13.0 is here

You asked. We listened.
Say hi to the new 13.0 version of DbVisualizer. It has support for 4 additional data sources, Apple Silicon chips, and Maven-hosted JDBC drivers. And much more.

Four new data sources

We are happy to announce that DbVisualizer now supports the Trino and Presto query engines, ElasticSearch and has read-only support for MongoDB.

Database profile and BSON viewer for MongoDB

View and navigate BSON documents in MongoDB using version 13.0. Browse MongoDB BSON documents in a nested tree-table view.

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MongoDB profile
Apple silicon M1

Apple Silicon

DbVisualizer is now available with Java 17 bundled for Apple Silicon.

MongoDB profile

Improved JDBC driver management

A major overhaul has been done related to JDBC drivers. Drivers can now be dynamically downloaded from Maven repositories. Drivers can also be fetched from HTTPS servers, in addition to loading from file.

News in release 13.0

13.0 released on 2022-03-02

New Features

DB Support: Elasticsearch
Add support for Elasticsearch
DB Support: MongoDB
Add basic support for MongoDB and BSON data viewer
DB Support: Presto
Add support for Presto
DB Support: Trino
Add support for Trino
Driver Manager
Improve the driver management to support download drivers from Maven, version selection and more
Installation/Update Installation
Add an installer for Apple Silicon, M1
SQL Commander
SQL Editor
A new feature to search across all open commander windows


Connection Setup
Allow copying the actual database URL from the link
Connection Setup
Driver Manager
Add possibilities to set overridden driver properties centrally
Driver properties with pre-defined list of values should be promoted in a drop-down
Connection Setup
Add support for ssh-agent with SSH Tunnel
DB Support: Exasol
Add "certificate Fingerprint" for Exasol connections
DB Support: Google BigQuery
Add driver entry for Google BigQuery
DB Support: Greenplum
DB Support: H2
DB Support: Netezza
DB Support: PostgreSQL
DB Support: Redshift
DB Support: Snowflake
DB Support: Yellowbrick
Add "Rename Schema" in PostgreSQL
DB Support: Oracle
Copying a scheduler job can only be created in connection user's schema
DB Support: PostgreSQL
Add "CASCADE" to Truncate
DB Support: SingleStore
Create driver entry and database type for SingleStore
DB Support: Snowflake
Improve support for authenticator=externalbrowser
Database Objects Tree
Give the option (or by default) to color visited table names
Driver Manager
Dynamic OS specific libs should be loaded from driver jar files rather than setting java.library.path
Filtering/Filter Sets
The Database Objects Filters editor should show and allow editing the label1 attribute for DataNodes
Grid Component
Add a "Reset Grid" action to remove any current quick filters, column filters, sorting, and selection
Installation/Update Installation
Should be possible to change the location of included user.vmoptions referenced in dbvis.vmoptions
Installation/Update Installation
Remove the UNIX installers, replaced by Linux installers
Increase the default value for -Xmx from 768m to 2048m
SQL Commander
Reload of file should preserve current selection, scrolling, and caret position
Support openssh config behavior to handle append, prepend and removal of algorithms
Open multiple script files at once

Bugs Fixed

Driver Manager
Unknown driver properties sent to database

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