Release Notes 7.0

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7.0.8 - Released 2010-06-16

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup "There's no Command with idref: getCatalogs" error and ConcurrentModificationException may occur during connect
DB Support: MySQL ON UPDATE clause missing in DDL for TIMESTAMP columns
DB Support: MySQL The UNSIGNED keyword is missing in the DDL
DB Support: SQL Server Remove the Rename action for View, Procedure, Function and Trigger objects, because there is no safe way to rename these object types
DB Support: Sybase ASE Check constraints larger than 255 characters are not shown correctly in the DDL
DB Support: Sybase ASE Remove the Rename action for View, Procedure, Function and Trigger objects, because there is no safe way to rename these object types
Grid Component Exiting DbVisualizer first disconnects all database connections then asks whether unsaved edits in the Data tab should be saved or not. Selecting Save at this stage have no effect.
OS Support: Windows Unexpected error may appear if using Java 1.6.0_19+ on Windows (java.lang.NullPointerException at
Query Builder If a large chunk of an imported SELECT statement cannot be recognized, the error window gets very wide
SQL Commander Comments are not preserved in anonymous SQL blocks
SQL Commander Running large scripts with the @run command may result in an IndexOutOfBoundsException error

7.0.7 - Released 2010-05-25

Area Details
DB Support: MySQL Add support for declaring Procedure/Function characteristics in the Create Procedure/Function dialogs
SQL Commander Show an error message if the path specified for the @cd command doesn't exist or isn't a directory
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table Open Create Table and add a new column, if the database connection is lost then an NPE is displayed
Create/Alter Table Size information is declared in the wrong position for FOR BIT DATA data types
DB Support: MySQL Key constraint treated as a separate index in DDL for Export
DB Support: Oracle Explain Plan doesn't work with Oracle 11.2
DB Support: Sybase ASE Problem browsing database objects if quoted_identifier is off
Export The AppendFile="clear" option does not clear an existing file when exporting to XLS files
Grid Component There is a newline after last copied cell
Grid Component Wrong HEX representation in the Cell Viewer
SQL Commander The @delimiter command does not work when used in a script called with the @run command
SQL Commander Variable values for variables with option "nobind" are not quoted when needed
SQL Commander "Processing Command" message should show SQL with any control characters (newline, tab) and multiple white spaces replaced with single white space

7.0.6 - Released 2010-04-21

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Enable using the schema selected in the SQL Commander as the default schema for the connection
Import Clear the log after import
SQL Commander Fix progress message by splitting "Acquiring connection..." into "Acquiring connection..." and "Executing..."
SQL Commander The Max Rows/Max Chars warning should be made more visible than it is currently
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Firebird The generated CREATE INDEX statement does not work with Firebird
DB Support: Informix BOOLEAN and BLOB columns are shown to be included in all indexes in the Indexes tab and subnode for a table node
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Various errors accessing a database created with TERRITORY_BASED collation
DB Support: Oracle Clone a user and then clone the new user don't work properly
DB Support: PostgreSQL NOT NULL constraints are shown in the Check Constraints tab in the Alter Table dialog
Export Export in CSV should add a newline on last row
Export Export to clipboard results in an error
General Opening the browser for Online Resources or Users Guide doesn't work if the default browser is Opera
SQL Commander Executing just a single client side command, e.g. "@export on", results in an error dialog
SQL Commander Stopping the SQL Commander while the database connection has been interrupted may result in an unrecoverable error
Table Data Editor Sub queries in table filters (Data tab) may be corrupted
Table Data Editor The object path delimiter was changed in 7.0 from " | " to "/". Any table filters are not updated to reflect this change resulting in no filters will appear in the Data tab
Tool Properties Max SQL history entries limit is not migrated when upgrading from pre 7.0 versions

7.0.5 - Released 2010-03-16

Area Details
Connection Tab DbVisualizer should stay connected even if the driver cannot handle setting auto commit while initializing the connection
DB Support: MySQL Fail to navigate the objects tree if "show databases" privilege is missing
DB Support: Oracle Add new view for DBA->Session->Plan Data that show the plan information along with the SQL for the current session
Import In the Import Destination->Database Table pane add column for "File Data Type" and make it editable
Import Round estimated character column sizes for new table up to closest multiple of 10
Monitor Add an Auto Adjust setting in the Monitor window to control whether the timer should be adjusted automatically (default) or not
SQL Commander Add new property to control whether the "Auto Commit is OFF" confirmation window should be displayed for any statement (except SELECTs)
SQL Editor New setting to control upper/lower-case of auto completed names
Table Data Editor Add "Key Columns" button in the data editing result window (used to re-define WHERE columns in case old table row cannot be identified)
Web Describe workaround how to disable so that the MySQL Connector/J driver should not cache all result set data in memory leading to OutOfMemory in DbVisualizer
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart Specifying a directory as the destination for export grid, graph or chart gives an error
Database Objects Tree "Clear Visited State" should also clear the state for any child objects
Database Objects Tree Reload objects tree action should reload all objects one level up and not only the selected object
DB Support: Informix Invalid CHECK constraints in DDL with long column names
DB Support: PostgreSQL Invalid quoting of character default values in DDL
DDL Generator Showing DDL for a View causes an exception if the AS keyword is not immediately preceded by a blank
Monitor Chart series may not be saved between DbVisualizer sessions
Monitor Using column values from the previous execution of a monitor doesn't work properly
References Specifying a directory as the destination for export grid, graph or chart gives an error
SQL Commander "Pin New Result Sets" doesn't work for second editor even if it is the default between sessions
SQL Commander A line comment before a "go" statement delimiter causes "go" to be appended to the preceding statement
SQL Editor Using Save As in SQL Commander should automatically add the ".sql" extension

7.0.4 - Released 2010-02-24

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Objects Tree Reload in Objects Tree or Reconnect a database connection may result in an error

7.0.3 - Released 2010-02-23

Area Details
Database Profile: Actions The Actions dialog should show the Connection Mode border to hilight production, test or production mode
Database Objects Tree Bind Shift+Double-click in object tree to show selected object in separate window
DB Support: SQL Server Setting Max Rows limits not only the number of rows returned from a query but also affected rows by updates, deletes, etc.
DB Support: Sybase ASE Setting Max Rows limits not only the number of rows returned from a query but also affected rows by updates, deletes, etc.
Docs: Users Guide Add new users guide document specifically for the command line interface with usage examples
Favorites Opening a database object favorite should also change the tab in the Object View
Grid Component Add "Copy to Clipboard" for inline filter
Grid Component Add support for "ORDER BY xxx" in the Data tab "Inline Filter" field
Import Import log should show finished time
Procedure Editor Minimize impact of a lost connection, so that edits can be saved before reconnecting
Query Builder Add a way to include a table by typing its name
Scripts Allow newline characters in a @call statement
SQL Commander Clean up the Execute processing so that a disconnected database cannot temporarily cause the GUI to freeze
SQL Commander Add a "@set maxrows nn" and "@set maxchars nn" client-side commands to control Max Rows and Max Chars from scripts
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Can't launch the dbviscmd/dbvisgui bat scripts in other directories than the installation directory for DbVisualizer
Check for Update Opening "Check for Update" may result in an error
Create/Alter Table Adding a column in the Create Table dialog adds it at the end, not after the selected column
Database Objects Tree Shift+Click in the database tree switches to the Object View tab but details for selected node is not updated
DB Support: SQL Server Invalid SQL used for extracting table DDL info for SQL Server 2000
Grid Component Copying data from the Aggregation for Selection window to clipboard may result in weird formatting due to floating point error
Grid Component Fix so that the "Inline Filter" preserve any "ORDER BY" that has been specified in the "FIlter & Sort" window
OS Support: Mac OS X On Mac OS X with Mac OS Look and Feel sometimes the right click menu is unresponsive in the Databases tree
SQL Commander A hang may occur if having two separate instances of DbVisualizer open at the same time and executing SQL in one of them
User Settings Importing user settings creates any bookmark and monitor folders in the PREFSDIR root directory rather than in PREFSDIR/Bookmarks and PREFSDIR/Monitors

7.0.2 - Released 2010-02-03

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Profile: View Re-introduce the debugging feature of viewers i.e Ctrl+Click tab
Import Filename don't appear in grid window title when doing import to Grid
SQL Commander Massive resource usage (threads and memory) when running a large script
SQL History Entering an invalid value in the History Max Entries field results in an error on next start-up

7.0.1 - Released 2010-01-29

Area Details
General Show full text of entries that don't fit in a list as tooltips
DB Support: Cache Add support for T-SQL style join WHERE clause operators ("=*" and "*=")
DB Support: Oracle Optimize query used to get Tablespace Files
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Check for Update Check for Update window is truncated
DB Support: SQL Server ClassCastException when generating DDL
DB Support: Sybase ASE ClassCastException when generating DDL
General Stop in the Data tab or SQL Commander does not stop long running statement
Grid Component Copying and pasting a CLOB value results in "CLOB, xxx Bytes" instead of the value
Grid Component Double click below the data in a grid results in an error
Query Builder Group By is not set when loading a SELECT statement that use table name aliases
SQL Commander Current database connection, database and schema are cleared when loading new file into editor
SQL Commander Quick File Open may when invoked result in a NullPointerException
SQL Commander Recent Files menu is slow to show if any file is located on a network disk
SQL Commander The Log in SQL Commander keeps only the log entries for the last execution even if Auto Clear is disabled
SQL Editor Dragging an object from the databases tree into the SQL editor visually indicates the focus is in the editor but it isn't
SQL History Execution in SQL Commander gets slower and slower with increasing number of SQL history files
Tool Properties Daylight savings time adjustments may occur even when default timezone is set to UTC

7.0 - Released 2010-01-15

New Features
Area Details
Bookmarks Redesign the old bookmark management into new features for SQL History, Bookmark and Monitor scripts
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Add command line support for executing SQLs
Connection Wizard Add a "database ping" feature which will test on TCP level whether there is a server responding on the specified host/port
Database Profile: Actions Add action dialogs for setting comments on columns and other database object types
DB Support: Oracle Add new "TNS" connection mode for Oracle. DbVisualizer will then show a list with all connections defined in tnsnames.ora
Export Add an Export Table feature
Export Allow BLOB/CLOB data to be exported and imported
Favorites Add new Favorites Editor and Favorites Toolbar feature for database objects and script files
General Require a minimum of Java 1.6
Grid Component Add a "Aggregation Data for Selection" feature with aggregate functions for Date, Time, String, Number, etc.
Import Allow BLOB/CLOB data to be exported and imported
Import Make it possible to create a new table while importing table data
Procedure Editor Add support for execution of functions/procedure
References Support export of graphs in SVG, PNG and PDF format
SQL Commander Add a "Quick File Open" feature to search and load Recent Files, Bookmarks, SQL History and Monitor files into the SQL editor (mimic IntelliJ Ctrl+N popup)
SQL Commander Add support for parameter markers representing OUT/INOUT parameters
SQL Commander Make it possible controlling statement DELIMITER via a client side command
Area Details
Bookmarks Add multi bookmark (script file) deletion
Bookmarks Add option to insert selected bookmark in the SQL Editor and not only replace everything in it
Check for Update Add "Proxy Settings" link in the Check for Update feature
Check for Update Show optional "Comment" in Check for Update feature + minor fixes
Connection Properties The auto commit/rollback feature at disconnect need to be revised as it may block the GUI
Database Profile: Tree Add a "Copy Database URL" and a "Copy Object Path" action in the objects tree right click menu
DB Support: Other Remove support for PointBase and DaffodilDB
Export Allow Export Schema to export objects to separate files
Export Make it possible to export to new destination: SQL Commander->New Editor
Export Allow use of ${dbvis-object}$ (former ${table}$) variable in other fields than just the filename
Export Possible to use ${dbvis-date/dbvis-time/dbvis-timestamp}$ variables in filename for @export commands
General Add capability to open multiple main windows (File->New Window)
General Upgrade to new icon collection
General Disable client/server capability in the DbVisualizer GUI (via command line arguments)
General Make command line argument "-up" deprecated and replace it with new "-prefsdir" argument
General Remove the command line arguments for the DbVisualizer GUI used to control connection setup and execution control. These are now managed by the new command line interface
Grid Component Save column widths when dbvis.savedatacolumns=true
Grid Component Use the "Execute" key binding to start filtering in the Data tab inline filter field and filtering window
Monitor Reload of a result set that was produced by a procedure call may give a warning that result set cannot be re-executed since it is part of a multi statement execution
Navigator Allow for multiple selections in the Table Navigator grid and equal number of target nodes will show in the diagram
Performance/Stability Various operations, such as Reload of a tab in the Object view, hangs the GUI if the database connection has dropped
References Add magnifying glass zoom
References Do not show the member list for ENUM and SET column types, since it can be very long
References Add capability to pan the references graph with the mouse instead of scrollbars only
References Enhance the "Specified Tables" feature so that it is easier to choose what tables to show in the references graph
References The data types presented for a table are sometimes too verbose
Scripts Should be possible to define default target editor when exporting or double-click a bookmark and history entry
SQL Commander If @ is used as the anonymous block begin delimiter, no client-side commands are recognized
SQL Commander Extend the Permission feature with controls for Commit/Rollback/Set Autocommit
SQL Commander Loading a file with File->Open Recent should not show file chooser but instead load file directly
SQL Commander Make it possible to run scripts of unlimited size with the @run command
SQL History Show "bytes" column in the History feature for each history file
Table Data Editor Activate Table Data Filter with same key binding as execute in SQL Commander (Ctrl+Enter, Cmd+Enter, etc).
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Table Data Editor Mac OS X: The first character is removed when editing in the grid and form data editors
SQL Commander Initiating SQL->Execute using key binding may execute in a non visible editor
General Dock icons for minimized windows are represented by a badly scaled image (these should not appear on OS X)
Performance/Stability UI locking up on database lock
Tool Properties TimeZone info in Connection tab status bar is empty on Windows 7

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