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Using Permissions for Table Data Editing

Only in DbVisualizer Pro

This feature is only available in the DbVisualizer Pro edition.

The Permission functionality is a security mechanism, where you can specify that certain database operations must be confirmed. You configure permissions in the Tool Properties dialog, in the Permissions category of the General tab, per connection mode (Development, Test and Production).You specify which connection mode to use for a connection in the Properties tab of the Object View tab for the connection. By default a connection mode is specified to be Development.

!!! note "The permission feature is part of DbVisualizer and does not replace the authorization system in the actual database." \

For table grid edits, you can pick the permission type from a drop-down list for each operation:

Permission TypeDescription
ConfirmA confirmation window is displayed, and you can accept the operation or cancel it
No ConfirmThe SQL operation is performed without any confirmation

Screenshot of the permissions feature in DbVisualizer Pro