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If you interact with databases, use DbVisualizer! It will make your daily work easier.
Muhammet Orazov, Software Engineer at Exasol
Review, easy to install Database Client
This tool was very easy to install and get using right away

I am developing and testing out database, schema creation, data migrations and general SQL query and reporting. This tool was very easy to install and get using right away. It is very flexible in writing and running code and portions of code. The wizards is extremely easy to setup new connections right the first time.

Greg "Hap" Pearman, CEO at Spotted Dog Software LLC

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Case studies

This is where you go for the somewhat longer and more comprehensive stories about some organizations using DbVisualizer and what they gain.

Case Studies
If you dig into Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and other databases regularly, this tool is for you!
Michael Leo, Owner at Kettle River Consulting Inc

Top rated and highly recommended

There are several software comparison sites with unbiased reviews. Hundreds of analysts, DBAs and developers have rated DbVisualizer and compared our software to other similar products.
Review, DbVisualizer is a user-friendly Database Tool
Intuitive user-friendly interface

DbVisualizer has an intuitive user-friendly interface and can be easily run on the Linux machines, which is important for us, developers. Also, DbVisualizer officially supports our database - Exasol. In our team we use DbVisualizer for development and testing. We also recommend DbVisualizer to our customers and partners.

Anastasiia Sergienko, Software Developer at Exasol

I have been a user of DbVisualizer for many years now, and I always try out new products to compare them with what DbVisualizer has to offer. In all these years I have not found any thing that even comes close to DbVisualizer.
Omer Saeed, long-term DbVisualizer user
large photo of José used for citating the use of DbVisualizer
It works like a charm

Since I teach and use 3 database engines, it is the perfect tool to switch among them. I use it for SQL, PL-SQL and T-SQL development. I also use it in my common DBA tasks, either through graphical interface or by SQL script. It is reliable and I trust in its results.

José Aser, Database Teacher at Lusophone University Portugal

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