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4.0.4 - Released 2004-01-20

Area Details
General Now possible to specify the enclosing characters for table and columns names in Database Connection Properties and Tool Properties.
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General java.lang.NoSuchMethodError when using "Browse Row in Form" operation.
General Too many open cursors error when accessing Oracle databases.

4.0.3 - Released 2004-01-15

New Features
Area Details
General Users Guide now accessible in the Help main menu
Area Details
Database Objects "Remove Database Connection" added in the database objects tree right click menu
Database Objects "Show selected object in Frame" now also lists the database connection name, catalog and schema in the frame header
Database Objects Database Connection objects are automatically expanded one level when the connection is established
Database Objects Editing the name of a database connection or folder in the tree previously required that the enter key was pressed to finish editing
Database Objects Setting of Max Rows and Max Columns in Data tab now saved between invocations without needing to press the enter key while in the fields
Tool Properties Added "General" category which lists the location of the original preferences (XML) file and the backup copy
Tool Properties Added preview of the icon collections
Tool Properties Added format "dd-mmm-yyyy" to Date Formats list
Tool Properties Removed the SQL->Pre-Processing->New Line->Remove New Lines property since new line characters now are always removed from the SQL before execution
SQL Commander File->Close Current SQL Editor operation is used to close the current editor. If only one editor is active then it will cause any file that is currently loaded to be closed
SQL Commander All settings that controls the SQL Log are now saved in the preferences file between invocations
SQL Commander Setting of Max Rows and Max Columns in now saved between invocations without needing to press the enter key while in the fields
Monitor Auto Reload interval now adjusts automatically if the execution of all monitors is not ready within the auto reload interval
Monitor "Auto Reload" interval now saved between invocations
Monitor The Monitor tab icon now show an hourglass when monitors are executing in Auto Reload mode
Monitor New field "Label" in the Data setup for a chart. Use it to set an optional label for columns that are marked as Series
Form Editor "Wrap Lines" setting added which when checked will wrap long text values
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
General Export to the SQL Commander destination sometimes caused DbVisualizer to freeze
General Exporting only one row in a grid accidentally exported one extra blank row. (This happened also when doing Ctrl-C to copy the data)
General "File->Export Selection" was sometimes disabled when it shouldn't
General Copy or export of a non contiguous block resulted in error
General Changing Font in Tool Properties did not set the new font in the Form or Inline editors
SQL Commander Enabling the old property "Remove New Lines" removed the new lines not just in the SQL that is executed but also in the SQL that is fetched using the Output View->Copy SQL into Editor operation
Monitor SQL statements containing client side comments can now be executed in the Monitor tab
Form Editor Entering the text representation for null in a CLOB did not cause the value to be set to null
Form Editor Inserting a file into a CLOB that was null failed (nothing happened)

4.0.2 - Released 2003-11-07

Area Details
DbVisualizer Personal: The red X icon used to close an SQL Editor tab now replaced with the Close operation in the tab's right click menu
DbVisualizer Personal: "Remove All SQL Editors" now in the File menu
Load of an SQL file now inserted into the current editor instead of a new editor being created
Name of loaded file now listed in the editor status bar

4.0.1 - Released 2003-10-24

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DbVisualizer Personal: Serialized Java objects viewer were broken
A ClassCastException error occurred when closing stand alone frames in the Database Objects tree

4.0 - Released 2003-10-22

New Features
Area Details
General DbVisualizer 4.0 requires at least Java 1.4
General New Icon Collection
Database Objects Tool bar added to Database Objects tree
Database Objects New sub tab "Properties" in the Connection tab for a Database Connection node. Used to specify connection specific values for some of the tool properties:
  • SQL Statements, Auto Commit, Transaction Isolation, etc.
  • "Extra Options" dialog moved into the "Driver Properties" tab
  • Now possible to show only default database and/or schema
Database Objects Now possible to filter what objects to see in the tree based on their names. Up to 5 patterns can be set per Database Connection. These are saved between invocations
Database Objects "Connect All" operation now only connects enabled database connections (with the "Connect when Connect All" property enabled)
Database Objects New root node, "Connections", selecting it will show an overview of all Database Connections and various state information
Database Objects Now possible to folder connections in an unlimited number of levels. Useful to group connections
Database Objects The tree can now be organized using Drag and Drop
Database Objects Replaced the following operations in the Database menu:
  • Remove Database Connection with Cut
  • Duplicate Database Connection with Cut/Paste
Database Objects Alias for a Database Connection can now be edited in the tree by selecting the node and then single click on its name
Database Objects Reload Tree operation can now be performed on any node in the tree.
Database Objects "Reconnect" operation added to:
  • The Database Objects menu
  • Database menu in the menu bar
  • "Connect" button in Connection tab will switch to "Reconnect" once a connection is established
Database Objects Support to create Tables and Indexes
Table Data Editing Added support for management of BLOBs and CLOBs.
Table Data Editing Added BLOB content viewers in the Form Editor for
  • Serialized Java Objects
  • Hex Viewer
SQL Commander "Pin New Results Sets" choice added to the Output View menu
SQL Commander Now possible to edit the result sets in the SQL Commander if the result set
  • is a result set as returned from a SELECT command
  • is fetched from only one table
  • is composed of columns that exist in the table
SQL Commander Primary Keys are now indicated in the result set panes
SQL Commander Support for the @ include control directive
  • Path is relative to the directory from which DbVisualizer is launched
  • If a file is loaded into the editor then is the path for any @ included files relative to the path for the loaded file
  • The new @cd command can be used to set the location for any succeeding @ include directives
SQL Commander New right click menu choices in Clear, Find, Find/Replace and Goto.
SQL Commander SQL Commander now supports multiple editors organized as tabs or internal windows.
SQL Commander Unsaved edits in a script file loaded from file is now asked whether to save or not save at exit of DbVis.
SQL Commander Support to execute anonymous SQL blocks
SQL Commander SQL Commander now supports multiple results from a single SQL statement. (Ex: sp_who, sp_help in Sybase and SQL Server)
Export New output Formats in XML and SQL INSERT statements
Export Output Columns can now be customized:
  • Select which columns to output
  • Select data format
  • Edit column name
Export Test Data Generator can be used to generate random test data:
  • Generate random number
  • Generate random string of random size
  • Generate random value from a list of values
  • Generate sequential number
Export Now possible to specify how text data shall be quoted (No Quotes, Single Quotes or Double Quotes)
Export Zoomed references graphs are now exported properly
Export File extensions now determined based on export format
Tool Properties Saved passwords are now encrypted
Tool Properties New property: "Confirm Disconnect All". Specifies whether a confirmation dialog shall appear when "Disconnect All" operation is requested.
Tool Properties New property: "Pending Transactions at Disconnect". Specifies what to do with any pending transactions at disconnect.
Tool Properties Changed property: "Connect at Startup" to "Run Connect All at Startup"
Tool Properties Font can now be defined for SQL editors and all grids
Tool Properties Configurable short cuts for the SQL Commander editor
References Graph The layout can now be saved using the Save and Load operations
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Support for IBM JVM
Some components had wrong dimension on Mac OS X
added tool icon for Mac OS X
Bug fix when using Mac OS X and Java 1.4. A dialog was always displayed at startup saying that L&F has changed and re-start is recommended
"Data Type" column info in the Form Editor now show SQL type rather the internal DbVisualizer Java type
SQL Commander editor is now focused when it gets an SQL statement from some other location in the application

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