEM with BEA Systems
Minq Software Enters into a Strategic OEM Relationsship with BEA Systems
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1999-12-06 DbVisualizer 1.0 is released!
DbVisualizer 1.0 is released after 6 months of BETA testing

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I'll start by saying that I was very impressed with the product. I was searching Java resource sites for a Java 'MsQuery'-type tool and didn't expect to find something that looks as professional as DbVisualiser for free
Gary Smith