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DbVisualizer 10.0

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What's New

10.0 released on 2017-08-22

These are the major news in DbVisualizer 10.0

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

Darcula Look and Feel

Support for a dark look and feel has been requested by many users and we're now extremely happy to announce the beautiful Darcula in DbVisualizer.

SQL Commander

Use environment variables and Java system properties in scripts, Error markers are now visible for any failing statement and not only when error position is reported by the driver/database.

Auto Merge of Result Sets

Result sets can now automatically be merged to text after execution in the SQL Commander.

Context aware file choosers with recent paths history

Recently used files/folders are saved based on context between sessions making it easy locating and selecting a previously used path in the future.

Auto complete paths

All file path selection fields now supports auto completion (ctrl+enter) making it easier navigating to a file or folder. (ctrl+alt+enter shows hidden files).

Change password for Oracle

DbVisualizer now allows changing the password for Oracle 12c, even if it has already expired.

Revamped and improved SQL logging

Brand new interactive SQL logger and execution progress, now supporting sorting, filtering, configurable timestamp, and much more. Hover/click failed statements to highlight the corresponding statement in the editor.

Export Schema/Database, Import, execution of Actions, and Procedure Editor, all use the new logger.

Option to open database objects with single-click

It is now possible to open database objects with a single-click and expand child objects with double-click. It is also possible to automatically navigate to the corresponding database object when activating database objects tabs.

Export Schema/Database

Now possible to organize the output of schema/database export so that all DROP, CREATE and INSERTs are grouped. New setting to limit number of rows, and add static statements at the beginning and end of an SQL script. New option to automatically split to multiple files.

Naming of BLOB/binary and CLOB files

Exporting BLOB/binary and CLOB data to file has been supported for some time. This version allows naming the files based on data in other columns or pre-defined DbVisualizer variables such as date, time, column name, etc. This is available for Export Grid and Export Table.

... and more

  • Now requires Java 8
  • Option to choose look and feel at startup
  • Browse environment variables in Help->About
  • Icons for disabled actions are now better contrast, and Retina resolution on macOS
  • Updated versions for bundled JDBC drivers:
    DB2 4.22.29,
    H2 1.4.195,
    MySQL 5.1.42,
    NuoDB 2.6.1,
    PostgreSQL 42.1.1 JDBC,
    SQlite 3.19.3

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