Release Notes 6.0

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6.0.15 - Released 2008-10-20

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 DDL tab for View nodes may give error for some database/driver versions
DB Support: PostgreSQL Index name presented as a child node for a Table in the objects tree is displayed as (null) ((null:(null))
DB Support: Sybase ASE With the Decimal Format "Unformatted - Strip Zero Fraction", FLOAT column values over 10 million are truncated when displayed
Query Builder No table names are shown in the condition field popup menu when Qualify Columns is disabled

6.0.14 - Released 2008-09-22

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Profile: Actions Opening the action dialog doesn't put focus in first editable field
DB Support: Oracle Error "isEditable Error: ORA-01219: database not open: queries allowed on fixed tables/views only" is displayed if unmount Oracle instance
General An exception is displayed if starting DbVisualizer with 2 identical command line arguments
Grid Component An extra row is inserted when pasting data from Excel into the table data grid
Import Import into Grid doesn't show or keep the grid window visible after import window is closed
Monitor Error appear in the Monitor if switching database connection for an existing monitor
SQL Commander Auto Completion doesn't work if the EXPLAIN keyword is first
SQL Commander Table data editor is not enabled if the WHERE clause is composed of a "IN/NOT IN (SELECT ...) clause

6.0.13 - Released 2008-08-19

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Informix Index information in the objects tree for a specific table display erroneous or no information
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Default delimited identifier characters missing for JavaDB/Derby
DB Support: Oracle DbVisualizer is not compatible with the JDBC 11.x (JDBC4) driver
DB Support: SQL Server "user" shown instead of "schema" for Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers with SQL Server 2005
General Help->Users Guide not showing
General Loading user settings from version 4 may result in an error
Grid Component Configuring a table data filter as a BETWEEN clause don't output the second value in the final filter
SQL Commander SQL Commander is associated with the previous connection after selecting "[Choose Connection]"
SQL Commander The output buffer taking care of SQL warnings is limited to handle a maximum of 500 rows
SQL Commander With multiple SQL Commander tabs open, the database connection controls are disabled in all of them when disconnecting one of the connections
SQL Commander Execute a SQL that doesn't query a database table may take very long time to complete

6.0.12 - Released 2008-06-26

Area Details
DB Support: Informix Separate system procedures and functions from user created procedures and functions in the objects tree
Export Default format for numeric types in Export should be "Unformatted"
General Re-introduce the pre 4.2 backward compatibility support so that old user settings files is loaded properly
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 NullPointerException when executing SQL if the database connection is lost
DB Support: PostgreSQL Invalid FK clause in DDL for some tables
DB Support: Sybase ASE The DDL tab results in an error for Sybase versions prior to 12
General String auto-quoting truncates values for "[NOT] IN" conditions when quoted values contain delimiter characters (e.g., space)
Navigator Delete Selected Node is enabled even when no node is selected, and gives NullPointerException if clicked
Navigator The grid for a related table show incorrect values if the source table has been sorted
SQL Commander Any string starting with "go" is interpreted as the "go" delimiter

6.0.11 - Released 2008-05-28

Area Details
Connection Properties Delimited identifiers for database/schema
Connection Properties The use of delimited identifiers with schema/database must be consistent
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby The Alter Table dialog should allow columns to be dropped in Derby 10.3 and later
General Always use delimited object names for all SQL issued automatically by DbVisualizer, regardless of property settings
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table When adding a new column in the Alter Table dialog, the Auto Increment checkbox is always disabled
Database Profile: Actions Add automatic scrollbars in the action dialog
DB Support: MySQL Default values for NOT NULL columns are not included in DDL
DB Support: MySQL The NULL declaration for a timestamp column (NOT NULL by default) is not shown in the DDL
DB Support: Oracle Information about synonym objects is empty when looking at for example Info, Columns, Indexes, etc. for a Table
Export Date, Time and Timestamp settings from Tool Properties are not used by Export in DbVisualizer Free
Export Error occur when exporting data in a grid when the connection has been disconnected
Export Table and column names are not delimited when export in SQL format. This may result in an erroneously generated SQL if these contain special characters or spaces
Form Editor Error occur when using find/replace in the table data cell editor
Form Editor Undoing a table data change in the Cell editor doesn't undo visually
Grid Component Edit/browse cell in window don't work if value is null
Grid Component The Data Type cells in the Create/Alter Table, Import and Import Column Mapper are empty while selected with the Aqua L&F on Mac OS X
Import Import table data and the lists of data types are occasionally erroneous
OS Support: Mac OS X The menu bar is always located in the DbVisualizer window instead of the standard top screen location in Mac OS X
Query Builder Date literals are not automatically quoted in SQL
Query Builder Strings containing character sequences also used as operators can cause problems when loading SQL into the Query Builder
Query Builder The ignored comments/keywords warning dialog may truncate comments containing special characters, like ""

6.0.10 - Released 2008-04-10

Area Details
SQL Commander @spool log should output the complete log if auto clear is disabled and not the last execution
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 Invalid DDL generated for View with "SELECT" as part of the name
DB Support: Informix Connecting with a URL that does not specify a database results in an error
DB Support: Informix The Schema list in the SQL Commander should be set to "no schema" by default
DB Support: Oracle Invalid SQL used for Alter Table and DDL tab for Oracle versions older than 9
DB Support: Oracle An Oracle error occur if scripting for example the SELECT SQL for a VIEW
DB Support: Oracle DDL can not be displayed for foreign keys
DB Support: Other Error populating Catalog/Schema lists when connecting with a JDBC driver that does not support getCatalogs() or getSchemas()
General Identifier Delimiters are not used for schema/catalog in generated SQL even when enabled in Tools Properties
Import Error when importing table data with blank date, time and timestamp
SQL Commander Max Rows/Columns in SQL Commander are ignored until changed
SQL Commander Reconnecting occasionally causes a ClassCastException

6.0.9 - Released 2008-03-17

Area Details
Database Profile: Actions Make it possible to cancel the Action dialogs during initialization
Import Add option to map columns by name in an imported file with columns in the target database table
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Informix Schemas that do not correspond to a user are not included in the Schema List
DB Support: Oracle Synonyms sometimes not listed even if they do exist
Export Format Date, Time and Timestamp data as appropriate for the selected database at export
SQL Commander Opening a new SQL Commander tab freezes the GUI if the database is unresponsive

6.0.8 - Released 2008-02-24

Area Details
Grid Component The quick search feature must support searching for nulls
References Add an option controlling if tables names should be qualified in the References and Navigator graph
SQL Commander Allow selection of current schema in the SQL Commander for DbVisualizer Free
SQL Commander Show "Elapsed Time" in the SQL Commander progress pane
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Objects Tree Issuing a "Reload" in the objects tree don't mark new objects with an overlay icon
Database Objects Tree The object tree filtering and "Show Only Default Database/Schema" results in an error if the object name contain a backslash
DB Support: DB2 DDL tab gives exception for Views where "AS" is not immediately followed by "SELECT"
DB Support: MySQL Invalid ALTER statements generated by Alter Table for tables with ENUM or SET columns
DB Support: Oracle There is a problem looking at synonymed objects located in another Oracle instance
DB Support: PostgreSQL An error occur when the connection is interrupted with PostgreSQL
DB Support: PostgreSQL Only tables and views should be listed in the auto completion popup for PostgreSQL
DB Support: SQL Server Exception for Alter Table and DDL tab when IDENTIFIER_CASE = SENSITIVE
Export If Variable Identifier is changed in Tool Properties then export in SQL format won't work
Form Editor Show JPG thumbnails in the image viewer is very slow
Form Editor The XML viewer fail to show the XML tree for any data type other than CLOB
Grid Component Trailing and leading spaces not displayed in the Data tab grid
Grid Editor Spaces and newline characters are removed from the beginning and the end of data that is pasted into the table data grid editor
Grid Editor The inline table data editor may corrupt any control character(s) such as newline (n), tab (t) or carriage return (r)
Navigator NullPointerException in Navigator when navigating with a FK column with a null value selected
Navigator NullPointerException when reloading graph after refresh of the object tree
Navigator Related Tables list is incorrect when multiple FKs link the same table
SQL Commander Requesting Stop in the SQL Commander doesn't always stop execution

6.0.7 - Released 2007-12-06

Area Details
Connection Properties Add setting to control whether any connect/disconnect hooks should be executed
Create/Alter Table Extend the space available for the lists in the FK and Unique Constraints tabs
Database Profile: Actions Save the setting of "Format SQL" in the actions dialog between sessions
Database Profile: Actions The DDL tab and Alter Table dialog are slow to display
DB Support: Oracle Add new support for: Clone User, File IO view, Enhanced Tablespace usage, Resize Datafile, View Trigges
DB Support: Oracle Add support for the following objects: Job, Database Links, Directories, Table and Index Partitions
Grid Component In grids with row header, highlight the text for selected row(s)
Tool Properties Make it possible to define how boolean/bit data should be presented
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Objects Tree Having a filter on a non text column in the objects tree results in an error when entering a filter value in DbVisualizer
Database Objects Tree The "( Default )" label in the objects tree is not visually moved when changing default database/schema with a connection hook
Database Profile: View Using non text data in the grid right click "menuItems" results in an error
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Schema name filtering doesn't work
DB Support: DB2 z/OS The generic Create Table feature doesn't display
DB Support: Firebird Connection wizard produce an erroneous URL for the Firebird database
DB Support: Informix Invalid DDL generated for View with "SELECT" as part of the name
DB Support: Informix SELECT from unqualified table name may result in read-only result set in the SQL Commander
DB Support: MySQL Browsing table or view DDLs in MySQL with JDBC driver version 5.0.8 or later results in an error
Export Using @export with Excel output format may result in error if empty result set
Grid Component Creating a filter via the grid right click "Filter" menu options may refer wrong column if a column is not visible
Grid Editor Data tab filtering doesn't quote text data with special characters in it
Grid Editor Editing table data in form editor with a quick filter active results in a NPE
Grid Editor ESC key doesn't close the Filter window
Grid Editor If the physical database connection is dropped and then save result set data edits a NPE error occur
Grid Editor Inserting a new row in an empty table that is sorted via the column header results in an error
Import Import preview is not updated when changing for example "Header in First Row"
Import Importing an empty number field is not converted to null
OS Support: Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard): Help menu take ages to show and main menus are slow in general
OS Support: Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard): NullPointerException when clicking in the query builder diagram pane
OS Support: Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard): Row number and editing icons don't show in the Data tab or in result sets
OS Support: Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard): Table nodes in the Query Builder cannot be resized
Query Builder Load to Query Builder fails to find a table if the name in the SELECT does not match the name in the database in a case-sensitive manner
SQL Commander "No rows were affected" is always logged even though table rows were affected (ex: commit/rollback)
SQL Commander @spool log client side command never executed if @stop on error/warning enabled and an error/warning occur
SQL Commander The SQL Commander leaks memory

6.0.6 - Released 2007-10-15

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Tab An exception error may be reported when connecting
Export Apostrophe is exported as ' in HTML exports and are not rendered properly by all browsers. Should be '

6.0.5 - Released 2007-10-08

Area Details
DB Support: Oracle indexes of table are onlyshown when the index is in table owner's schema
DB Support: Oracle List all objects stored intablespaces
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Tab If database connection cannotbe established in "invisible" mode then DbVisualizer hang and neverfinish
Create/Alter Table Alter Table and DDL tab donot work for SQL Server 7 and 2000
DB Support: MySQL UNSIGNED data types notsupported in Create/Alter Table dialogs
DB Support: Oracle Running a query for Oraclemay be slow if not qualifying table name with the schema
Export Export to clipboard doesn'twork
SQL Editor Syntax coloring doesn'thandle strings with escaped double quotes properly

6.0.4 - Released 2007-09-25

Area Details
Connection Tab Allow editing the databaseURL in a multi line editor
Connection Tab It should be possible tolaunch the URL Builder in the Connection tab
DB Support: Oracle Show active sessions andtheir SQLs
DB Support: Mimer SQL Add support for databank inthe Create Table dialog
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table Alter Table and DDL tab donot work for SQL Server 7 and 2000
Database Profile: Actions The Create Index actiongenerates an erroneous SQL in the generic profile
DB Support: SQL Server Size not recognized forVARCHAR(MAX) columns in Alter Table
Navigator The Navigator doesn't showthe data for selected table

6.0.3 - Released 2007-09-17

Area Details
Database Profile: Actions Convert the "Create Index"feature to be based on the actions framework + add delimited identifiersupport
DB Support: DB2 Add support for Sequences inDB2
DB Support: DB2 IDENTITY columns notsupported in DDL generation and Create/Alter Table dialogs
DB Support: DB2 Show columns for tables inthe objects tree
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Show columns for tables inthe objects tree
DB Support: MySQL Show columns for tables inthe objects tree
DB Support: Oracle Add action to compile allinvalid objects
DB Support: Oracle Add connection property tocontrol whether schema list should show empty schemas or ignore them
DB Support: PostgreSQL Show columns for tables inthe objects tree
DB Support: SQL Server IDENTITY columns notsupported in DDL generation and Create/Alter Table dialogs
DB Support: SQL Server Show columns for tables inthe objects tree
DB Support: Sybase ASE IDENTITY columns notsupported in DDL generation and Create/Alter Table dialogs
DB Support: Sybase ASE Show columns for tables inthe objects tree
Export Excel export doesn't handleUnicode properly
SQL Commander Show database connection namein result set tab tip
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Table name filtering for DB2on z/OS doesn't work
DB Support: Informix Drop and Empty Table actionsdoesn't work for Informix
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Problem showing BLOB data inDerby
DB Support: MySQL DDL for ENUM and SET withjust one element gives NumberFormatException
DB Support: MySQL Table name object filterdoesn't work with MySQL version 4 and older
DB Support: SQL Server Table DDL functions (AlterTable, DDL tab) does not work for SQL Server 7
Export Excel export fail if theresult set table name is longer then 31 characters or include specialcharacters
Export Nothing happen when movingrows up and down in the export columns setup
Export The export preview paneclears the system clipboard
Grid Editor "Mark Selected Cells asEdited" reverts any cells to their original values in the table dataeditor
Import Cannot select a file columnname for mapping to table column name
Navigator Label show incorrect valuesfor sorted source tables
Query Builder Loading SQL from the SQLEditor into the Query Builder sometimes results in wrong tables withsimilar name being loaded in the Query Builder
Query Builder With more than one instanceof the same table, joins can only be made to one of them

6.0.2 - Released 2007-07-25

Area Details
Connection Tab Ask to re-connect when thephysical database connection has been closed/interrupted outsideDbVIsualizer
DB Support: Oracle Show DDL for tables in Oracle8
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table Create Table fails with MySQLif the connection has dropped
Create/Alter Table Opening Alter Table for SQLServer with Database Type being generic results in error
Create/Alter Table Opening Create Table dialoggives an exception for databases without extended support
Database Objects Tree The generated SQL produced by"Script object to SQL Editor" should be formatted as in previousversions
Database Profile Some DBA Views for Oracle mayresult in "ORA-00907 Missing right parenthesis" depending on the SQLDelimiter setting(s) in Tool Properties
DB Support: Oracle Alter Table for Oracle 8cause NullPointerException
DB Support: Oracle Problem displaying TIMESTAMPWITH TIME ZONE data types
Import List of fields for importedfile is not updated properly if importing from several files during oneDbVis session
Installation Running DbVisualizerinstalled via RPM on Linux sometimes fail to start
Query Builder Query Builder sometimes showan exception trace when loading SQL into it
References Column information is notsaved in the GML file when saving references graph
References Cannot select non-adjacentrows while in the "Specified Tables" grid in the References graph
SQL Editor The colors in the autocompletion list are too dark on Windows

6.0.1 - Released 2007-07-16

Area Details
DB Support: Oracle The Object Types tree node should list COLLECTION types in addition to OBJECT
References When saving to GML, links should only be labeled if Show Link Name is enabled
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Oracle DBMS Output tab for Oracle doesn't show any output
SQL Commander The set auto commit on/off, rollback and commit buttons should not clear any result sets or the log when pressed

6.0 - Released 2007-07-09

New Features
Area Details
Create/Alter Table Add an ALTER TABLE feature
Create/Alter Table Add new CREATE TABLE feature
DB Support: DB2 Verify DbVisualizer with DB2 version 9
Driver Manager Bundle and auto configure JDBC drivers for Mimer SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, DB2, SQL Server and JavaDB/Derby
Export Should be possible to include "create table" DDL when exporting result set rows in SQL format
General Add support for Java 1.6
General Need capability to set time zone for the DbVisualizer process
Grid Component Add: "Script: SELECT ALL WITH FILTER" in the data tab right click menu
Installation Add support for Windows Vista
Installation Make it possible to choose whether bundled JDBC drivers should be installed or not (only with GUI installers)
Navigator Add a foreign key navigator feature
Print Enhance the print support to allow printing SQL Editor, text viewers, images, etc.
Print Support for print selection in grids
Query Builder Should be possible to load query builder from SQL
SQL Commander Add support for non shared physical database connections
Area Details
Connection Properties Make it easier to toggle the "Show only default database/schema" connection property
Connection Properties Make it possible to run arbitrary set method(s) in java.sql.Connection and java.sql.Statement
Connection Properties Replace right click menu in Connections grid with a toolbar
Connection Tab GUI hangs if pressing disconnect while a connection is being established
Connection Tab Improve responsiveness while "Connect All" has been requested
Connection Wizard Show Connection Wizard automatically for new users
Create/Alter Table The new CREATE TABLE feature should only be used for databases with profiles while the old CREATE TABLE should be used for the rest
Database Objects Tree "Reconnect" right click menu choice should be available for all nodes in the objects tree
Database Objects Tree Improve the Objects Tree Search capability
Database Objects Tree Move "Show Table Row Count" to objects tree right click menu
Database Objects Tree Reload in Database Objects Tree should reload childs objects for the selected node only and not all objects for the connection
Database Profile: Actions Add a "Format SQL" button in the object action dialog
Database Profile: View Accept "columnWidth" input paramter for "form" and "node-form" viewers
DB Support: DB2 xxx FOR BIT DATA in DB2 need to be presented natively in addition to text style
DB Support: Informix Show "Columns" as child objects for tables in the objects tree
DB Support: Informix Having auto commit off gives the error "Must terminate transaction before closing database" while navigating the database
DB Support: Mimer SQL Update database profile for Mimer SQL 9.3
DB Support: MySQL Distribute MySQL JDBC driver
DB Support: Oracle Show column objects as child nodes for Table->Constraints, Table->Indexes and Views
DB Support: Oracle Need to show non table associated triggers in the objects tree for Oracle
DB Support: Oracle Oracle 10gr2 supports 32k in dbms_output.put() calls while DbVisualizer only show 255 bytes
DB Support: Oracle Show grants for views in Oracle
DB Support: Oracle Show indexes for Materialized Views
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add actions to set COMMENT for tables, views, etc.
DB Support: Sybase ASE Having auto commit off gives the error "xxx is not allowed within a multi-statement transaction in the 'tempdb' database" while navigating the database
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add sorting and objects tree filtering capability for Triggers
Driver Manager Add "Remove not Ready Drivers" in the Driver Manager
Driver Manager Load JDBC drivers automatically from pre-defined paths
Driver Manager Add sorting capability in the driver manager
Driver Manager Always merge with any new default drivers if version change i.e. don't show "merge new drivers?" dialog
Driver Manager Driver Manager should set Driver Class automatically as the Connecton Wizard does
Export Add a "Remove New Lines" setting for CSV exports
Form Editor Grid Cell Browser/Editor window should remember position and size
Form Editor Grid Form Browser/Editor window should remember position and size
Form Editor Add "Stop" capability in the table data editor
Form Editor Grid Form Browser/Editor should not be modal
Form Editor Make it configurable if numbers in form viewer/editor should be left or right aligned
Form Editor Possible to sort the fields in the form editor
Form Editor Should be possible to load/save BLOB/CLOB and TEXT values to file in the row form editor
Form Editor Tab and Enter keys should jump to the Value column in the next row and not to the Key or Name columns
General Must be possible to specify -encoding when loading files via the -sqlfile command line argument
General There should be no icons in menus with Mac OS X and the Aqua Look and Feel (according to OS X guidelines)
General Disable CDE/Motif look and feel
General Make it possible to set application font in addition to font size
General Partial Windows 2003 look & feel should not be used
General Show nested SQLExceptions when SQL errors occur and not only the top level exception
General Support for anti aliased fonts
Grid Component "Fit" improvements in grid
Grid Component "Where Filter" history now listed based on time when last used (latest first)
Grid Component Add a lightweight filtering capability in the Data tab in addition to the where filter dialog
Grid Component Add setting to control if grid row header should appear in table Data tab, Result Set and Monitor grids
Grid Component Allow "Script: INSERT COPY INTO" for multiple rows in the Data tab grid
Grid Component Allow multi columns sort in grids
Grid Component Grid Cell Browser/Editor window should not be modal
Grid Component Improve "Set Where Filter for Selection" by allowing multi line selection and additional operators (<>, >, <, like, etc)
Grid Component Improve the WHERE filter feature by making sure filters are kept when selecting other tables
Grid Component Load and rendering of a 50,000 row table is now approx. 50% faster (with "Auto Resize Column widths" enabled)
Grid Component Make grid color configurable in Tool Properties
Grid Component Make it possible to define whether column header should be considered when auto resize of column widths in grids
Grid Component Must be possible to specify sort (ORDER BY) clause in the Data tab
Grid Component Possible to choose what columns the quick filter should operate on
Grid Component Possible to sort in the column visibility dialog
Grid Component Possible to sort on primary key in the column visibility dialog
Grid Component Setting a Data tab WHERE filter should escape any quotes in the text values
Grid Component Should be possible to save BLOB/CLOB and TEXT values to file from any grid
Grid Component Support for non contiguous selections in grids
Grid Component The Data tab should support multiple WHERE filters. These should be saved between sessions
Grid Editor Add capability for duplicating multiple rows in the inline editor
Grid Editor Add capability for multi deletes in inline editor
Grid Editor Inline editing is started when pressing key binding
Grid Editor Inline table data editor should support pasting block of cell values from for example Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.
Grid Editor Pasting rows into inline editor grid should add new rows automatically if needed
Monitor Enable the "Close Window" button for Monitors to remove it
Print Printing enhancements using Java 1.5 capabilities
Procedure Editor Add split panes in the Oracle procedure editor
Query Builder Add feature in Query Builder that automatically will add joins based on primary/foreign keys and based on match by column name
Query Builder Auto enabling of Group By if at least 1 aggregate
Query Builder Query Builder should qoute text data in the conditions settings
Query Builder The "Grouping" tab in query builder should be disabled if no Group By enabled columns
References Column information is not saved in the GML file when saving references graph
References Double clicking a table in the references graph is extremely slow if many database objects
References Save "Referenced Only" setting between DbVisualizer sessions
References Saving graph in GML doesn't save info about primary key or columns
Row Form Browser Add "Copy to Clipboard" in Browse Row in Form window
Row Form Browser Add Find/Find Next in Row Form Browser
Row Form Browser Row Form Browser should properly display BLOB/CLOB data
SQL Commander The UI should not be locked while executing a query in the SQL Commander
SQL Commander Add an option for blank lines between exported result sets when using @export
SQL Commander Add support for @echo client side command in SQL Commander
SQL Commander Inconsistency between CatalogList and SchemaList
SQL Commander Make it possible setting Auto Commit state in the SQL Commander
SQL Commander Should be possible to echo any text in the @export output
SQL Commander Show progress indicator that SQL Commander is currently executing
SQL Commander The Schema list in the SQL Editor should really change the current schema for Oracle, DB2 and JavaDB/Derby
SQL Editor Using "Find" in the Replace dialog should leave the cursor at the current position when closing the Replace dialog
Tool Properties Make it possible to define platform specific default look and feels
Tool Properties Change default look and feel on Windows to the "Windows Look and Feel"
Tool Properties Remove "Connection Timeout" property setting
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Tab "There are unsaved Database Profiles settings" dialog is displayed randomly in the Connection tab
Connection Tab Selecting Connect/Disconnect from the objects tree right click menu doesn't always work
Database Profile: Actions Action does not work properly if action is launched while the object view is displayed in a window
DB Support: Informix Alter Table for Informix doesn't handle DATETIME/INTERVAL and non-nullable VARCHAR columns correctly
DB Support: Informix Constraint names are used instead of column names for PK/FK declarations in DDL tab
DB Support: Informix DDL generation fails for FKs when the referenced PK constraint index name is not "tabid_idxseq"
DB Support: Informix Invalid or incomplete DDL for VARCHAR(len, bytes), DATETIME/INTERVAL, and MONEY columns for Informix
DB Support: Informix Only one FK declaration is included in DDL tab for a table with multiple FKs
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Creating new database connection witht the Connection Wizard for "JavaDB/Derby Server" produce an erroneous database URL
DB Support: Oracle "Refresh Materialized View" doesn't work if "Method" is not explicitly selected
DB Support: Oracle Exploring the objects tree results in error for Oracle 7 since sys.all_all_tables doesn't exist
DB Support: Oracle Question mark(s) are replaced with Oracle bind variables when used in PL/SQL
DB Support: Oracle The DBA Views->Storage->Tablespaces listing may fail
DB Support: PostgreSQL Show DDL for a Table in PostgreSQL 8 some time result in an error
DB Support: SQL Server Explain plan error on MSSQL 2005
DB Support: SQL Server Showing index information for SQL Server sometimes fail with a SQL error
DB Support: Sybase ASE Using column aliases for Sybase ASE did not have any effect for non aggregate columns
DDL Generator DDL extraction code uses JOIN syntax, which fails for Oracle 8
DDL Generator DDL tab empty for some views
DDL Generator KEY/INDEX constraints missing in DDL tab for MySQL
DDL Generator Script Object to SQL Editor --> Create Table gives "ORDER BY column (colno) must be in SELECT list" for Informix 7.3
DDL Generator SQL formatting for the DDL tab, Query Builder SQL, etc. should ignore the SQL is Between and Target SQL Format settings
DDL Generator No precision and scale info available for DECIMAL in Informix table DDL
Documentation Description doesn't match figure in "Parameterized Queries"
Documentation The "settings" attribute for @export client side is erroneously refered as "settingsfile" in the users guide
Driver Manager If driver file(s) was removed outside DbVisualizer then the driver was marked as not ready even if re-installing the files properly
Export Table name cannot be determined for complex SQLs in @export
Form Editor The "Commit Transaction" dialog is displayed at exit after have been editing table data
General User settings file (dbvis.xml) doesn't reflect latest changes in DbVisualizer if session is killed
General Window icons in MS WIndows are blurry (not correct size)
Grid Component Column delimiters doesn't work properly for Grid Copy via Ctrl-C, menu choice and DnD
Grid Component Errors occur if opening for example the "Text" cell for a DB2 stored procedure
Grid Component Selecting Reload in grid right click menu reset any column visibility settings
Grid Component Wrong rows are exported or copied when grid is sorted and then run copy selection or export selection
Import NullPointerException error when importing into two different tables
Import Some non readable characters are replaced with whitespace at import
Print Using print setup and set to landscape is not respected when print
Procedure Editor Problem compiling procedure/function/package containing ":"
Query Builder All columns should be available for sorting, regardless of if they are included in the select list or not
Query Builder Proprietary Oracle join syntax reversed
Query Builder Query Builder does not support self references
Query Builder Setting a condition field with the columns menu takes seconds the first time
Query Builder Setting a condition field with the columns menu takes seconds the first time
Query Builder Table alias not used as qualifier for columns in WHERE clause join conditions
Query Builder Conditions relating to a table remains when the table is removed
Query Builder Conditions relating to a table remains when the table is removed
Query Builder Join right click menu shows disabled items for Join Properties and Remove Join
Query Builder Not possible to use Synonym objects in the Query Builder
Query Builder Windows: Cannot open right click menu on a join in the query builder diagram
References Having "Specified Tables" enabled in References tab and doing a "Reload" loads all tables and not just specified
References References graph show erroneous table nodes if tables are in different schema/databases
SQL Commander Cannot use key bindings to jump between SQL editors when displayed as windows
SQL Commander Client side commands starting with "@" need to be less restrivtive and accept whitespaces, new lines, etc.
SQL Commander If there are multiple database connections with the same alias always the first is selected when scripting objects
SQL Commander Page UP/DOWN scroll visually but caret stays at the position where scrolling started
SQL Commander Position of vertical divider in the SQL Commander is not saved if moved while in full screen mode
SQL Commander Primary keys are listed in auto completion even though primary key display has been turned off
SQL Commander Single and double quotes confusion in editor
SQL Commander Statements generating multiple result sets only show the result from the first result set in each tab
SQL Commander When Permissions are setup to ask for confirmation in SQL Commander keyboard focus is lost from the editor
SQL Editor SQL editor does not process replace operation correctly
SQL Formatter Error occur when formatting really large SQL statement
Tool Properties Text tool properties should be saved as entered including any leading/trailing white spaces

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