The naming of DbVisualizer releases has been updated to use a new format in 2023. In an effort to increase transparency and clarity of our product release cycle, we're adopting the format of [YEAR].[RELEASE-NUMBER].

    23.2 released on 2023-05-09

    What's new

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    The latest version of DbVisualizer, version 23.2, is now available and comes with a range of important updates.

    These include improvements in connections and driver management, extended SQL permissions, improved database support, as well as performance and compatibility fixes. While we continue to work on larger features for future releases, we are excited to offer these important updates to our users.

    Please see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

    Connections and drivers

    Connections and driver management.

    A number of improvements have been made to how DbVisualizer handles database connections and drivers.

    Shared driver artifacts

    Driver artifacts are now shared between driver definitions to allow reuse, save disk space and improve maintainability.

    Improved import

    Exporting database connections now exports the corresponding user drivers. A user driver will be created automatically when importing a connection previously exported without the driver.

    Maven repositories

    In Tool Properties, a server availability indicator is now available in the list of Maven repositories.


    Improved database support.

    PostgreSQL and Greenplum

    Foreign servers are now displayed per database in the objects tree with the corresponding foreign tables as sub-nodes. DbVisualizer also generates DDL for foreign tables.


    New data views for database, warehouse, server info and user parameters.

    And more

    Other improvements

    Detection of missing WHERE clause

    DbVisualizer now detects DELETE and UPDATE statements with a missing WHERE clause and warns the user. This behaviour is controlled in Tool Properties > Permissions.

    Support for multiple displays

    Adjust windows to visible screen area when screen setup changes.


    The performance of the database objects tree has been improved by optimising the auto-detection of database type.

    To see all changes in DbVisualizer 23.2, please see the Release Notes.

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