Release Notes 2.1

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2.1 - Released 2001-10-30

Area Details
New icons for Views and System Tables in the Database Objects tree. All other table types are represented as the Table icon.
Supported table types are now arranged as nodes in the Database Objects tree. Each of these nodes groups all tables of the same table type. Table type nodes do also show the number of tables that are of the table type.
New pop-up menu in SQL Commander with editing choices for Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear and Select All.
Log entries written to the debug window are now timestamped. The amount of output can be defined in Tool Properties.
The GUI is not corrupted anymore when switching Look & Feel.
When changing the Variable Indentifier in Tool Properties is a dialog displayed asking whether the appropriate change shall be applied to the system SQL statements.
The SQL Bookmark management has been totally redesigned.
System Properties can now be browsed in Tool Properties.
Possible to disable Release Notes (start-up) dialog.
Shortcuts Ctrl-P and Ctrl-N can now be used in SQL Commander to get the previous or next SQL statement from the history of executed statements.
New variable: $columns$ produces a comma separated list of columns.
New variables: $schema$, $schemaseparator$ and $table$. Enables the possibility to quote table name. Example: $schema$$schemaseparator$"$table$" -> APP."Table"
Double click on an unconnected database node will connects it in the Database Objects tree.
The popup menu for Database Connection nodes in the Database Objects tree now have choices for "Connect" and "Disconnect".
Positions of all main windows and dialogs as well as their sizes are now saved between invocations.
SQL Bookmarks Editor: SQL statements can now be imported and exported.
History of executed SQL statements are now saved as SQL Bookmarks and saved between invocations.
History bookmarks can be fetched using the SQL Bookmarks menu.
All grids now indicate the actual row and column as tooltip based on the mouse pointer position.
JDBC Catalogs are now displayed in the Database Objects tree. JDBC Catalogs are "Databases" in Sybase, SQL Server and MySQL.
New header in the right part of the Database Objects tab. Indicates type, name and icon for the selected node.
New property in Tool Properties to select whether xLOB's shall be displayed in "Data" and "SQL Commander" tabs.
All grids now have popup menu for the header column. Currently one option to remove the actual column from the grid. This is useful when generating reports.
"Columns" tab is now presented first instead of the "Data" tab when selecting tables in the Database Objects tree.
The setting of the property "Popup on any output" in the debug window is now saved between invocations.
Font used in the SQL Commander can be altered in the $DBVIS_HOME/resources/dbvis.prefs file.

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