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Using Favorites

Only in DbVisualizer Pro

This feature is only available in the DbVisualizer Pro edition.

Navigating the Databases tab tree down to the object can be quite time consuming for database objects that you work with often. By adding these objects to the Favorites toolbar, you have one-click access to them instead. In addition to database objects, you can also add Bookmark script files to the Favorites toolbar.

Screenshot of Favorites toolbar with database object

When you click on a database object in the Favorites toolbar, the corresponding object is opened in an Object View tab. If you're not connected to the database the object belongs to, a connection is automatically established. Clicking on a Bookmark in the Favorites toolbar opens it in an SQL Commander tab.

You can also easily find the corresponding object in the Databases tab or Scripts tab tree using the Select Target Object right-click menu item.

Screenshot of Select Target Object menu in Favorites toolbar

The easiest way to add an item to the Favorites toolbar is to select the item in the Databases tab tree or the Script tab tree, drag it with the mouse key depressed and drop it in the Favorites toolbar by releasing the mouse button. If you have created Favorite folders, you can also drop the item on a folder.

You can also use the Add to Favorite right-click menu operation for the database object or Bookmark. This opens a dialog where you can add the item, at the top level or in an existing or new Favorite folder.

Screenshot of Add to Favorite option in the menu

Use the Favorites tab in the navigation area to organize your favorites.

Screenshot of Favorites tab in the navigation area

Here you can add folders and drag and drop entries between them. A favorite folder works as a drop-down menu in the Favorites toolbar. Double-click a favorite to open the target script file in the SQL Commander or database object in the Object View.

You can also delete and rename entries here. The right-click menu for an entry also contains entry-type dependent operations, such as executing a Bookmark and open a database object in a separate window.

To sort the favorites, select Sort... from the right-click menu for any favorite. The sorting criteria can be defined in the dialog that pops up.

Screenshot of Sort option in the Favorites menu