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The latest version of DbVisualizer was released 2024-07-04DOWNLOAD HERE ->

Installation Structure

The installer and launcher for DbVisualizer is based on the install4jTM product. The structure of the installation directory (referred as DBVIS-HOME throughout the User Guide) contains the following on Windows. (The exact content differ between platforms):

.install4j/ addon/ dbviscmd.bat dbvisgui.bat doc/ java9-argslib/ jre/ resources/ resolveJRE.bat wrapper/dbvis.vmoptionsdbvis.exeREADME.txtuninstall.exe

The dbvis.exe file is used to start DbVisualizer. The remaining files and directories are only of interest if you need to do nonstandard customization. For information on how to increase the memory for the Java process that runs DbVisualizer, and also on how to modify the Java version being used, please check the DbVisualizer support portal.