Introducing DbVisualizer 24.1. This new release comes with an all-new Code Editor, that has been completely overhauled and improved. It comes with improvements such as a better Find and Replace tool and a smarter Auto-complete function. We're also introducing Workspaces, a handy feature that makes switching between contexts and tasks simpler. You’ll also see updates to how you create new connections, how the master password behaves, performance improvements, better database support, and more.

Version 24.1 is our first release of 2024, and we are excited for what’s yet to come. Our plan is to accelerate development even more this year, build on our progress from 2023, and invest even further in additional capabilities and reliability in 2024.

SQL Editor rebuilt from the ground up

We've completely overhauled the SQL editor in our latest update to be more user-friendly and efficient. This new version includes many improvements, both big and small, all aimed at giving you a great environment to work in.

We've redesigned the Find and Replace functions for efficiency and ease of use. Now, you can seamlessly switch between searching and replacing text, choose to match by case or whole words, utilize regular expressions for complex searches, and easily navigate between matches. All of this is accessible through a straightforward, inline panel.

Find & Replace sql editor

The new SQL editor features a newly developed auto-completion engine designed to be smarter and more accurate than before. Among other things, it handles complex queries better and understands the difference in context between the inner and the outer parts of the query.

Autocomplete SQL editor

The default shortcut to trigger the auto-complete feature in the editor is CTRL + SPACE.

Switch between multiple contexts using workspaces

The new release includes support for workspaces, a feature that allows you to switch effortlessly between different work contexts. Each workspace operates independently, complete with its own connections, drivers, scripts, and settings. This functionality makes it easy to manage distinct environments, projects, or client engagements. You have the flexibility to tailor each workspace to suit your specific requirements.

Workspaces can be created and opened through the File -> Workspaces menu.

Workspaces in DbVisualizer

Create a connection from a database URL

We've introduced an additional method to create database connections, to simplify the setup process. Now, you can begin by entering your database URL, and DbVisualizer will automatically choose the matching drivers for you.

Streamlined handling of the master password

If security is a priority for you, you're likely already familiar with our master password feature. In this new release, we've refined the master password experience to make it more intuitive and less obtrusive. This enhancement allows you to maintain robust security without compromising on ease of use.

Performance and stability fixes

Improved database read performance

We've reduced the need for roundtrips and are handling paging in a smarter way for BigQuery, SingleStore, Vertica, and Oracle databases. This results in better response times and less load on the database.

Additional syntaxes for multi-row inserts

We’ve added support for additional syntaxes for multi-row inserts that can be generated when exporting table data. Using multi-row inserts is essential to the performance when importing large data sets. This release extends the support for the default SQL-92 syntax to also include syntaxes specific to Oracle and Cassandra, as well as the generic union-based syntax.

Multi-Row INSERT exports for tables in DbVisualizer

Smarter memory management

Memory used by scripts and result sets is released faster, making DbVisualizer more efficient when processing large result sets and working with complex scripts.

Improved database support


The Grant Privilege action has been added for materialized views, functions, and procedures in Oracle databases. With this addition, you can give privileges to database users to perform operations on the corresponding database object. To give privileges to several objects at once, select them in the database objects tree first.

Microsoft SQL Server

In the new release, default constraints are displayed alongside primary key, foreign key, unique and check constraints in the database objects tree for SQL Server. This allows for a more comprehensive view and easier navigation of the database schema.


Now, DbVisualizer includes the capability to display the DDL for pipelines in SingleStore. This allows users to view the underlying SQL statements that define the structure and configuration of pipelines in their database.


Support for procedures in Vertica has been improved. Now it is possible to create stored procedures as well as external procedures in the GUI, and more information about existing procedures is shown both in the Procedures view and in the database objects tree.

Additional improvements across the board

Navigation in the row form editor

We've added navigation buttons to the row form editor in DbVisualizer. This update makes it easier to move between rows within a full result set, while staying within the familiar interface of the row form editor. This enhancement streamlines the process of reviewing and editing data, providing a more seamless and efficient user experience.

Navigating multiple rows in the Row Form editor

Adjust window sizes to the selected application font

As you adjust the font size within the application, the windows will automatically resize to match, ensuring a consistent and optimal viewing experience. This feature not only improves readability but also provides a more comfortable and adaptable user interface, catering to various screen sizes and user preferences.

Security updates

We keep strengthening our security infrastructure by upgrading to the latest version of the Java platform and updating third-party dependencies. This approach to maintaining up-to-date software components is a key part of our commitment to providing a secure environment for our users. DbVisualizer now comes bundled with Java 17.0.9.

Please see the Release Notes for a full list of updates in DbVisualizer 24.1.

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23.2.2 2023-05-16 1 2 Release notes
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23.2.1 2023-05-10 0 1 Release notes
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14.0.4 2023-03-16 1 17 Release notes
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14.0.3 2023-01-02 6 11 Release notes
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