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Edit Multiple Database Connections

Only in DbVisualizer Pro

This feature is only available in the DbVisualizer Pro edition.

There are situation when you may need to change one or several connection settings for multiple database connections at the same time. Instead of doing this one connection at a time, the connections editor come in handy.

There are multiple paths to edit database connections:

  1. Selecting multiple database connections in the Databases tab, right-click and choose Edit Database Connection(s)...
  2. Selecting multiple database connections in the connections list shown when opening the object view for the Connections node. Right-click and choose Edit Database Connection(s)...
  3. Selecting a Folder object in the Databases tab will show all included database connections in the right-pane. Select the ones you want to edit, right-click and choose Edit Database Connection(s)...

Note that all database connections that are to be edited must be disconnected.

The screenshot below shows how the Connections tab is listing all the connections. The list has been sorted on Connection Mode in order to make it easy to select and edit all Test databases. As an alternative, you could have used the filter to show only these connections.

Screenshot showing how to select and edit multiple database connections

The connections editor will show only those fields that are commonly available for the database connections being edited.

The window has the following columns:

  • Update: Indicates if the value is edited. You may manually uncheck this to indicate the setting should not be updated
  • Value: Enter the new value here. Once the field is being edited its background will change and the Update box is checked.

Changing the database driver

The Driver Type setting is the main setting that controls what properties are available for a database connection. Once Driver Type has been edited its Update checkbox cannot be unchecked.