Release Notes 13.0

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13.0.6 - Released 2022-09-20

Area Details
DB Support: Vertica
Explain Plan
Include more details in the explain output generated by Vertica
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Exasol R-Scripts in Exasol can not be opened in Code editor
DB Support: PostgreSQL Triggers in PostgreSQL are not qualified
Database Objects Tree
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Duplicated entries in object tree for some for triggers
Driver Manager Maven file xml is written with root element <b> when running with a released version of dbvis
General Error saving layout during startup
Import Potential duplicated field content during import table data
Key Bindings Array index out of bounds when editing key bindings
OS Support: Linux Open a browser not supported on FreeBSD
OS Support: Windows Setting "prefsdir" to UNC path may result in an an error at startup
Query Builder Delimited Identifiers not working correctly sometimes
Security Master password dialog may show halfway offscreen
Workspace Wrong title in window header

13.0.5 - Released 2022-08-25

Area Details
Connection Setup
DB Support: Oracle
Add configuration option to skip add join alternatives in auto completion
DB Support: PostgreSQL Improve the PostgreSQL profile to include new columns when getting triggers meta data
Driver Manager A Reset Driver action which will restore the driver to its default settings
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Auto complete always uses white as highlight color
Connection Setup Setting Database Userid to '(null)' should skip passing it to JDBC driver at connect
DB Support: Azure SQL
DB Support: Mimer SQL
DB Support: Redshift
Installation/Update Installation
Blank connection settings changed to being set after upgrade to DbVisualizer 13 (E.g Mimer programpasswd)
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby ClassCastException when Alter Table with Derby
DB Support: MongoDB Error running a query in MongoDB
DB Support: MySQL
Loading references may hang and task cannot be stopped
DB Support: Oracle The tnsnames.ora file is not parsed for multiple aliases
DB Support: PostgreSQL Missing info in DDL for Postgres function
Add DDL for "generated" columns in PostgreSQL
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Procedure Editor
PostgreSQL trigger DDL does not include UPDATE OF column list
DB Support: Vertica Projection Storage tab for a table in Vertica results in an error
Data tab
DB Support: SQL Server
Exception when scripting a linked server
Driver Manager Importing a driver results in an error if there already exists a driver with the same name
Filtering/Filter Sets Compress recent filters in the Data tab when saving to disk
Grid Component Regression with Ctrl+C/CMD+C as it now doesn't work to copy from property tables such as Connection tab, details pane in Scripts tab, and more
Import Import Table Data: Mysterious character replacements
Import Table Data thinks size should be 3,0 when it should be at least 4,0
SQL Commander Tab names may not be presented properly in the tool tip for SQL Commander tabs, and in the search open tabs dialog
@DELIMITER Command is formatted by the SQL formatter
Scripts Create Linked Folder results in "process has not exited"

13.0.4 - Released 2022-05-24

Area Details
Connection Setup Present invisible characters in error message if connect fails
DB Support: MongoDB Add SSL support when connect to MongoDB
Driver Manager Download drivers directly when updating version, changing artifacts, etc.
Import Add field for Batch Size in table data import
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Driver Manager Import of driver fails
Auto Completion Sudden error when auto complete in SQL Commander
Cell Viewer/Editor IllegalStateException when switching tabs
DB Support: Exasol SYS.EXA_ALL_SCRIPTS system table is queried even if the user have "SELECT ANY DICTIONARY" privilege
DB Support: MySQL MySQL does not obey autoincrement field properties "start" with or "increment by"
DB Support: Oracle The SQL Formatter converts "tablespace" to "table"
DB Support: Oracle
DDL Generator
"comment on view" is broken
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Cannot create table when importing
DB Support: Salesforce Connect to Salesforce fails
DB Support: Snowflake DDL not showing for Snowflake view
DB Support: Snowflake
No rows are inserted with batch import enabled for Snowflake
DB Support: Sybase ASE Import with "drop existing table" does not work for Sybase
DB Support: Vertica Viewing projections in Vertica 11.x gives an error
Database Objects Tree Copy Database URL not working
Driver Manager The Proxy Settings in Tool Properties are not honored when downloading drivers
Exception in download when there is a typo in repository name
Theme: FlatLaf Selection BG and FG colors in some popups showing a list doesn't align with the standard colors
SQL Editor Text Alignment in SQL Editor

13.0.3 - Released 2022-04-10

Area Details
DB Support: Exasol Speed up connecting to Exasol
Query Builder Add info why "Grouping" tab or check boxes are disabled
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Check for Update Getting exception when checking for updates
Connection Setup
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Reconnect when using SSH requires a second connect
Data tab In Data tab, there is no "Fetching result set... nnn rows" in v13
Export NullPointerException when exporting to clipboard
General The command line argument "-connection" is broken for dbvisgui
Grid Component Sudden and rare error when browsing data
Import Import settings may read files that are not valid settings files
Drop Table may fail in Import Table Data
OS Support: macOS The .sql file extension is not mapped when running the Apple Silicon installer
SQL Commander "Database Connection" dropdown is focused when tab change using keyboard

13.0.2 - Released 2022-03-20

Area Details
Docs: Users Guide Update documentation regarding jsch and support for ed25519 and new algorithms
Driver Manager Show message when loading an already loaded artifact
Suggest the jar extension type when Maven dependency specifies type pom
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion
OS Support: Windows
Auto completion popup in Windows highlights row at mouse position rather than the first entry in list
DB Support: Azure SQL Error when viewing DDL of a view
DB Support: Informix
Table Data Editor
After upgrade to version 13 can no longer edit result set in Informix
DB Support: MongoDB Need to support Database URL for Mongo starting with mongodb:// in addition to jdbc:mongodb://
DB Support: MySQL Can not set auto increment in create table for MySQL with 8.0.x driver
Driver Manager The driver manager advisory pane at top should show next step suggestions in text rather than with icons
General Get app warning (red balloon) if clicking some links
Occasional "Comparison method violates its general contract" error may be reported
Grid Component Reload or close of a grid with many rows (100K+), may be very slow if having an active filter or sort

13.0.1 - Released 2022-03-08

Area Details
General Make it possible using down button to focus the search all editors result list
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW DB2 LUW: Comment on view problems
DB Support: Oracle DBMS Output is empty in rare situations
DB Support: SingleStore Set back tick character as delimited identifier in SingleStore
Driver Manager java.lang.AbstractMethodError when using very old JDBC driver versions
Deleting a user driver scrolls the list
New/duplicated drivers are inserted last in list rather than by natural order
General Some settings may not be migrated properly at first start of 13.0 (e.g. tab colors)
Grid Component Occasional error when copy, export, open in spreadsheet, etc. in grids
SQL History Column sort in Tools->SQL History doesn't work for other columns than timestamp

13.0 - Released 2022-03-02

New Features
Area Details
DB Support: Elasticsearch Add support for Elasticsearch
DB Support: MongoDB Add basic support for MongoDB and BSON data viewer
DB Support: Presto Add support for Presto
DB Support: Trino Add support for Trino
Driver Manager Improve the driver management to support download drivers from Maven, version selection and more
Installation/Update Installation Add an installer for Apple Silicon, M1
SQL Commander
SQL Editor
A new feature to search across all open commander windows
Area Details
Connection Setup Allow copying the actual database URL from the link
Connection Setup
Driver Manager
Add possibilities to set overridden driver properties centrally
Driver properties with pre-defined list of values should be promoted in a drop-down
Connection Setup
Add support for ssh-agent with SSH Tunnel
DB Support: Exasol Add "certificate Fingerprint" for Exasol connections
DB Support: Google BigQuery Add driver entry for Google BigQuery
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: H2
DB Support: Netezza
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: Redshift
DB Support: Snowflake
DB Support: Yellowbrick
Add "Rename Schema" in PostgreSQL
DB Support: Oracle Copying a scheduler job can only be created in connection user's schema
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add "CASCADE" to Truncate
DB Support: SingleStore Create driver entry and database type for SingleStore
DB Support: Snowflake Improve support for authenticator=externalbrowser
Database Objects Tree Give the option (or by default) to color visited table names
Driver Manager Dynamic OS specific libs should be loaded from driver jar files rather than setting java.library.path
Filtering/Filter Sets The Database Objects Filters editor should show and allow editing the label1 attribute for DataNodes
Grid Component Add a "Reset Grid" action to remove any current quick filters, column filters, sorting, and selection
Installation/Update Installation Should be possible to change the location of included user.vmoptions referenced in dbvis.vmoptions
Installation/Update Installation
Remove the UNIX installers, replaced by Linux installers
Performance/Stability Increase the default value for -Xmx from 768m to 2048m
SQL Commander Reload of file should preserve current selection, scrolling, and caret position
SSH Support openssh config behavior to handle append, prepend and removal of algorithms
Scripts Open multiple script files at once
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Driver Manager Unknown driver properties sent to database

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