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Closing a Tab

A top level tab and a Result Set tab in an SQL Commander tab can be closed by clicking the cross to the right of the tab label, or clicking the tab header with the middle mouse button.

If you want to close a number of tabs at the same time, you can use the tab header menu choices:

Close TabClose just the current tab.
Close Other TabsClose all tabs except the current tab.
Close Closeable TabsClose all tabs that are in a state where they can be closed with no action required by the user, e.g. not pinned and no pending edits.
Close All Pinned TabsClose all pinned tabs.
Close All TabsClose all tabs, regardless of state

You can also hideObject View sub tabs that you are not interested in. Use the Close Tab right-click menu choice to do so. To see the hidden tabs again, use Restore Hidden Tabs in the right-click menu.