Release Notes 3.2

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3.2 - Released 2003-05-12

New Features
Area Details
Command Line Arguments DbVisualizer now supports the following command line arguments:
Usage: dbvis [-help] [-up <path>] [-sqlfile <path>]
[-windowtitle <title>]
[connect options] [remote options]

General Options:
-help Display this help
-up <path> Use an alternate user preferences file
-sqlfile <path> Load file into the SQL Commander editor
-windowtitle <title> Additional window title

Driver Connect Options:
-driver Setup and connect using Driver:
-alias <name> Database alias
-path <path> Path to driver class
-class <class> JDBC Driver class
-url <url> Connection URL
-userid <user> Userid to connect as
-password <pw> Connect password

JNDI Connect Options:
-jndi Setup and connect using JNDI:
-alias <name> Database alias
-path <path> Path to initial context class
-class <class> Initial context class
-url <url> Provider URL
-lookup <name> Lookup name
-userid <user> Userid to connect as
-password <pw> Connect password

Remote Options:
-attachremote Attach to remote DbVisualizer instance
-enableremote Enable remote attachment
-host <host> Remote host name (default: localhost)
-port <port> Remote port (default: 8787)
Data Filtering New pop-up menu in the table filter where clause text area. It lists the 20 last filtered where clauses. Selecting one will add it as the current where clause. New short-cut in the table filtering value field, Ctrl-Enter. It will cause the grid to be filtered by the selected column, operator and value.
Tool Properties New property "Include Variables in SQL" now available in Tool Properties. It specifies whether the Data tab pop-up menu operations shall generate SQL statements that include variables (that are asked for values once executed in the SQL Commander) or if the SQL statements shall be pure SQL. "Debug DbVisualizer" replaced with "Log Level" and "Detail Level" in Tool Properties. These are now also saved in the XML file. Default Log Level is Warning which will give less information in the debug window compared to previous versions.
SQL Commander An icon in the Database Connection list now indicates whether the database is connected or not. Variable Substitution dialog now lists WHERE columns separately Editor now shows line and column number of the cursor position Undo/Redo is now supported Extended pop-up menu with choices to search, goto and replace Better syntax coloring The Output View was cleared in previous version if there were no open database connections. Now any output remain.
Monitor An icon is now displayed in the "Monitor" tab title if auto reload is active
Database Objects Tree Table, Procedure and Function nodes in Database Object tree are now sorted
References Graph The "Columns" mode in References Graph now shows column size for text and size + optional decimal precision for numbers
Driver Manager Now possible to "Stop" find drivers action in Driver Manager Progress bar added to Driver Manager during find Support to identify Initial Context classes. These are used to lookup a database connection using JNDI and a name.
XML file The XML file is now always backed up during start of DbVisualizer (dbvis.xml.bak)
Table Data tab New Tool bar in the table Data tab:
  • Reload the grid by fetching the actual rows from the database table
  • Filter toggle button
  • Monitor Row Count
  • Monitor Row Count Difference

In addition will the following buttons appear in the tool-bar for DbVisualizer Personal:

  • Edit a new row directly in the grid
  • Remove row from database table
  • Create new row using a form
  • Edit an existing row in a form
Editing support in DbVisualizer Personal New Form based editor (the SQL Commander is not involved anymore)
  • Use form buttons in the tool-bar or double click on the row header to show the form
  • Values can be set to their data type default values
  • Log window tells the result of a failing edit
  • Use new buttons in Data tab Tool bar or double click on a cell to edit it inlined

Consistency check is done in both form and grid editing when performing an update of the database table. I.e DbVisualizer ensures that only one row is affected by the edit. Edits are denied if not only one row will be affected.

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Any result sets in the output view of SQL Commander was previously cleared when no active database connection existed. From now they remain.
Database Objects tree loose focus in previous versions when using keys to open child nodes
The "Max Rows" JDBC call is not fully supported by all drivers. DbVisualizer now do an extra check to limit the number of displayed rows if Max Rows > 0.
Selecting "update where" in the data tab pop-up menu now ignores the where clause columns from the values to be updated list
The selected where clause column(s) variables are now listed separately in the "Where Column" to hi-light them in the substitution dialog
Grid column header tool-tip now show length of column as reported by database
Row Header in the Data tab now indicates selected row
Row Header now scroll the grid content when dragged
Background color of Data tab row header was wrong for some look and feels
Sort of time/date/timestamp columns now much faster
Updating boolean column types always resulted in a "false" value
DbVisualizer hang when an error appeared during fetch of null values for LONG BYTE columns in Sap DB.

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