Release Notes 7.1

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7.1.5 - Released 2011-02-24

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Data tab Decimal number precision may be cleared if using another Decimal Format than "Unformatted" and the formatting rules for the current locale use a "," as decimal separator
Export Exception thrown when exporting table data with a driver that does not provide schema/catalog info, such as the Transoft driver
General Having Tool Properties->General->Table Data->Show Table Row Count enabled may lock the GUI if two or more main windows are displayed
Grid Component The auto column width formatter sometimes truncate columns showing "..." at the end cell
SQL Editor SQL editors may lose sync with what file is being loaded and what file is reported in the editor title

7.1.4 - Released 2020-11-23

Area Details
Connection Setup Change the variable delimiters in Connection setup details from $$...$$ to the same used in SQL Commander (default ${...}$)
SQL Commander Format the numbers in execution result counters in the progress information area
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Jumping between two database connections with the same URL may accidentally modify the second connections URL if editing the URL in the first connection
DB Support: DB2 LUW Explain plan can only be performed with EXPLAIN_xxx tables being stored in the login schema even if using "set current sqlid = "<anotherschema>" as connection hook
DB Support: Informix The DBA keyword is missing in the source loaded into the source editor for procedures and functions
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Exporting indexes for a table fails with Derby 10.6
DB Support: Oracle Explain Plan in Oracle present less information than in versions prior to 7.1
DB Support: SQL Server Opening the Groups node with SQL Server 2008 or newer gives an error
DB Support: Sybase ASE The DDL shown or exported for a large view declaration may have text segments out of order
DB Support: Sybase ASE Procedure is shown twice in the Object Type list in the Object Filter section
DDL Generator Precision and scale are not included in DDL type declaration for decimal data types when using the Generic profile
DDL Generator The DROP INDEX syntax is incorrect for some databases
Export DROP statements should not be generated for indexes, since they are dropped when the table is dropped
Export When exporting a table with BIT data, the BIT values are quoted in the INSERT statement
Export The exportsettings.xml/exportschemasettings.xml files may be empty resulting in an XML error when exporting
Installation The 64-bit Windows installer may download a 32-bit Java VM which will result in errors
Key Bindings Control+S may switch to Database Search if using the key binding to save an already saved SQL editor
References Showing table references for a specific table results in an error if doing a Reload
SQL Commander Preprocessing of a script larger than 5 MB fails
SQL Commander Whitespace should be ignored after the block end delimiter
SQL Commander The Elapsed Time counter is not running when parsing and executing large scripts without preprocessing
Workspace Default file encoding is not considered when opening a SQL file in the OS environment (with for ex. Windows Explorer or OS X Finder)

7.1.3 - Released 2010-09-10

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add support for dropping columns in Alter Table for database version 9 or later
References Reload in References graph should reload from the database rather than just layout the cached tables in the graph
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Sybase ASE Calling sp_procxmode to preserve the mode in versions prior to 15 cause various problems, so do not try to preserve the mode in older versions
Import NullPointerException may occur if selecting "Map by Column Name" or "Map File Data Type = Table Data Type"
References Press "All Tables" or "Specified Tables" in the References graph after doing reload in the objects tree results in an error
SQL Commander Copy in the SQL Commander log should only copy the selected text rather than all of the log

7.1.2 - Released 2010-08-18

Area Details
DB Support: Oracle Improve the support for Program, Replication, ASM, AWR, Scheduler, Resource Groups, DataGuard and Streams object types
Procedure Editor Show the same error message for a lost connection when selecting a procedure as is shown when selecting a table
Tool Properties The Permission confirmation window should show number of SQLs that are affected for each permission level
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Connection variables may be lost if DbVisualizer is abruptly exited
DB Support: DB2 LUW The "Empty Table" action to truncate a table don't work if not using DB2 9.7 and later
DB Support: MySQL Data type names are converted to uppercase in DDL, including the parameters for ENUM and SET types
DB Support: PostgreSQL The COMMENT statements in the DDL for a PostgreSQL table may reference incorrect columns if a column has been dropped
DDL Generator Incorrect table reference in FK constraint when the referenced table is in another catalog/schema than the referencing table
Explain Plan Oracle/DB2 LUW: Changing schema with the Schema drop down and then run Execute Explain will not set the new schema in the database
Export DROP statements are not generated for code objects (procedures, functions, etc.) for some databases when Create DROP Statements is enabled
Export Using multiple "@export set" commands in a script resets the Filename
General The "You need to re-connect..." error window may appear while exiting DbVisualizer
Navigator Incorrect grid data shown when sorting the source table before navigating to the target table
SQL Commander When using Anonymous SQL Blocks in a script executed with the @run command, the end delimiter is included in the statement
SQL Commander Clicking Stop may result in a stack trace in the Debug window
SQL Commander Client-side command syntax errors displayed as generic exceptions with stack trace in log
SQL Editor Must be possible to turn of the "save changes" confirmation when jumping in the history

7.1.1 - Released 2010-06-23

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Check for Update Check for Update shows that Free Upgrade is available when it is really not a free upgrade
Data tab An error may appear when viewing the Data tab containing BLOB/Binary data
OS Support: Windows Error starting second instance of DbVisualizer on Windows, "Cannot run program "dbvis-multi.exe": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified"

7.1 - Released 2010-06-16

New Features
Area Details
DB Support: Informix Verify DbVisualizer with Informix 11.5
DB Support: MySQL Add Create and Drop User actions
DB Support: Oracle Add Create and Drop Role actions
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add Create Function action
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add Drop and Script CALL to Editor actions for Function objects
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add support for User Defined Functions
Driver Manager The Driver Finder should always run when launching a new DbVisualizer version
Driver Manager When upgrading DbVisualizer version then automatically upgrade all bundled JDBC drivers
Grid Component Add "Find Column" feature which will automatically scroll horizontally to next column that match by name
Grid Component Add "Reload with Column Sorting as Sorting Filter" right click menu command in the Data tab
Grid Component Add a viewer for PDF documents
Grid Component Add option to treat number values in text data types as numbers in the "Aggregation Data for Selection" feature
Grid Component Allow custom colors for quick filter match, nulls, notifications and editing in the grid component
SQL Commander New client side command: @run <script> <var1> <var2>
SQL Commander Add a File->Revert to Saved command to revert all changes made to a SQL file
SQL Commander Add audio notification capability in the SQL Commander
Workspace When opening an SQL file in for Windows Explorer or the Finder in OS X it should load the file in the currently running DbVisualizer instance rather than opening a new
Area Details
Connection Setup Select new database connection in the objects tree when created with the Connection Wizard
Create/Alter Table Add support for IDENTITY columns options (ALWAYS/BY DEFAULT, START WITH and INCREMENT BY)
Create/Alter Table Add support for the ENUM and SET data types in the Create/Alter Table dialogs
Create/Alter Table Allow auto completion in the Data Type column
Data tab "Script: DELETE WHERE" should accept a multi row selection
Data tab Make it possible to set number of max table data filters
Data tab The "Filter & Sort" right click menu should have an option to also consider current column sorting in the generated filter
Database Profile: View Make the Row Count tab "stoppable"
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add support for START WITH and INCREMENT BY for IDENTITY columns in DDL
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add "Indexes" child node for Materialized Query Tables
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Add support for IDENTITY columns in DDL
DB Support: MySQL Add support for the "FULLTEXT" option in Create/Alter Table and Create Index dialogs
DB Support: Oracle Change the process for updating a CLOB/BLOB column via the data grid for 10g and later to stop UPDATE triggers from firing twice
DB Support: Oracle Show execute permissions for stored procedures
DB Support: PostgreSQL Enable changing column data type in the Alter Table dialog for PostgreSQL 8
DB Support: SQL Server Add support for seed and increment parameters for IDENTITY columns in DDL
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add sp_procxmode call for procedure export DDL and maintain transaction mode in Procedure Editor
DB Support: Sybase ASE Show table indexes in the objects tree for each database
Driver Manager An invalid driver definition (JAR file not found) should not have the same visible state as a driver that has not yet been configured
Driver Manager Drivers marked as invalid due to non existing driver jar files should be cleared when loading new jar files in the connection wizard
Export It should be possible to specify whether to qualify object names and use delimiters for Export
Favorites Favorite Editor: Add ALT+Double Click key binding for opening database object favorite in new window
Grid Component Add "Reset Sorting" command in the right click column header menu
Grid Component Copy/paste of binary data should be supported
Grid Component Preserve selection when sorting grid
Grid Component Preserve sorting in grid when quick filter is activated
Grid Component Should be possible to configure whether the Max Rows warning should appear automatically or not
Procedure Editor Keep cursor position when clicking Save
SQL Commander Add "Create New SQL Editor" button in the main toolbar
SQL Commander Add new "Default Display Mode" setting used to determine default display for result sets in the SQL Commander (one of Grid, Text, Chart)
SQL Commander File->Open should default to "Open in New Editor" rather in the current editor
SQL Commander If numbers are set to include thousand separators (,) in Tool Properties then these are also part of the generated SCRIPT: xxx SQLs
SQL Commander Preserve scroll position in the SQL Preview while editing values
SQL History Add setting to control whether failed SQLs should be saved in the SQL history
SQL History Don't save duplicate entries in the SQL history for statements being executed in sequence
Tool Properties Export User Settings: Add option to convert all paths to be relative rather than absolute
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Database Objects Tree Long object filter pattern requires resizing of Objects Tree pane to access buttons for adding and removing filters
General An error may occur in various places when a SELECT with a sub query is used, such as when exporting the result of the query
General Opening a web browser from DbVisualizer may result in an error
SQL Commander Unexpected JDBC driver errors may freeze DbVisualizer while executing in SQL Commander

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