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DbVisualizer supports printing of grids, graphs, charts and plain text, such as the content of an SQL Editor. The print dialog looks somewhat different depending on what is printed. In all cases, you launch the print dialog by clicking on the Print button in the toolbar for the object you want to print, or by choosing Print from the right-click menu. The right-click menu also contains a Print Preview choice, if you want to see what the printout will look like before you actually print.

Printer Setup

If you want to set the page orientation (e.g., portrait or landscape) and paper size, you must launch the Printer Setup dialog, using the File->Printer Setup main menu option, before you print. Printing varies widely between platforms, so even though the Print dialog (as opposed to the Printer Setup dialog) on some platforms also lets you choose a page orientation and other options, they may be ignored if specified in that dialog. The only supported way to specify the page orientation and other options is via the Printer Setup dialog.

Printing a Grid, a Chart and Plain Text

For a grid, chart and plain text, DbVisualizer launches the platform's native Print dialog, so it looks different on different platforms. The two options available on all platforms are a choice of printer and the page range. On some platforms, the dialog may offer additional options, but they may be ignored by DbVisualizer. Use the Printer Setup dialog to set other options besides which printer to use and the page range, as described above

When you print a grid in DbVisualizer, the grid is printed as it is shown on the screen, i.e., with the table headers, sort and primary key indicator, etc. It is printed as a screenshot that may span several pages, depending on the number of rows and columns that are printed. For a grid, the right-click menu contains a Print Selection choice that you can use if you just want to print selected rows and columns.

An alternative to printing a grid as a screenshot is to export the grid to HTML and then use a web browser to print it.

Printing a chart scales the chart to the size of the paper. Plain text is printed as-is and may span multiple pages, both in height and width.

Printing a Graph

Printing a graph adds a custom dialog before the native Print dialog is displayed. You can specify the number of rows (pages) and columns (pages) that the complete image will be split into. You can also select whether the view as it appears on the screen or the complete graph should be printed. If you run a dark theme, you are presented with an option to Use Light Theme (good for printing on white paper).

When you click OK, the native Print dialog is displayed, where you can select the printer.

Use the File->Print Preview feature to preview what the printout will look like before you actually print it.


Preview of printing grid in DbVisualizer


Preview of printing graph in DbVisualizer

If you run a dark theme, you may want to Use Light Theme for printing the graph (good for printing on white paper).

Preview of DbVisualizer in light theme