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Working with Files

Generic tasks such as working with files are available throughout DbVisualizer. These are used to open, select, and save files and folders.

The file chooser will when invoked, in some Windows environments block DbVisualizer for a few seconds. Check the following article how to workaround the issue XXX

File Chooser window

The file chooser window is a standard file chooser dialog allowing to navigate the file system and select files. The functionality and appearance may differ based on in which context it is opened. This example shows the file chooser with the left vertical button bar used to quickly navigate locations in the Windows file system. This button bar is only available in Windows. Apart from that the window looks the same in all OS'es. The Recent Paths drop down shows a list of recently selected files which makes it simple to select previously used files and folders. Encoding is only visible when loading or saving files and is by default set to match the encoding in the operating system.

Screenshot of the file chooser window in DbVisualizer

The file chooser allows dropping a file or folder path from other tools on it and will navigate to the path of the dropped file or folder.

File Chooser field

The file chooser field is a simple but powerful inline path component used to specify paths for files and folders. The file chooser may also be launched using the yellow button to the right of the field.

Screenshot of the file chooser field in DbVisualizer

The field allows auto completion using Ctrl+space (Cmd+space on macOS). Specify a letter or a few and the auto complete from a drop-down:

Screenshot demonstrating the auto complete feature of the file chooser field in DbVisualizer

The rightmost drop-down, contains the list of recently used paths. Selecting one will put it in the file chooser field:

Screenshot of the recent paths dropdown in the file chooser field in DbVisualizer

Any red path indicates these do not exist or are not available, select Clear Invalid Recent Paths to remove them.

The file chooser field supports dropping a path on it just like the file chooser window does.

Using tilde ("~") in the File Chooser field

Using the tilde ("~") character as prefix in file paths represents the user's home folder. Consider the home for a user being /Users/ben, if then entering ~/Documents/project/SQL-Files it will expand to /Users/ben/Documents/project/SQL-Files.