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Version 1.0
You are currently viewing an old version of DbVisualizer. We recommend that you check out our latest 13.0.4 version.

1.0 released on 1999-12-06


SQL Commander restructured. SQL Bookmarks management is now displayed in a separate frame instead of being a part of the SQL Commander
SQL Bookmarks are now easy accessible from the Bookmarks menu in the menu-bar
SQL Bookmarks dialog include functions to structure your SQL statements and give them alias identifiers
Connection Setup
Added support for simultaneous database connections
Information about a database connection (optionally including password) are saved to disk
Databases can be given an alias
Driver Manager
New facility to find and load JDBC drivers automatically by selecting a directory, JAR or ZIP file.
Any visible table in the application can be exported to a HTML formatted file
All appropriate dialogs has been updated to include choice of database
User specific preferences are stored to disk and read upon subsequent invocations
Any previously stored JDBC drivers, database URL and SQL Bookmarks can not be read using this version. The recommendation is to start the current DbVisualizer and copy the information to a file. Then install and start the new version and copy the information into it. Yes, this is kind of odd and will be handled better in a future version.
Support for Java 2 version 1.2.2 and 1.3
New option to enable/disable JDBC driver tracing. (The amount of output here depends on the current JDBC driver(s))
Report tab can be set to monitor mode which enables automatic execution of the current reports
The new Reports tab is a convenient mechanism to always have the result of one or several select statements easy accessible. These are presented either in tab form or as MDI frames
Object View
New tab in table explorer lists the first rows in the table
SQL Commander
Number of max rows to fetch for a 'SELECT' statement can now be specified in the SQL Commander
The new history feature automatically saves all executed statements performed in the SQL Commander. (The history buffer is cleared between DbVisualizer invocations)
Any statement in the SQL Commander can contain variables (Ex. $$First Name$$) and these are prompted for substitution before execution
Tool Properties
The columns that are presented in the table explorer tabs can be customized in the preferences file (this will be supported from within DbVisualizer in a future release)
Tool-bar with context sensitivity

DbVisualizer 1.0

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released on 1999-12-06

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