Release Notes 9.5

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9.5.8 - Released 2017-08-22

Area Details
DB Support: PostgreSQL Update editor keywords for PostgreSQL
DB Support: PostgreSQL hstore syntax "->" is formatted incorrectly
Database Objects Tree Allow creating/removing folders for database connections in DbVisualizer Free
Export Optionally export auto increment columns
Import Support import of macro enabled Excel (.xlsm) file (data only)
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Occasional exception when typing with Display Automatically enabled
Connection Setup An invalid SSH password should be provided only once
Connection Setup May get "DatabaseFacade/ProfileManager has not been initialized" error during disconnect
Connection Setup "The database profile could not be loaded" error during connect
Connection Setup NPE when clicking OK in the progress dialog while the driver finder is examining the jar files
DB Support: Mimer SQL Doing an explain locks affected tables for DDL statements (drop, alter, etc.) during the current DbVisualizer session
DB Support: MySQL The Show Grants text viewer for a users shows multiple grants on the same line without and statement delimiter in between
DB Support: Netezza Objects do not display in the Databases tab if lowercase is the default for object names
DB Support: Oracle Potential ClassCastException when getting column default value
DB Support: Oracle A failed statement increases the Auto Commit statements count
DB Support: Oracle Owner/Schema wrong for actions on trigger when shown under invalid objects
DB Support: PostgreSQL Comments for columns not displayed
DB Support: PostgreSQL "java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.String" when connection to PostgreSQL
DB Support: PostgreSQL Database list may not render correctly
DB Support: SQLite String types are not mapped to TEXT in Import Table Data
DB Support: Vertica NPE when exporting tables to SQL with Qualify Name enabled
Data tab Editing a DOUBLE value by making it negative makes it 10x larger
Database Objects Tree Having multiple database connections selected and then unintentionally dragging them may result in an exception and the dragged connections are removed
Database Objects Tree NullPointerException at TreeSearchable.getSelectedIndex
Database Objects Tree Having "Show Table Row Count" in the databases tab and scrolling with mouse wheel/trackpad is very sluggish
Export/Import User Settings Importing database object favorites only works if also importing the associated database connection
Favorites Right-click on a favorite in a folder in the favorite bar and then right-click to show its menu erroneously opens the favorite in a tab
Import Unable to replace unknown types with a supported type for Import Table Data to new table
Import Having "two import into existing table from two different files windows opened" at the same time, will destroy the list of File Column Names in the first import window
OS Support: macOS Java VM Properties text box is not displayed in Tool Properties / General even if it should
SQL Formatter Editor replaces variables with [dbvis_v0] when using Format Buffer
Table Data Editor Exception when copying an empty grid cell and later pasting in a text field (or cell)
Tool Properties NPE loading non existent HOME/resources/templates/default-templates.xml

9.5.7 - Released 2017-04-12

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW Sort triggers in the tree on schema and name
Import Support converting blank cells to null in Excel import
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table Size column can not be cleared in create table wizard for SET data type
DB Support: DB2 LUW An explain plan table in DB2 LUW 11 needs an extra column
DB Support: MariaDB The MariaDB database type must set (among other database type settings), delimited identifiers to backtick
DB Support: Oracle Switching schema in SQL Commander increases uncommitted statements counter
DB Support: Oracle Query to get synonyms may be very slow
DB Support: PostgreSQL PostgreSQL JDBC driver fails with an unhandled exception if unpaired quotes in SQL
DB Support: SQL Server IndexOutOfBoundsException when exporting indexes for SQL Server 2008
DB Support: SQL Server Table index view does not work for older versions of SQL Server
Database Objects Tree Right-click and drop two indexes under two different tables. When completed only the first index is removed in the list
Favorites Opening a favorite that targets a database connection object shows "There are no details for this object"
General Exception: in com.jidesoft.tooltip.BalloonTipUI.getBalloonSize
Import Occasional exception when importing Excel (XLS) when clicking Next after choosing Sheet Name to import
Monitor Monitor tab color is not updated when changing to another connection for a monitor
OS Support: Windows NullPointerException when executing script file (@run or -sqlfile) having statement delimiter last in file
Query Builder Query Builder marks "as" as invalid
SQL Commander Export Excel does not append if AppendFile="clear" in some situations
SQL Commander Database Connection, Database, and Schema are suddenly cleared
SQL Commander The variable substitution window should show the Long data type for numbers rather than Integer which will truncate long numbers
SQL Commander Exception when opening new SQL Commander for a lost connection
Table Data Editor Bad performance scrolling the XML viewer tree
Table Data Editor If the CLOB/BLOB/BINARY cell is null no editor is displayed when opening the cell editor window
Workspace The active tab state is not restored at re-start. A random tab is then the active current one
Workspace UI may flicker and focus may move to another component while DbVisualizer is auto saving editors and layout

9.5.6 - Released 2017-02-04

Area Details
DB Support: Other Add a driver entry and database type for MariaDB
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add Script action for Materialized View
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add Columns node for Materialized views in PostgreSQL
DB Support: SQL Server Add support for CLUSTERED and COLUMNSTORE indexes
Database Profile: Actions The result dialog generated by running an object action should preserve its size between action invocations
References Add option to show column names w/o data type information
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Chart Exception may occur when charting a SQLite table having non data type valid values such as string in a date column
Compare Various issues when editing inserted or deleted grid row blocks
Connection Setup NullPointer Exception trying to force disconnect a connection
DB Support: Oracle The SGA->SQL drill-down view doesn't show any SQL even if having a selection
DB Support: SQL Server Table index view does not work for older versions of SQL Server
DB Support: SQL Server Index shown with null in the label for SQL server older than 9
DB Support: SQLite Tables with no data type name for columns are rendered bad in References graph
DB Support: Sybase ASE Triggers shown for a table may belong to a referenced table
DB Support: Sybase ASE Bogus Index may be included in Export
DB Support: Sybase ASE Triggers are not sorted in the tree
Database Objects Tree The expand icon in the Databases tab is sometimes invisible
Export Export of a function or procedure may result in an error
Export NPE if using HTML format and having two export blocks in one script
Export ConcurrentModificationException when cancelling export
Grid Component A null value in the column being filtered using the column filtering results in an NPE
Grid Component Closing a Data Tab with BLOB columns after closing the connection gives error
Import Column values for calculated value does not work when importing excel
OS Support: Linux Middle mouse button paste doesn't work in SQL editor
Query Builder Table nodes that are moved outside (top or left) the drawing area cannot be moved back
SQL Commander Default date/time/timestamp value in variable prompter
SQL Commander Current database connection, database and schema are cleared when running query
SQL Commander @echo ${dbvis-date}$ does not work when a data type is specified in variable
Tool Properties "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Width and height must be >= 0" when opening font chooser
Tool Properties Setting "Display Null Value" to a whitespace doesn't preserve between sessions

9.5.5 - Released 2016-12-04

Area Details
DB Support: Other Add driver entry for Salesforce (Reliersoft)
DB Support: Sybase ASE Highlight SQL error lines in the editor with jConnect
Database Objects Tree Have an option to sort object type grouping nodes in the databases tab
Export Add a footer field for HTML exports
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) NullPointer exception if -catalog argument is not used when using the command line interface
Connection Setup Reconnect and Execute does not always do execute
Connection Setup Connections are not saved if creating a new connection with connection wizard
Connection Setup Enabled state for Disconnect All is only set when Databases tab has focus
Connection Setup Save properties after connection changes
Connection Setup "Database id 0 for 'xxx' is invalid" error when creating connection
DB Support: H2 Executing H2 function does not work
DB Support: PostgreSQL PostgreSQL foreign tables show up in all schemas
DB Support: PostgreSQL HSTORE column where clause fails due to bug in bundled driver
DB Support: Redshift Errors when getting metadata for BIGINT IDENTITY column
Export Fix HTML export so that only a single set of "Title" and "Intro Text" is in the document for multiple result sets
Favorites Using the "Replace with Current Object Tab" action for an existing favorite will save an erroneous object path that doesn't work
File Chooser Recent path has wrong values for encoding and should store paths as CDATA
Grid Component Form viewers may get in a strange layout state when there are BLOB/Binary/CLOB data
Navigator Optionally show qualifiers in the Related Table drop-down
SQL Commander Setting Database or Schema to first empty entry resets the Database Connection list
SQL Commander Variable prompter for BLOB/Binary/CLOB values corrupts the data
SQL Commander Unexpected "Permission ALERT!" for @set resultset name
SQL Commander Schema drop down is changed after DDL command
Table Data Editor Leaving a number field empty results in NPE

9.5.4 - Released 2016-11-15

Area Details
DB Support: PostgreSQL Add support for editing data with with the cidr, inet and macaddr data types
Database Objects Tree Add a Select All Child Objects in the database objects tree right-click menu
SQL Editor Preserve whitespace in editor templates
Table Data Editor Allow entering "now" in any of Date, Time, and Timestamp fields during editing. It is then replaced with the corresponding value
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Column list should not be displayed when the caret is just after a closing parenthesis
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) dbviscmd works only accessing objects in the default database. Argument -catalog <db> doesn't work to access another database
Create/Alter Table Occasional NullPointerException when adding a Foreign Key
DB Support: Other net.ucanaccess.jdbc.FeatureNotSupportedException when getCatalogs() and getSchemas() in DatatabaseMetaData for the Ucanaccess driver
DB Support: PostgreSQL Exception doing database search in PostgreSQL 9.6.1
DB Support: PostgreSQL CREATEUSER argument for Create User action doesn't work with PostgreSQL 9.6, should be SUPERUSER
DB Support: PostgreSQL Opening the table Indexes tab for PostgreSQL 9.6 results in "column am.amcanorder does not exist". The bundled JDBC driver needs to be updated
DB Support: Redshift Incomplete DDL generated for views not owned by current user
DB Support: SQL Server Precision for TIME, DATETIME2 and DATETIMEOFFSET is not handled correctly in DDL and Alter Table
DB Support: SQL Server Users are shown as schemas for SQL Server 2005
DDL Generator Failure when generating DDL for View objects in DbVisualizer free or when using the generic profile
Export Automatic file name is wrong when exporting synonyms
Query Builder Joins from WHERE clause should be found even for unqualified columns when loading SELECT
Table Data Editor Regression in 9.5.3 disallowing entering boolean values as true,1,on,yes,t and false,0,off,no,f
Table Data Editor Having Decimal Number Format set to something else than Unformatted may indicate a value being edited even if it isn't
Table Data Editor Editing a formatted number field (ex #,###) by entering for example "1 234" results in "1"

9.5.3 - Released 2016-10-13

Area Details
Export Show the absolute path for the output file in the log
Export Should be possible to manually set number grouping and decimal number separators in tool properties, export, and related features
SQL Commander Make it easier to force a reconnect from the SQL Commander
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Column name in an UPDATE ... SET clause should never be qualified
Auto Completion Auto completion popup doesn't adjust with the list of suggestions
Connection Setup Enabled state for Disconnect All is only set when Databases tab has focus
Connection Setup If establishing root connection fails due to invalid URL, failure during SSH setup, no loaded driver, etc, the root connection can never be established even if the errors are fixed. Only restarting DbVisualizer works
Create/Alter Table Auto Focus Change in Alter Table screen
DB Support: PostgreSQL Error generating DDL for a View with column comments
DDL Generator Literal default value for a DATE/TIME column is not quoted
Grid Component Column(s) may be hidden in some result sets generated by queries in the SQL Commander
Import A thousand separator of "." will result in errored data when importing decimal numbers
Import Pasting file column names in the table/file columns mapper doesn't work if pasted file column names don't fully match the specified names
SQL Editor Alt+select a block and then Alt+select another block gives an exception
SQL Editor Schema drop down is changed after @ddl command

9.5.2 - Released 2016-09-14

Area Details
DB Support: H2 Add explain plan support for H2 (textual)
DB Support: Oracle Need to show INST_ID in the Sessions data and make the actions Oracle RAC aware
DB Support: Oracle Add support for management of Redo Logs
Query Builder Add support for CAST(expr AS type) expression
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup NullPointerException when disconnecting while a script is running
Connection Setup Better message when using Ping Server for drivers not supporting ping
DB Support: Netezza The _V_SCHEMA view may not be accessible in all configurations
DB Support: PostgreSQL Attempt to connect to a database with the same name as the user when connecting with multiple SQL Commander tabs open or stopping an SQL Commander execution
DB Support: PostgreSQL Right-click in the Tables grid and "Open in New Tab" doesn't open objects in PostgreSQL
DB Support: PostgreSQL No spinning icon is shown when expanding a Database node
DB Support: Redshift References object view tab is missing for the Tables node
DB Support: SQL Server Incorrectly spelled CASCADE keyword in DDL for Table
DB Support: SQL Server Show Only Default Database/Schema doesn't work in 9.5.x if previously enabled in a 9.2.x version
Database Objects Tree The "Database Objects Filters" sub-menu is empty after right-clicking/expanding a few nodes in the Databases tab
Database Objects Tree Database objects tree is broken when having multiple main windows with the same database connection expanded, and then doing a re-connect
Database Objects Tree Database Objects Tree doesn't expand properly when a second main window has been visible
Favorites Opening favorite with identical names after each other (Connections/NAME/NAME/...) fails
Filtering/Filter Sets Custom filter sets that are not used by any database connections are removed when exiting DbVisualizer
Installation/Update Installation Installer asks for "Use a different directory" which may be confusing. Change it to "No, install into a different directory"
Monitor Add reconnect link to Monitor error message
Query Builder "Add the generated SQL last in the SQL Editor" adds it erroneously at the caret position
Query Builder Preserve a leading comment for a SELECT when loading back into the SQL Editor
SQL Commander The Stop button is disabled after values for variables have been entered
SQL Commander Variables in comments are prompted if "Strip Comments when Executing" is turned off
SQL Commander Do not prompt for identically named parameter markers more than once
Table Data Editor Having an embedded colon in table name breaks table data editing and doesn't indicate primary key columns in grid

9.5.1 - Released 2016-08-17

Area Details
DB Support: Oracle Add option to set /*+RULE*/ hint for query getting referenced tables
Export Exporting to binary Excel and exceeding 65K rows should show a more meaningful error message and suggestion to use XLSX instead
Grid Component Add drop-down filtering capability in grid column headers
Workspace Make the draggable divider between SQL Commander and results tabs easier to find (bigger)
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Connection Setup Exception when disconnecting from server
Create/Alter Table Adding new index or foreign key doesn't always select the newly added entry
Create/Alter Table Alter Table should clear some attributes when changing data type
DB Support: DB2 LUW Row Change Timestamp column constraint not included in DDL
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Schema filters are not applied in the schema drop-down list
DB Support: Hive DatabaseException: Could not set catalog to: NoCatalogKey for: Phoenix: null
DB Support: Informix Delimited identifier should not be used in the informix.getTableTriggers command
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Exceptions may occur if using a version of the JDBC driver not compatible with the database version
DB Support: MySQL AUTO_INCREMENT clause not inserted when Auto Increment is selected in Alter Table
DB Support: MySQL DDL does not quote default value for enum
DB Support: Netezza Only test for multiple schema support for database versions greater than 7.0
DB Support: Oracle Fail to open index Sub partitions as index name is null
DB Support: Oracle Having Delimited Identifiers for Scripting enabled erroneously enclosed parameters for "kill session"
DB Support: Oracle Condition missing in SELECT for getting table indexes
DB Support: Phoenix There is a (null) schema in the database objects tree for HBase/Phoenix which gives side effects in that Data and Row Count tabs for tables results in a DB error
DB Support: PostgreSQL Looking at tablespace info in versions older than PostgreSQL 9.0 gives an error
DB Support: PostgreSQL Collations should only be fetched for PostgreSQL 9.1+
DB Support: PostgreSQL There is no "(Default)" label for a database when logging in with no database specified in connection details
DB Support: PostgreSQL Having Single Physical Connection enabled and Auto Commit off doesn't work as expected
DB Support: PostgreSQL Using Open in New Tab in references graph doesn't work for PostgreSQL
DB Support: Presto References graph for Presto shows only table names and no columns information
DB Support: SQL Server Errors when connecting to SQL Server older than 2008
DB Support: SQL Server The database objects tree for the generic profile may not show the correct schemas for an expanded database
DB Support: SQL Server Errors while retrieving database objects for export doesn't render these with the error icon and red text as in the Databases tab
DB Support: SQL Server "The statement is closed" error when launching export schema
DB Support: Sybase ASE Database Devices view does not work for versions earlier than Sybase ASE 15
DB Support: TeraData GUI may be unresponsive when loading thousands of objects in the Databases tab
DDL Generator DDL generation fails if driver throws an exception getting primary keys
Data tab Script to SQL Commander->UPDATE WHERE and the generated "where" clause always refer first column and not selected columns
Database Objects Tree Highlighting a database object in the Databases tab by click on Select in the disconnected object view tab or by the object path fail in some situations
Database Objects Tree Reload/reconnect with thousands of expanded nodes in the Databases tab is slow
Database Objects Tree UI painting problems in Databases tab after opening File->Import Settings
Database Objects Tree Exception: "path in TreePath must be non null" when reloading filters
Database Objects Tree Expanding the Columns node for a table takes longer than it should
Database Objects Tree Memory leaks and slow performance in databases tab when there are many thousands objects
Database Profile: Tree Schema names displayed as "(null)" for Presto and Snowflake
Database Search IllegalStateException when doing a search again after an object tree refresh
Database Search NPE when getting View column info for an IDENTITY column
Export No icon found for: "Error" reported when expanding objects types check box tree in export schema and there was a database error getting the objects
Filtering/Filter Sets Show Only Default Database/Schema should do case insensitive comparison
Monitor Data Monitor doesn't work with PostgreSQL
Monitor Clicking or opening a MySQL Scripts file for a connected connection with Java 7 gives exception while with Java 8 the UI is not properly painted
OS Support: Mac OS X "Invalid Seal" error when starting DbVisualizer with a newly installed license key
SQL Commander Connecting a database connection that have thousands of schemas, and if a SQL Commander tab for that connection is visible, the GUI hangs
SQL Commander Any value in Max Chars in SQL Commander doesn't have any effect
SQL Editor Rectangular edit issue when copy/paste
Scripts Renaming bookmarks folder makes a file in the folder show as two nodes

9.5 - Released 2016-06-15

Area Details
Auto Completion Add delay for Display Automatically
Chart Show Date/Time values as text in tooltip regardless of chart settings
Connection Setup When choosing Oracle Thin or Oracle OCI drivers in the Connection tab or in the wizard, show a dialog with information about these drivers
Verify what transaction isolation levels are supported by the supported DBs and override in connection properties if needed
Database connections created with the Connection Wizard should be opened in a new tab
Add a Notes/Comment field for a database connection
Make the Ping button always enabled and show a dialog if it cannot run
Show an icon next to the Database Type field if the type is not recommended with the selected driver
Create/Alter Table Set Data Type to a reasonable type by default
Create/Alter Table should generate delimited identifiers for all read-only identifiers
DB Support: DB2 LUW The Create Index action should not allow choosing schema for index
Add Columns node for View objects
Add support for more CREATE INDEX and ALTER TABLE options
Add support for the DBMS_OUTPUT module in the SQL Commander
Add support for roles
DB Support: DB2 z/OS Integrate new DB2 z/OS profile contributed by community
DB Support: H2 Add Columns subnode for Views
Add support for Functions (ALIAS) and Triggers
DB Support: JavaDB/Derby Add table maintenance actions: Check, Compress, Inplace Compress
Add explain plan support
DB Support: MySQL Add replication information support (Slave Status, Slave Hosts)
Add table maintenance actions: Check, Repair, Checksum, Analyze, and Optimize
Allow setting comments for tables
Add new viewer for the Database node that shows the DDL
Rename Table Engine node to Storage Engines and show storage engines as sub nodes
Add Collation and Character Set information to the Status node
Add support for administration of Events
DB Support: Netezza Add extended support for Netezza
DB Support: Oracle Add view for files of an ASM Disk group
Improve the performance when showing "Data Files" and "Tablespace Usage" object viewers
Add support for a functional index in DDL
Add support for dbms_xplan.build_plan_xml starting from Oracle
DB Support: Other Add driver and database type entries for Presto
DB Support: PostgreSQL Make it possible to edit array values in a Data or Result Set tab
Verify DbVisualizer with PostgreSQL 9.5
Add support for User Defined Types in DDL generation
Add support for renaming constraints in Alter Table
Show columns in the tree for View nodes
Include index method in Index DDL
Add support for Tablespace as a DBA Views node
Add a Create Database and Drop Database actions
Add Column COLLATE clause in DDL and Create/Alter Table
Make it possible to edit the System Settings
Add support for Event Triggers
Add support for Foreign Tables
Add support for SERIAL, BIGSERIAL and SMALLSERIAL in table DDL
Make the return type and sample body editable in the Create Function dialog
Add a Grants tab for View
Add support for export of sequences
Add support for PostgreSQL jobs scheduler (pgAgent)
Make it possible have full access to all databases and not only the default within a single database connection
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: SQL Server
DB Support: SQLite
Add support for filtered/partial index in DDL generation
DB Support: Redshift Add extended support for Redshift
DB Support: SQL Server Add support for extended properties
Introduce the "schema" level for SQL Server in the database objects list
Show column and table comments and allow editing them
Add support for SQL Server Agent Jobs
Support for browsing and managing SQL Server Agent Jobs
DB Support: SQL Server
DB Support: Sybase ASE
Add Rename actions for tables, columns, views, indexes, procedures, functions, and triggers
DB Support: SQLite Add trigger support for SQLite
Add explain plan support for SQLite
DB Support: Sybase ASE Show computed column expression in DDL
Add support for "Instead of Triggers"
Add a Grants tab for View
Database Objects Tree Extract column info, with data types, also for views
Any connection/SQL errors that are raised while expanding the database objects tree should be reported per node rather than as an unhandled exception
Split database objects names in a "label" and "label1" attributes. The label is the node label while label1 shows additional information about the object
Indicate primary key columns in the Table->Columns subtree with an icon
Should be possible to search collapsed folders and visited database objects as you type
Database Profile: Actions Make it possible for lists in actions to be refreshed when values in other inputs are changed
Should not be possible to select another schema than current in for example Create Procedure and Create Function
Actions should support running same scripts as supported by the SQL Commander
Support forced execution of any <Default> elements in actions as a result of value changed in another <Input> component
Allow value for both checked and unchecked to be specified for an Input check style element
Add new "check-list" input style used for zero-to-many selections
Improve the use of linebreak="false" attribute in actions
Database Profile: Commands Support returning the result in an SQLWarning for a <Command>
Database Profile: Tree List more data type info for each column in the objects tree e.g instead of "c1 VARCHAR" show: "c1 VARCHAR(212)"
Driver Manager Upgrade JDBC drivers for 9.5
Explain Plan Formatting of values in the result grid of explain plan should not be controlled by general properties
Wrap long lines in the graph explain plan output
Filtering/Filter Sets Add a "Duplicate Filter Set" action
General Change to new icon collection
Key Bindings
SQL Commander
Enable key binding for Stop Execution
OS Support: Mac OS X Use HiDPI icons for Retina displays
Performance/Stability Display OutOfMemoryError when loading a large file more user friendly
SQL Commander Stopping script with @sleep commands does not result in indication that the script was stopped in the log
Change from label "Enable Parameterized SQL" to "Parameterized SQL" since it is a checkbox toggle
Change Stop on Warning (which mean an empty result set or 0 affected rows) to Stop on SQL Warning (which looks at any SQLWarning produced by the execution)
Use grayscale icon color in the SQL Commander tab header to indicate if the currently selected database is disconnected
Add option to "Insert Empty Row Between Result Sets" in the Merge Result Sets dialog
Add option to "Include Result Set Header" in the Merge Result Sets dialog
When loading a very large sql file, prompt whether to really load it or insert @run file.sql in the editor
Table Data Editor Having a quick filter and adding a new row into the table data editor, may also filter out the new row
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table Remove Column fails in Sybase
Do not generate ALTER statements for columns with unsupported data types
DB Support: DB2 LUW Indexes belonging to another schema than the table are not shown under the Indexes node
DB Support: H2 Create Function does not handle Source consistently with how it's done for other databases
DB Support: Informix Changing database for a connection resets transaction isolation and hook settings
DB Support: MySQL Invalid DEFAULT clause in DDL for BIT column
The size for a BIT column is missing in the DDL
DB Support: Netezza Schema and catalog mix up resulting in tables not being presented with proper owners in the objects tree
DB Support: NuoDB RowId TAB for table does not work for NuoDB
Databases tab doesn't reload to show new or dropped tables and indexes
DB Support: Oracle Not possible to delete multiple schedule jobs
Action "Create Scheduler Job" fails when using a "schedule_name"
Setting attribute program_name for action "Modify Scheduler Program" fails
SYS.JAVASNM table does not exist in some installations of Oracle
DB Support: PostgreSQL DDL for tables inheriting from tables in another schema is not generated correctly
DB Support: SQL Server Schema drop-down is changed when executing script even if the database doesn't supports changing schema
An FK pointing to a column backed by a UNIQUE INDEX is not included in the DDL
DB Support: SQLite The generated DDL for a table with foreign key gives error when executing
DDL Tab of Table gives syntax error when run
DB Support: Sybase ASE Running action Create Device fails
Renaming a Trigger, Procedure or Functions makes it impossible to edit source code or export
Triggers not handled correctly in sybase profile for SYBASE 16
Creating a single compound index is shown as two nodes
Both NULL and NOT NULL column constraints should be generated since the default is server dependent
DB Support: Teradata A DDL statement must be followed by commit in Teradata
DDL Generator DDL statements may rarely include empty qualifiers
Database Objects Tree
DB Support: HSQLDB
Refresh/reconnect may not properly restore the expansion state in the database objects tree
Database Profile: Tree Objects shown in the schema tree owned by a different schema must have a label including the owning schema
Grid Component Pasting a single value to multiple cells in the create/alter table columns grid may paste an error message in some of the cells
OS Support: Windows Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI has an authority component
Query Builder Type cast info is removed when importing a SELECT statement
References An exception is raised if doing Reload in the Tables References graph when the database connection is closed
SQL Commander Out of memory running with Strip Comments
Transaction counters are not updated for a "WITH xxx AS (SELECT ...) UPDATE ..." statement
The Schema drop-down in the SQL Commander shows different schemas for DB2 z/OS than those in the Databases tab
The modified indicator (*) in the tab header is not updated if save/edit file while script is running
Internal query to check result set editablity fails if the upper/lower case used in the select does not match the case for the table name
Running with @run gives exception when clicking on result set tab
The Schema list does not reflect the selected database
SQL Editor Line/Block Comment doesn't handle the last line correctly if selecting the whole line
SQL Formatter DbVisualizer may hang if SQL formatter detects a sequence of characters
Workspace Potential NPE if closing a window with SQL Editors during startup

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