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What's New

4.2 released on 2005-01-12

We're happy to announce the next feature version for DbVisualizer.

Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.


  • The Database Objects Tree is now always visible in the main window
  • The Monitor main tab has been moved to a separate window (launch it via Tools->Monitor)
  • Now with support for Java 1.5
  • Support for Oracle XMLType data type
  • Now displays User Defined Types (UDT)
  • Support for MySQL 5+


  • Variables can now be used in the Connection details
  • New tool properties, Require Userid and Require Password

SQL Commander

  • Auto Completion support used to ease the editing of SQL statements by automatically displaying list of table and column names
  • The new Execute Current operation is used to execute the statement at the cursor position

Grid Enhancements

  • Quick Filter is used to easily limit the number of rows in a grid by showing only those matching a search word
  • Calulate Selection is used to perform simple calculations on the selected cells. Useful primarly for integer data
  • Column visibility feature enabling persistent save of column changes such as horizontal location and visible state

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