Release Notes 11.0

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11.0.7 - Released 2021-01-24

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Cell Viewer/Editor TIFF image read error when using Java 8
Cell Viewer/Editor
DB Support: Informix
ClassCastException when editing Informix BYTE
DB Support: Redshift Alter table dialog believes properties are changed when they are not
DB Support: Snowflake Scripting a "CREATE TABLE" in Snowflake does not account for case sensitive table names
Export "Invalid column index (256)" error when exporting to Excel

11.0.6 - Released 2020-11-25

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
@import The "Encoding" parameter for @import is not supported while the users guide says it is
DB Support: MariaDB
DB Support: MySQL
SQL Commander
Database dropdown does not update after "use" command
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Import of data types where a cast (for example xml) is needed does not work
Export @export via settings file does not check for unsupported Format parameter
Import Exception during import
References Exception when redisplaying table references, with node content changed from none to primary key
SQL Commander Show warning when when @run SQL file that has changed during execution
Multiple whitespaces within the filename are reduced to one in @export
SQL Editor Auto highlighting in editor cannot handle inserted or deleted text
Cursor misplaced when deleting selected rectangle text

11.0.5 - Released 2020-09-14

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: Oracle
DDL Generator
Alter table need to support specifying VARCHAR(nn "BYTE/CHAR") for Oracle
DB Support: DB2 LUW
DB Support: Exasol
DB Support: SQL Server
DB Support: Snowflake
Compound foreign keys are not correctly generated
DB Support: MariaDB
DB Support: MySQL
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: SQL Server
Column default value is quoted badly if default is a function call when generating DDL
DB Support: Oracle Can not see synonyms in the tree view for synonym with DB link
DB Support: Oracle
Parameterized SQL
Parameter marker in quoted literal is detected while it shouldn't
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Tables not shown if constraints are named the same
Data tab
Filtering/Filter Sets
Issues with filter editor related to IN and BETWEEN clauses
Database Objects Tree Double-click outside the grid in the Connections grid results in an error
Import Importing Table Data from CSV or Excel may include escape symbols in text data (ex ' and '')
Key Bindings "Home" key binding not mapped for Linux/UNIX
References Reference graph does not honor tables when "Specified Tables" is selected
Reference graph is not refreshed when changing setting "One Link/Column"
Reference Graph does not handle combined keys unless One Link/Column is selected
SQL Formatter SQL formatter may clear the output

11.0.4 - Released 2020-07-09

Area Details
@import Trim text field on import for all import types
DB Support: Exasol Updates for Exasol 7
DB Support: Redshift Upgrade the Redshift driver to support IAM authentication
DB Support: Snowflake Show server parameters under DBA->Server Info
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
@import Strange results during @import
@import shows failure at end of data
Connection Setup The 'Global Properties' link in connection properties doesn't work
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: Snowflake
When setting Nullable or Default in Alter Table the column name is not delimited potentially leading to "column not found"
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: SQL Server
SQL Server DATETIME2 type precision lost when doing Alter Table
DB Support: Informix
DDL Generator
Showing DDL for functional index doesn't work
DB Support: MySQL Export of embedded special characters in data should be escaped
DB Support: PostgreSQL Wrong DDL generated for Index if index column contains expression
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Bug while exporting schema in SQL file (PostgreSQL)
DB Support: SQL Server
Importing CSV automatically maps Strings to SSN type
Export Can not open exported excel file
Open in Spreadsheet with a 1M rows result set, shows the in progress dialog and when stopped, DbVisualizer works as normal but CPU runs high
File Chooser Regression in 'Clear All Recent Paths' action in File Chooser->Recent Paths drop-down
Grid Component Making a column visible in the column chooser doesn't work
Import Cannot clean old imports if one or more files or directories in the import directory lack read access
Mail Support Clicking Apply in the Tool Properties window, the currently selected Mail Server account resets to the first in list
SQL Commander Any exception during script pre processing is not reported
A quoted string containing an escaped quote and single line comment identifiers may result in errors
When merging small but wide result sets the horizontal scrollbar is invisible
SQL Editor Regular-Expression-Replacement does not work as expected with $
SQL Formatter The SQL formatter converts TABLESPACE to TABLE
Formatting splits schema

11.0.3 - Released 2020-05-21

Bugs Fixed
Area Details
References Regression in References graph resulting in an error in some configurations

11.0.2 - Released 2020-05-21

Area Details
Connection Setup Translate certain SSH error messages during connect to be more helpful
Should be possible to opt-out from automatically showing the Single Physical connections popup during connect of such connection
DB Support: SQL Server Support for the history table of a temporal table in the database tree
Generate drop alter and drop for temporal tables when creating Drop DDL.
DB Support: Snowflake Better error message when VIEW definition is empty
Add guidelines what to do when an out of memory error occurs during export of references graph
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
DB Support: Mimer SQL Saving table data edits may truncate CLOB edits in Mimer SQL
DB Support: Oracle
Object View
Grants are not always displayed for a database object
Database Objects Tree Regression in 11.0 and 11.0.1 whereas Open Object and Show Object at Cursor may take long time to complete or even show wrong object
Grid Component
Error when "Export Visible" having a larger Max Rows than number of actual rows
Export/Import User Settings Import User settings may generate an exception
Query Builder Query Builder handles NOT and parentheses wrong in some cases
References Primary key relationship are duplicated in Diagram
SQL Formatter FORMAT for EXTERNAL Tables un-formats

11.0.1 - Released 2020-04-29

Area Details
DB Support: DB2 LUW
DB Support: SQL Server
Export DDL for SQL Server and DB2 Temporal Tables (GENERATED AS)
Installation/Update Installation
OS Support: Linux
Make installation on Fedora linux more according to convention
Highlight when installing DbVisualizer in an environment where no display is available
Warn when running DbVisualizer in an environment where no display is available
Make installation on Ubuntu Linux more according to convention
OS Support: macOS Window title bars color should adapt with light or dark mode in macOS
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
@import @import target fails on data type of not-imported column
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: MySQL
ALTER TABLE shows SQLs in the preview even though no changes has been made
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: Oracle
DDL generated by the Alter Table action includes the VISIBILITY clause even if not set/changed
DB Support: Oracle Constraints with DEFERRABLE and DEFERRED properties are exported as regular Constraints for tables
DB Support: Redshift There are no object views for Procedures and Procedure objects in the Databases tab for Redshift
DB Support: SQL Server
DDL Generator
Generated DDL for index is incomplete if it contains the INCLUDE clause
DDL Generator DDL not refreshed after Alter Table
Data tab Max Rows on First Display = 0 is not honored
Database Objects Tree Right-click in the Databases tab having "Autoscroll TO Object View tab" enabled, will not only show the popup menu but also open the object
Row labels may be presented with different fonts in the Databases tab
Sudden error in the Databases tab
Database Profile: View Having viewer="text" for a DataView shows it as viewer="grid"
Grid Component Clicking in the area outside the data in a grid should focus the grid
Query Builder Query builder may generate wrong SQL
References In References graph, "selected tables" only include outbound relations
SQL Formatter SQL Formatter alters DbVis Variables ${...}$

11.0 - Released 2020-04-09

New Features
Area Details
@import Add a client-side command for import allowing to import table data in SQL scripts
DB Support: MariaDB Add support for MariaDB
DB Support: Snowflake Add extended support for Snowflake
Mail Support
SQL Commander
Add @mail client side command used to email the result set from a query or file
SQL Commander Add a "Morph to Delimited List" function in the SQL Commander
Add new @open <file | URL> command used to open file in associated program or URL in web browser
Area Details
Cell Viewer/Editor Add options to format/unformat JSON in the cell editor
Chart Resizing Charts on export distorts geometry
Add more color schemes for charts
Command Line Support (dbviscmd) dbviscmd should prompt for variables in connection details and variables used in scripts
The dbviscmd script should use the same environment and JRE detection as the launcher for the GUI (dbvis)
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: MySQL
Add support for check constraints in the Create/Alter table dialog for MySQL
Create/Alter Table
DB Support: Oracle
Make it possible to change the visibility of a column through the Create and Alter table dialog
DB Support: DB2 LUW Add user and role information for DB2 LUW
DB Support: Exasol Always pass SQLs to the Exasol database with LF instead of CRLF line separators
Enable the Procedure Editor for UDFs and Functions in Exasol
DB Support: MySQL
DDL Generator
Improve support of the ON UPDATE clause for temporal types for MySQL
DB Support: MySQL
Procedure Editor
Automatically set SQL Mode when editing Procedures and Functions
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Query Builder
Add support for ~, !~, ~*, !~* operators in the Query Builder for PostgreSQL
Data tab Add capability to set a key binding for the generic "Stop" action
Option to prevent any filter from being used when loading a table during its first display
Data tab should have a "Reload with Sorting as ORDER BY" action used to reload from database using a ORDER BY clause defined by the current sorting in the grid
Database Objects Tree Show all contained database connections when selecting a database connections folder
Need capability to make it easier to scope what database connections that should be updated in multi connections edits
Database Objects Tree
Database Profile: Commands
For DB2 LUW and using the Generic profile, there is a (null) catalog node in the Databases tab
Driver Manager Update bundled JDBC drivers
Export For Excel exports, the "Include original SQL" setting in Export Grid and for @export ExcelIncludeSQLCommand parameter should allow: "sheet" parameter in addition to "none", "top", "bottom"
The Open as Spreadsheet action should put the SQL in a separate sheet
Rename "XLS" output format to "Excel" and accept "XLS" or "XLSX" (default) in the "ExcelFileFormat" parameter in @export
Add "Auto Resize Columns" for Excel export
Add new "Export Visible" and "Open Visible as Spreadsheet" actions for grids that considers any current filters, sorting, and visible columns in the grid
Favorites Opening a favorite object for a database connection that fail to establish give no visible feedback that there is a problem
Grid Component Add a new Copy Selection As->Copy Selection as AND/OR clause
Key Bindings Possible to assign a modifier with TAB as key binding
Should be possible to easily browse all available keyboard shortcuts
Key bindings editor need a filtering/search capability to locate an existing key binding and filtering
References Selected table nodes in the references graph should not change background color
When Highlight Links is checked, do also color code the associated column names in the source and target nodes
Table references to self (same table) should attach to the corresponding column names when using Hierarchic layout and not in random positions
Certain controls in the References graph requires Hierarchic layout. Highlight this condition for controls when not using hierarchic layout mode
SQL Commander Add new "Set Modified State when Scripting" setting in Tools->Tool Properties under General / SQL Commander
Add "Change Default Values..." in the SQL Commander Options menu and SQL Commander toolbar drop-down
Show the full path for the current database connection when hovering the Database Connection drop-down
Have an option in SQL Commander to generate a dbviscmd command string that can be pasted in a terminal
Refresh of the object tree (as a result of for example filtering) does not refresh the Catalog/Schema drop-down lists
SQL Editor Offer GUI help for regular Expression replacement text (similar to the helper for the Find text)
Show visible margin at user specified column
Add support for adding linefeed, tab etc. in the replacement text in the Replace dialog
SQL Formatter Allow setting indent for joins INNER, LEFT OUTER, RIGHT OUTER
Allow for having multiple SQL Formatting profiles
SQL Formatter should use the keyword lists defined for each supported database (use when for example upper/lower case keywords)
Make it possible to add custom keywords that are upper/lowercased along with standard
Introduce a new SQL Formatter
Add multiple indentation levels and other improvements
The Format SQL->Copy/Paste Formatted should allow setting that formatting should not be applied
SQL Log Allow configuring what columns and order should be displayed in the SQL Log tab for SQL Commanders
Table Data Editor Add a link to tool properties when the "Number of rows limited by <link>Max Rows at First Display</link> setting" balloon in the data tab is displayed
Tool Properties Allow user to edit the sample text when choosing fonts
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Auto Completion Having Fully Qualify Objects for Auto Completion and then AC a table name, database.null.table is inserted
Chart When exporting graph the width and height does not always honor the selected orientation
Connection Setup Copying driver property name copies the wrong name if entries are filtered
DB Support: DB2 LUW
SQL Commander
Stopped query leaves locks on SYSIBM tables
DB Support: H2 DDL Tab for Table with Identity columns are not generated correctly when H2 1.4.199 is used
DB Support: PostgreSQL For some PostgreSQL installations the pg_catalog.pg_database is empty resulting in no databases being displayed in the databases tab
Space is inserted in middle of Operator when formatting
Data tab Generate Filter for quoted string fails
Data tab
Grid Component
NULL and duplicated values not handled properly in "Copy Selection as IN Clause" and "Generate Filter & Sort"
Database Profile: Actions Main windows locks when shutting down action dialogs in the wrong order
Explain Plan
Show confirm dialog when executing explain plan with multiple statements
Export Exporting Binary/BLOB to File with JSON format outputs the binary data as is rather than the special ${data8-1||blob/8.png||BinaryData||noshow vl=file}$
Malformed XML generated when export DbVis style XML
OS Support: Linux Application icons on Linux are blurry when placed on desktop, and present in the application (task) switcher
Procedure Editor
SQL Editor
The line break style (CRLF or LF) should be retained when editing an existing file or database code object
Query Builder Conditions tab tree row heights are too small when loading a query in the query builder
References Remove link "handles" in the references graph that are visible on self referencing tables
SQL Commander Find and Replace with regular expression does not work
Some ${dbvis-xxx}$ variables are not case sensitive
SQL Editor Using Ctrl+A/Cmd+A keybinding to Select All will not enable some right-click actions unless opening the menu again
SQL Formatter When applying the SQL formatter the schema name in some situations may be preceded by blanks
UNLOGGED keyword with create table statement breaks formatting
Script Table as INSERT adds the schema in uppercase when SQL formatted
Having comments in a WITH clause breaks the SQL formatting
Format with string literals longer than max Line Width results in invalid SQL
Scripts If focus not in the Scripts tab, renaming a file using right-click immediately cancels the editing

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