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3.1 released on 2002-10-20

Stockholm, Sweden - October 22, 2002

DbVisualizer 3.1 is available for immediate download!

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

Filtering (DbVisualizer Free/Personal)

The new filtering functionality available both in DbVisualizer Free and Personal gives the ability to easily specify a filter criteria that is applied in the "Data" table tab. Former versions of DbVisualizer retrieved all rows which made it difficult to capture rows of interest in a big table. Big tables was previously also a problem since all data is kept in memory. The new filtering feature is a convenient function in order to design the actual where clause that will scope the desired rows.

Chart your databases (DbVisualizer Personal)

The following snapshots gives an idea of the new charting functionality in DbVisualizer Personal and how it look in the SQL Commander and Monitor (former Reports) tabs.

The steps to chart the result from a SQL statement is to specify at least one serie (column in a result set grid) and then let DbVisualizer chart it! A collection of chart types and configuration options are available to customize the appearance.

The Reports tab is from 3.1 renamed Monitor. The combination of the new charting capabilities and the Auto Reload mechanism is really powerful since the charts are updated automatically at the specified interval. The monitor can present either raw data (Grids) or the new Chart style. Charts can also be exported to file in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

Use the "Monitor Row Count" and "Monitor Row Count Change" operations for a table to chart a table without specifying a single character of SQL!

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