Release Notes 3.1

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3.1.1 - Released 2002-12-09

Area Details
General New command line argument when starting DbVisualizer:
Usage: dbvis [options]

-up <path> Use an alternate user preferences file
Current location is:
The -up argument is useful if you want to use another XML file then the default one.
General The main window now lists the name of thecurrent user preferences (XML) file in the header
Driver Manager The Driver Manager now supports setting the order of the specified locations to load drivers from. (Drivers are searched from the top of the list).
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
Copy Selected Cells (and the Ctrl-C shortcut) in any grid did not work with Java 1.3.
The driver list in the Connection tab now only lists distinct drivers.

3.1 - Released 2002-10-20

New Features
Area Details
General Support for JDBC drivers that do not return any DatabaseMetaData.getTableTypes() information. (The source of the initial problem is the driver for Polyhedra)

DbVisualizer Personal now supports charting of data! Select at least one column in a grid and then chart it. The chart customization options are many. Here are a few of them:

Charts Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Stacks
Charts Zooming
Charts Enable 3D charts with rotation and depth operations
Charts Legend can be displayed as in-lined or as a grid.
Charts Charts can be exported in either JPEG or PNG formats.
Tool Properties Major redesign of the Tool Properties dialog.
Tool Properties New tool property to enable whether column headers shall be copied using Ctrl-C and export in CSV format
Tool Properties Now possible to customize:
Tool Properties SQL statement separator (was hard coded to ";" previously) (DbVisualizer Personal)
Tool Properties Whether "go" is an valid SQL Statement delimiter (DbVisualizer Personal)
Tool Properties Line comment identifiers (was hard coded to "#" and "//" previously)
Tool Properties Block comment identifiers (was hard coded to "/*" and "*/")
Database Objects The "Data" tab for a table now supports Filtering
Database Objects Duplicate Database Connection added to "Database" menu.
Database Objects "Monitor Row Count" and "Monitor Row Count Change" menu choices now in the Data tab pop-up menu. Automatically creates a monitored "New" bookmark. The monitor will fetch the current row count for the table and the difference from last execution of the monitor. The result is presented in a grid or chart (DbVisualizer Personal).
SQL Commander and Monitor Remove Empty Result Sets choice in SQL Commander "View" menu (DbVisualizer Personal).
SQL Commander and Monitor SQL Log can now be filtered by execution status:
SQL Commander and Monitor Success - is statements that executed successfully and did affect at least one row
SQL Commander and Monitor Warning - indicates that the statement was successfully executed but it did not affect any rows as reported by the JDBC driver
SQL Commander and Monitor Error - the statement failed during execution
SQL Commander and Monitor Click on log entry icon now adds a border around it to make it easier tracking visited entries
SQL Commander and Monitor Get SQL button in Monitor tab is now Edit Bookmark. It will open the bookmark editor and select the actual bookmark for the monitor.
SQL Commander and Monitor Stop on warnings added. I.e stop when a SQL statement did not affect any rows
SQL Commander and Monitor Stop on warnings added. I.e stop when a SQL statement did not affect any rows
Bookmarks Now possible to specify the allowed number of rows in a monitored grid If the number of rows exceeds the allowed row count then the trailing rows in the grid are removed. (This is specified for a bookmark in the Bookmark Editor).
JDBC Driver Manager Driver Manager now automatically executes Find JDBC Driver when loading a new driver location
Bugs Fixed
Area Details
The "Copy Selected Cells as HTML" menu choice now copies the data correctly even if columns has been moved or if the selection do not include the first column in the grid
Changing name of an existing monitor now alters the name in the respective view mode (Tabs or Windows) as well.
Number values are not quoted anymore in DbVisualizer Free.
Having control character in the value of a variable was in 3.0 treated as a control character and not data that was part of the value
Cursor is now (again) a vertical bar in SQL Commander
Catalog Combo in SQL Commander now appear correctly in Windows L&F
Focus on editor in SQL Commander removed since it trashed all short cuts

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