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Scripting a Code Object

To open the Script Function/Procedure dialog, where you can insert generated text for a code object in an SQL Commander editor:

  1. Select one or more code object nodes in the Databases tab tree,
  2. Choose Script Function/Procedure from the right-click menu.

You can also launch the dialog by dragging and dropping one or more nodes of the same type in an SQL Commander editor.

If you just want to insert the object names in the editor, hold down the Ctrl key (or the Alt key on macOS) while dragging and dropping.

This behavior can be reversed in Tool Properties, in the SQL Commander category, so that dropping without pressing a key inserts the names and pressing the key launches the dialog."

The Script dialog provides a choice of which type of statement to generate, options for formatting, use of delimited identifiers, qualified names and statement delimiters. You can also pick an open SQL Commander or a new as the destination, and where in the SQL Commander editor to insert the text.