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9.1.13 - Released 2015-01-11

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Make it possible to execute @run commands in a script specified by -sqlfile
Retrieval and prompting for SSH credentials, especially the passphrase, is not working
DB Support: SQL Server Connecting by expanding a connection node may cause an invalid URL to be used
DATE columns generate ALTER COLUMN statements in Alter Table even when unchanged
DB Support: Sybase ASE Function and Procedure code for large objects may be out of order for older versions of Sybase ASE
DDL Generator ClassCastException when generating DDL for a View in Mimer 10.x or later
Database Profile: Actions The Script action gives an error for the CREATE option for some object types in some databases
Export Rare SQL SELECT syntax may stop execution during @export
Grid Component Embedded array produced by for example the SDO_GEOMETRY type in Oracle is not properly displayed
Navigator Exception occurs when selecting some nodes in a Navigation graph. Selecting other nodes (from the same table) in the same graph works fine
Procedure Editor Syntax error messages are not marked as errors in the log
SQL Commander Error highlighting is off when using SQL Block delimiters
A client side command is not processed if it is preceded by a comment
SQL syntax errors stops execution when preprocessing is disabled

9.1.12 - Released 2014-11-27

Area Details
Create/Alter Table Removing the last column in a Primary Key should automatically remove the Primary Key
DB Support: SQL Server Add an Instance field in the Connection tab for SQL Server
SQL Commander Key binding to start Execution can not be set to any of the key bindings Java/Swing have assigned to for example the Max Rows textfield, etc.
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Activating Auto Completion can in some circumstances freeze the GUI
DB Support: Mimer SQL References graph may show duplicate table nodes
DB Support: MySQL An error may occur when generating DDL for a MySQL table, e.g. in Alter Table or the DDL tab
DB Support: Oracle Rename the Session Properties tab to accurately state that it shows database properties and add a new Session NLS Parameters tab
DB Support: Oracle Handle procedure DATE parameters as TIMESTAMP instead of TIME for Oracle 12
DB Support: PostgreSQL Two dimensional arrays no longer render correctly in result sets
DB Support: SQL Server SELECT ... INTO ... will limit number of copied rows by setMaxRows()
DB Support: Vertica The ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS clause is always included when creating a temporary table
Database Profile: Actions Using List input in an action should match default value independent of case
Database Profile: Actions A <Message> action element without <html> tags around the message will break
Export Date/Time literals are not in the database-specific format unless Format is set to uppercase "SQL"
OS Support: Mac OS X F1-F10 cannot be used as part of a key binding on Mac with Java 7 using the FN key
SQL Commander An exception may be reported if doing a rollback and then reconnect
SQL Commander Possible NPE when highlight execute
SQL Editor Dropping a file in the SQL Editor should load that file using the same encoding as used in the editor

9.1.11 - Released 2014-10-14

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Auto Completion of column names does not work after linefeed
Chart The value for a point in the chart tool tip is always rounded to one decimal
Compare NullPointerException when closing the Compare window with a cell selected
Connection Setup SSH tunneling does not work with long DNS target server names
Connection Setup Disconnecting progress window is displayed even after connection(s) closed
DB Support: DB2 LUW Error running explain with DB2 LUW 10.5
DB Support: Vertica Move Table to Schema may display an error
Database Objects Tree Vertical scrollbar in the action window appears only after a resize
Database Profile: Actions Should be possible to specify other schema for new trigger than the table schema
Database Profile: Actions Exception is raised if there is not static text specified in the <SQL> element for an action
Database Profile: Actions Actions with many fields may take time to open and respond slow when editing
General Error when getting columns information using the HIT JDBC driver
Grid Component Unsortable grids should not have sorting entries in header popup menu
OS Support: Linux Double-click on the same file twice in the file chooser results in an exception
SQL Commander Merge result sets doesn't work having Remove Original Result Sets checked
SQL Commander Failing to save a file due to file system exceptions such as permissions still remove the modified indicator for that file
SQL Commander For PostgreSQL, Vertica and H2: Are prompted to commit/rollback transaction(s) even if running only SELECTs
Workspace Exception: AIOOBE when clicking tab

9.1.10 - Released 2014-08-08

Area Details
DB Support: Vertica Add support for Vertica in DbVisualizer Pro
SQL Editor Make it possible to set the caret color in the SQL editor
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: MySQL YEAR(4) values are not being displayed correctly and cannot be edited in the grid
DB Support: NuoDB The column names in the Index DDL are incorrect
DB Support: PostgreSQL Running a erroneous query in auto-commit off mode will result in a result set never being editable due to the 25P02 error in PostgreSQL
Database Objects Tree Windows: Opening a floating window using key bindings may display the new window behind the main window
Export Exporting in XmlDataSet and FlatXmlDataSet format adds the unnecessary DbVisualizer-Export tag
Import Preserve import window size and position during session
SQL Commander Execution error may lead to rare NullPointerException situations
SQL Editor The spacing between characters is incorrect when using a some fonts, like 14 points Menlo Plain, on a Mac with Retina display
SQL Editor The Find/Replace dialog does not use the selected text for "Find what" the first time it is displayed

9.1.9 - Released 2014-06-11

Area Details
Grid Component Tool tip for long filenames in Scripts and Favorites tabs
Performance/Stability Enhance detection of high memory usage
Performance/Stability Provide more meaningful info about memory usage by ignoring memory for short-lived objects
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Compare Memory may not be released when closing the Compare window
Compare Compare Grids dialog is not closed when one of the compared result set grids is closed
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Indexes listing doesn't show correct information
DB Support: NuoDB The Types node does not show any content and cause an error when clicked
DB Support: Oracle TNS connections fails when used with the command line interface
DB Support: Oracle For very large views, the DDL may be incomplete
DB Support: SQL Server List Stored Procedures and Functions ordered by schema and then name
DB Support: SQL Server Expanding the Sequences node gives an exception if the MS JDBC driver is used
Database Objects Tree JDBC drivers returning null for getCatalog() fail in later steps
OS Support: Linux There may be a ClassNotFoundException on startup on same flavors and versions of Linux
Performance/Stability Memory is not always released when closing result set tabs from the High Memory Usage dialog
SQL Commander With a driver that throws UnsupportedOperationException for cancel(), queries cannot be stopped
SQL Commander Error when executing @run command with "Log to GUI"
SQL Formatter NATURAL JOIN is not formatted correctly
SQL Formatter Formatting a Mimer statement call gives an error
Tool Properties The Application (Rest of UI) font size setting have no effect when using one of the Synthetica L&Fs

9.1.8 - Released 2014-04-15

Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) Make it possible to execute a large script specified by -sqlfile
DB Support: NuoDB Add support for NuoDB domains and sequences
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add support for CLUSTERED keyword in CREATE INDEX DDL
Database Search Add button to select target database objects in the Databases tab from the Database Search result list
Key Bindings Add Alt-Backspace as binding for Delete to Word Start and Cmd-Backspace as binding for Delete Preceding Characters in Line for Mac OS X. Also add Meta+Shift+A for Select None in SQL editors for all platforms
Query Builder Automatically set a table alias if a table is added multiple times
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart Bar/Stacked Bar charts doesn't display
Create/Alter Table Regression in copy/paste of column details (paste does nothing)
DB Support: DB2 LUW The "Empty Table" action to truncate a table doesn't work with DB2 10 and later
DB Support: DB2 LUW DDL generation fails for a View if there is no whitespace between the AS keyword and the left parenthesis
DB Support: Informix Synonyms cannot be dropped in Query Builder
DB Support: Oracle Column order is not preserved in DDL for UNIQUE constraints
DB Support: SQL Server DATETIME2, UNIQUEIDENTIFIER, GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY types are not handled correctly in DDL and Alter Table
DB Support: SQL Server Add support for synonyms
DB Support: Sybase ASE Columns tab for System Table shows columns for all tables in the schema
DB Support: Vertica Vertica: Loosing DB connection while working in the SQL Commander doesn't prompt for reconnect at next execute
Database Search Database Search list should show object paths of found objects by default
Export Exporting to XLSX with appendFile="clear/true" may result in errors on Mac OS X
Grid Component Incorrect handling of database when saving grid updates for a query with a fully qualified table for Informix, Sybase ASE and SQL Server
Monitor Settings in a monitor may be cleared or lost from the Monitors window
Monitor An IllegalStateException may be reported while reloading monitors
Monitor Series and category drop-down menus may not reflect the columns in the underlying result set
Performance/Stability Clicking Create Heap Dump in the High Memory Usage dialog when one exists causes an error
SQL Commander Script files executed with the @run command should be closed directly at the end of execution
SQL Commander File->Revert to Saved and Compare with Saved should always be available when file is loaded

9.1.7 - Released 2014-03-07

New Features
Area Details
DB Support: NuoDB Add extended support for the NuoDB database
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Connecting to OpenEdge with Server Info checked in Connection tab results in an error
Create/Alter Table Incorrect handling of data types with more than one parenthesis pair, e.g. INTERVAL DAY(2) TO SECOND(9)
DB Support: H2 Filtering schemas in H2 doesn't work
Favorites Hovering a database object in the favorite bar or favorites editor that has been removed may result in an exception
Grid Component Exception when launching the Form Editor by double-clicking in the margin for an empty grid
SQL Editor Replace All may cause an error if the Find What string contains a hashmark
SQL Editor Quick Find does not honor blanks for the first match
SQL Editor Occasionally an error (NullPointerException in AttributedString) is triggered by various editor operations, e.g. the Find and Replace dialogs or simply double-clicking
Tool Properties DbVisualizer on Linux won't start if overridden Java Properties have no trailing newline
Tool Properties User Java VM Properties cannot be edited using Java 7 on OS X
Workspace Exception may occur when floating a tab

9.1.6 - Released 2014-01-26

Area Details
DB Support: Sybase ASE Add support for UNICHAR/UNIVARCHAR size in DDL
General Support user.vmoptions and modifying Java properties in Tool Properties for all installer types
Grid Component Should be possible to copy/paste external files to binary/BLOB and CLOB grid cells
Grid Component Should be possible to copy/paste binary/BLOB and CLOB data between grids
SQL Commander Clicking on an icon for an error in the Log tab should move the caret to the error instead of selecting the statement
Workspace Adjust active tab stripe color based on current look and feel. Allow override it in tool properties
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Set Database Type to Auto Detect by default when using the Connection Wizard
Connection Setup Pressing Tab in the Database Userid field in the Connection Wizard selects the value instead of moving to the next field
Database Objects Tree Using any of the "Script..." or "Open in..." right-click options in the Tables grid with the Generic database type will result in an exception if TABLE_SCHEM is null
General Occasional "Comparison method violates its general contract" error may be reported
Grid Component Right double-click in the row number field without having a grid selection results in an exception
OS Support: Mac OS X com.jidesoft.plaf.aqua.AquaPreferences loadGlobalPreferences may be listed in the debug window on OS X
SQL Commander Highlighting errors for huge statements takes a very long time
SQL Commander Sometimes the Elapsed Time field in the Log tab shows an incorrect value and the script may be executed multiple times
SQL Commander Connection drops while executing in the SQL Commander require a manual reconnect rather than automatically at next execute
SQL Editor Occasionally an error (NullPointerException in AttributedString) is triggered by various editor operations, e.g. the Find and Replace dialogs or simply double-clicking
Table Data Editor Null cells should be preserved when copy/paste between grids independent what "Show Null As" is set to
Workspace Exception: IndexOutOfBoundsException while closing or move tab
Workspace Tab text color is too bright and "Show Tab Title in Bold" doesn't work with Metal L&F

9.1.5 - Released 2013-12-16

Area Details
SQL Commander Present a Reconnect dialog when detecting a dropped connection at Execute
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
SQL Commander Having "Process Parameter Markers in SQL" enabled may consume cursors and cause following SQLs to fail during execution
Table Data Editor Result set is not editable if using a sub query in the select statement

9.1.4 - Released 2013-12-07

Area Details
SQL Commander SQL Commander->Strip Comments when Executing should be unchecked by default (for new users. Existing users need to uncheck manually)
SQL Commander Add key binding to move focus between SQL editor and the result sets (View menu)
Tool Properties Don't insert "save at" timestamp in the settings XML files
Workspace Add key binding to activate and focus current workspace tab (Object View or SQL Commander)
Workspace Focus is not set when using key binding to switch to Database, Scripts and Favorite tabs
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Clicking the Ping button may result in an IndexOutOfBoundsException
DB Support: Other Indexes doesn't show in the Indexes tab for a table for Progress databases
Data tab While Data tab is being loaded (or saved) some controls are enabled that may result in an error due to the processing state
Database Objects Tree Using keyboard to paste into the Databases tab list show an exception
General An error may occur when connecting with the bundled Java VM: "Unsupported ccsid, encoding, or locale: "Cpxxx""
SQL Commander Getting column information for unqualified tables fails for some databases, affecting Auto Complete and enabling of editing controls for result sets
Table Data Editor Saving table data may give an error if saving to a table in non default schema
Table Data Editor Pressing tab or enter key in a cell that contain newline or tab characters should not start the inline editor

9.1.3 - Released 2013-11-22

Area Details
Check for Update Show underlying error message when not being able to connect
Data tab Should be possible to assign key binding to the "Show in Navigator" action in the Data tab
General Show underlying error message when not being able to connect for Pro evaluation
General It should be possible to modify vmoptions per user and not only for the installation which may be shared by many users
Import Dropping a file on a Tables or Table object should open the Table Data Import feature
Installation/Update Installation Changes in the vmoptions file should survive when installing new versions
Workspace Add option to set that "Open in Tab" should switch to the already open object tab first, otherwise open a new tab
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Check for Update Use System Proxy Settings does not work on Windows if an automatic configuration script is used for system setting
Connection Setup Disconnect All may take a while if having a lot (100+) of database connections
DB Support: Oracle Max Size is not summarized correctly (DBA Views->Storage->Tablespaces) if having multiple data file for a tablespace
DB Support: SQL Server Size parameter is not included in DDL for VARBINARY column and the MAX value is not supported for VARBINARY in Create/Alter Table
Database Objects Tree Using the pre 9.0 scripting features doesn't honor the scripting settings in connection properties
Database Objects Tree It is not possible to connect (using the node expand handle) a database connection in the Databases tab if it is in an error state
Database Profile: Actions The Drop Table action doesn't generate good SQL for MaxDB
Driver Manager De-selecting a driver jar file doesn't disable the command buttons. Invoking these without an active selection may result in an error
Grid Component Clicking 'Reset Columns' button in the Grid Column Chooser while the underlying resultset is being loaded results in an error
Monitor Reloading monitor scripts will reset the current results of any active monitors
Monitor Re-displaying the monitor window with monitors running may display an empty dialog in front of it
Query Builder Missing whitespace between an operator and its expression cause an error when loading a SELECT statement
SQL Commander Getting column info for a result set fails if the table identifier is qualified with a different database than the default
SQL Commander Executing queries for large tables with Sybase IQ may be dramatically slower than versions older than 9.0.5
SQL Commander NullPointerException when executing a script containing an error with Preprocess Script disabled for databases that support error highlighting
SQL Commander When executing a script for a connection that has dropped, an error is reported for the first statement but a new connection is acquired and the rest are executed, possibly with the default database/schema instead of the selected
SQL Formatter Formatting a "WITH tableName -- comment AS (SELECT ..." statement does not work as intended
SQL Formatter Variables for non-literal strings are mangled when using the Add One Space whitespace setting for the SQL Formatter
Table Data Editor Paste in row form editor doesn't work
Tool Properties Setting the "Show Null Value as" to en empty string in Tool Properties->Data Formats will break the scripting and table data editing features

9.1.2 - Released 2013-10-27

Area Details
Chart Add "Allow Label Overlap" property for the X-axis in chart
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add nodes and actions for Materialized Views for PostgreSQL 9.3 and later
Database Profile: View Use count_big() instead of count() for DB2 LUW, SQL Server and Sybase ASE when calculating number of rows
Export Export to Excel should name the sheets Sheet1, Sheet2, ... instead of DbVisualizer Pro1, DbVisualizer Pro2, ...
Import Interpret all quoted data as String
SQL Commander Add "Compare to Saved" option when warning about file has been edited (in another tool) since it was opened
SQL Editor Save the settings in the Find/Replace dialog between sessions
Table Data Editor Improve performance of Paste into grid
Table Data Editor Add new Set Selected Cells->"Set to UUID" action
Table Data Editor Improve performance for the "Set Selected Cells" actions
Table Data Editor Improve performance when selecting/deselecting rows in the grid using the row header field
Workspace Introduce new labeling variables for Object View tabs: ${catalog} (database name) and ${schema}
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Column list is not shown in CASE expressions (after CASE, WHEN, THEN and ELSE)
DB Support: DB2 LUW No source code is shown for functions and procedures implemented in Java
Data tab If auto complete in the Data tab filter field while the grid is loading results in an error
Database Objects Tree An error may occur in some rare situations when opening the right-click menu in the database objects tree
Database Objects Tree Any active object tree filters are not disabled if moving from Pro to Free
Driver Manager An error may occur during startup
Export An unrelated error is displayed when saving export settings to a file that is not writable
General Exception is raised when removing task due to out of memory situation
General Errors may be displayed with IBM Java VM
Grid Component Double-click a value cell in an "Info" grid may result in an exception
Import An error is displayed when saving import settings to a file that is not writable
OS Support: Mac OS X Internal error may occur with Java 7 on Mac OS X
References While references graph is being loaded and the user activate a command an exception may appear
SQL Commander Error marking tooltips do not show text embedded with < and >
SQL Commander The Database list value changes when executing a SELECT where the table name is qualified with another database than the current list value
SQL Commander Running a SELECT with Sybase IQ fail with long response time and a connection closed exception
SQL Commander Triggering Show Object at Cursor while it is already running causes an error
SQL Commander Using keyboard to execute query while any of an pinned result set or log tab is maximized will result in an error
SQL Editor Replace All does not trigger the Pending Edits state
SQL Editor Up/Down arrows do not retain the caret column position after edit
Table Data Editor Converting BLOB value into text in the cell editor results in "BINARY, nnn bytes" rather than the actual data
Workspace Opening database object in floating window should not change currently selected tab in main window

9.1.1 - Released 2013-10-01

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add GRANT info for Sequence objects
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add a node for Global Temporary Tables
Database Profile: Actions The Script xxx feature should automatically save its settings
Database Profile: Actions Add DROP TABLE action for the Generic profile
General Add predefined DbVisualizer variables for "current database type" and "current connection"
References Include object qualifiers in the Specified Tables selection dialog
SQL Commander Not easy to determine which editor the "truncate log" window belongs to
SQL Editor Make Find Next/Previous work with Find Selection just as with Find with Dialog
SQL Editor Add "Insertion Point to Matching Brace" keyboard shortcut
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Vertical bar is not recognized as a column separator
DB Support: Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE types are displayed as oracle.sql.TIMESTAMPLTZ@1e663400
Data tab Auto completion in inline data filter may leave garbage text
Installation/Update Installation Installing 9.1 in a directory where 5.1.1 or older is already installed results in an error launching 9.1
Installation/Update Installation RPM install on Fedora 19 doesn't work
SQL Commander A ConcurrentModificationException is sometimes thrown when running a script that creates result sets
SQL Commander Canceling the confirmation dialog asking whether to discard or save current editor when loading a file in DbVisualizer Free may result in an error
SQL Editor While execution is running in the SQL Commander any selected text in the editor is flashing
Table Data Editor Saving text in a binary type may use wrong encoding when re-opening the value in the cell editor
Workspace "Malformed uxxxx encoding" error may appear while starting DbVisualizer
Workspace NPE will occur if there is a mismatch in the meta data file managing tabs that should be open and the actual files available

9.1 - Released 2013-09-09

Area Details
Chart Should be possible to set the Y-axis value at any specified value and not only by the actual data
Check for Update Improve the check for update feature
Connection Setup Add an Auto Detect choice for Database Type
DB Support: HSQLDB Disconnecting a HSQLDB embedded database keeps the database file locked until DbVisualizer is closed
DB Support: Informix Highlight SQL errors in the editor
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Highlight SQL errors in the editor
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Disconnecting a JavaDB/Derby embedded database keeps the database file locked until DbVisualizer is closed
DB Support: Mimer SQL Highlight SQL errors in the editor
DB Support: MySQL Highlight SQL errors in the editor
DB Support: Oracle Highlight SQL errors in the editor
DB Support: Oracle Add tempfile actions for Remove, Offline and Online
DB Support: Other Database objects names are listed as (null) in the Databases tab for the Redshift database
DB Support: PostgreSQL Highlight SQL errors in the editor
DB Support: PostgreSQL Must be possible to easily enable that Explain Plan should be run with/without with the Analyze option
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add option to display native explain output for PostgreSQL
DB Support: SQL Server Add sequence objects to the Databases tab tree
Data tab Key binding for auto completion in the inline filter field should use the same key(s) as defined for SQL Commander->Show Auto Completion
Database Objects Tree Various problems may occur if schema/database name contain an embedded dot "."
Database Objects Tree Database->Copy Database URL should only be enabled if the currently selected entries(s) are all database connection objects
Database Profile Add support for extending a database profile
Database Profile Add support for custom icons for use in database profile (object type icons)
Database Profile: Actions Introduce a <Message> element for actions in the database profile
Database Profile: Tree Add icon (optional) attribute for DataNode's
General Add "Contact Support" feature in DbVisualizer (under Help menu)
General Start evaluation of DbVisualizer Pro should be possible from within DbVisualizer Free without requiring to sign-up on web-site
General Automatically remove evaluation license when it expire
General Upgrade bundled JDBC drivers for DB2 (4.15.82), JavaDB/Derby (, H2 (1.3.172), jTDS (1.2.7), MySQL (5.1.25), PostgreSQL (9.2-1002.jdbc4), SQLite (3.7.2)
General Clearly tell what user should do when a beta version license expire
Grid Component Allow setting max scale in the Aggregation Data for Selection window
Installation/Update Installation Should be possible to automatically upgrade to newer version without needing to manually visit website
OS Support: Mac OS X Add support for Java 7 on Mac OS X
References Add support for EMF as an export format
SQL Commander Opening a SQL file or load from Recent menu should set database connection, database and schema from most recently used object or SQL editor
SQL Editor Clicking the encoding status bar item should allow changing encoding
SQL Editor Add keyboard navigation for moving the caret to the next or previous error marking
Table Data Editor Add connection property controlling encoding of text data when it is stored in a binary DB type
Workspace Add option to control where new workspace tabs should be inserted
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Cached table name alias may appear in auto completed column output even if no alias is currently specified
Auto Completion A NullPointerException may be thrown for a partly typed table identifier
Chart Chart settings revert to default if rerun a query in same SQL Commander
Data tab Auto completion in inline data filter may leave garbage text
Database Objects Tree Remove is-empty-output="continue" in database profiles to minimize follow-up errors when all databases/schemas has been filtered
Export Exporting numeric null values to Excel results in zero instead of null
Table Data Editor A value containing only characters matching the DbVisualizer variable delimiter cannot be saved
Workspace Key bindings to jump between tabs in the focused tab group doesn't work properly

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